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July 31 2008

7 Purging the Neocons from Mainstream Jewish Life Won’t Be Easy

2 Yivo Owes Walt and Mearsheimer an Apology. Or a Stage

12 The Klein Effect: Huffpo Accuses Mainstream Jewish Groups of Feting the Bloody Neocons

18 ‘One Must Be a Jew to Tell the Goyim How To Talk About Israel’–WSJ Editor

11 Let the Dog Wag the Tail

July 30 2008

32 Give It Up for Joe Klein

7 What Percentage of American Society Isn’t Experiencing the Hard Times Now?

11 How Did Doug Feith Become a Ridiculous Figure?

22 Klein and Goldberg Establish Code for Critiquing Neocons’ Religious Agenda: 1, Be Jewish…

July 29 2008

12 Obama Uses Holocaust Template for Darfur. It Doesn’t Fit

10 Avnery Says Obama Is Now Hip on East Jerusalem

3 Saif Ammous on 10-Year-Old Boy Killed Protesting ‘Separation Wall’

5 Is Bible-Thumping Lieberman Giving His Dem Backers Buyers’ Remorse, Aiding Obama?

9 Washington Post Says Netanyahu Got 3/4 of His Campaign Donations From U.S. Right Wingers

July 28 2008

48 At a Privileged Resort, an Arab Intellectual Urges Americans to ‘Be Themselves’ in the Mid East: Be Fair

July 27 2008

50 Why This Election Is the Armageddon of the Neocons and the 2-State Solution

July 26 2008

26 Obama’s Doublespeak on Settlements Opened Door to Israel’s Latest Landgrab

17 You Can’t Be Too Rich, Too Thin, Or Too Close to the Lobby

July 25 2008

41 Jews Are Too Powerful to Be So Shrill and Defensive–Nathan Glazer (in 1963!)

12 Dan Fleshler and I Differ Over Identity Politics

19 Obama’s Amazing Impact: A Day After He Leaves Israel, They Announce More Settlements

2 Fight Over Arabic and Hebrew Instruction Makes Me Pine for… Fairness

July 24 2008

27 Slater: Israel Chose Land, Not Peace

4 O’Hanlon of Brookings Sorts Out the Wrong Neocons From the Right Ones

12 ‘Mr. Olmert– Tear Down This Wall!’

13 Meeting the Palestinians, Obama’s Retinue is Ross, Steinberg, Shapiro, Kurtzer

11 Fleshler Stands Up for J Street

17 Obama’s at the Western Wall, But Our Journalists Can’t Talk About the Jerusalem Issue and the Lobby

July 23 2008

0 Transparency in Reporting: ‘Times’ Reporter States that Quote Came by Email

7 Darfur, Part 2: Let’s Get to Know the Sudanese Actors

18 Christian Teachers

10 ‘Times’ Speaks Frankly of Jewish ‘Influence’

5 Doddering John (McCain Makes 3rd Geographical Error)

4 Running Scared (McCain Mentions Obama 25 Times in Piece NYT Justly Rejected)

July 22 2008

33 Only a Multi-Ethnic/Religious Coalition Can Change U.S. Policy in Mid East

11 Saudi Ministers Are Incredulous that Nuclear Israel Feels Threatened by Iran

16 Wilentz Says Jimmy Carter Was Prophetic

5 U.S. Occupation of Iraq Makes Israeli Occupation Look, er, Undemocratic

July 21 2008

20 James North: How to Think About Darfur, Part 1

2 World Thrills to Obama for Obvious Reasons: Young, Black, With Muslim Connections

11 ‘American Scholar’ Says Harvard and Yale are ‘Anti-Intellectual,’ Training Elite to Trade in Their Souls for BMWs and Groupthink

20 Another Grim Video From B’Tselem in Shadow of Separation Wall

July 20 2008

33 Have Saddle, Will Travel: Why Dennis Ross Keeps His Job While Presidents Come and Go

6 British P.M. Joins Sarkozy in Condemning Settlements. Where’s Obama?

10 Dialogue With a Saudi-American Over Obama’s Fatherlessness

July 19 2008

50 In ’1948′ History, Benny Morris Cites Only Israeli Sources for Atrocities at Deir Yassin and Jaffa

July 18 2008

27 Pictures from an Amputation

19 D.C.’s NPR Station Broadcasts Scathing Critique of Occupation

3 ‘Worse Than Apartheid’

July 17 2008

13 American Jews on Jerusalem: We’ll Probably Never Go There, But Palestinians Can’t Share It!

27 Non-Zionist Stories: A Christian Activist in Kansas City With a Wide Network

41 Dual Loyalty Charges Portend Spiritual Crisis in American Jewish Community

11 Sarandon Sees ‘Both Sides’ in Israel’s Illegal Colonization of West Bank

11 Bernard Lewis Riseth Again (Washington Post Gives Platform to Precocious Neocon’s Attack on Arabic Instruction)

3 ‘Then One Day I Saw at a Checkpoint an Old Man With a Young Girl Child’

July 16 2008

21 Annals of Self-Censorship (In ’06, Judt Hinted What Klein Said Re Dual Loyalty)

1 Matthews Gets Black Leaders Talking About Political Divides Among Blacks. How ‘Bout My Peeps?

4 I Misrepresented a Speaker on this Blog

July 15 2008

8 A Little Hope: An Israeli Settler Speaks of the ‘Rights and Presence’ of Palestinians…

14 Former Indiana Congressman Says Securing Israel Was Hidden Agenda for Iraq War

17 When Will the Press Lift the Hood on the New Jewish Aristocracy?

July 14 2008

41 ‘New Yorker’ Cover Could Serve Obama in the End

4 JPost Warns that Assimilation and Intermarriage Threaten Israel Lobby

50 Why Dana Missed Her Best Friend Noor’s Wedding, 70 Miles Away

25 ‘The New Yorker’ Cover Is…. Genius!

10 Non-Zionist Stories: Jerome Slater

2 About the White Space on the Right

12 Michelle Obama and the Arugula Factor

July 13 2008

38 The End of Hysteria

July 12 2008

9 Yes, Obama Is an Ambitious Elitist. So What?

11 John Judis Scooped Joe Klein on ‘Dual Loyalty,’ But You Can’t Find His Piece on TNR Site

9 Journalism’s Old-Boy-Network and Zionism

July 11 2008

29 An Arabist: We All Fear Armageddon, the Conflict Has Become Religious-ized

32 Obama, Hark! Ron Paul Joins ‘J Street’ in Opposing Military Action Against Iran

July 10 2008

29 We Should Emulate Israel’s Idea of Military Service

29 Iran/Israel Lobby Issue Is too ‘Sensitive’ for Chris Matthews

July 9 2008

20 Report from Nablus: ‘We All Belong to the Israeli Army’

12 O Let the Mainstream Media Shine Its Everlasting Light on Me!

23 Israel Believes Obama Will ‘Deprive’ It of Political Support for Iran Attack

22 Howard Wolfson to Fox–Is the Lieberman Wing of Dem. Party Crossing the Aisle?

July 8 2008

16 More Mainstream Voices Use ‘Cabal’ to Describe Neocons

8 Obama Can Be a Prick

July 7 2008

9 More on Neocon Fathers and Son

23 Dialoguin’ With Richard Witty

9 Feith’s Son Is More Straightforward About Neocon ‘Domino’ Theory Than Feith Pere

5 If ‘Pogrom’ Can Cross Borders, Why Not ‘Apartheid’?

July 6 2008

23 Feith Ducks the Anti-Semitism Question on ’60 Minutes’

23 Scott McClellan’s Next Book

July 5 2008

29 Walt & Mearsheimer Edge Into the Mainstream

28 JFK Was Enraged at ‘Zionist Control’ Effected by Campaign Contributions

July 4 2008

38 At Elite Graduation in N.Y., Not a Word About Iraq

23 Slater Says I’m ‘Intemperate’ on Obama and the Jews

July 3 2008

10 ‘Salon’ and Other Right-Thinking Journalists Insult Readers’ Intelligence on the Role of Jewish Money in Politics. Just Read the Zionist Historians

July 2 2008

24 J Street: ‘We’re Not Anti-AIPAC’

29 71 Per Cent of Americans Want Even-Handed Policy in Israel/Palestine

17 Jack Ross: Israel Resonates in the Illiberal & Ruthless Parts of the American Psyche

6 World Poll, and Kos Poll, Reveal Some Sour Feeling Towards Israel

July 1 2008

14 Say Something Nice About AIPAC. OK.

9 More on Mel Levine–L.A. Macher, Husband to ‘New Yorker’ Writer, and No Friend to Rashid Khalidi

26 Are You Now or Have You Ever Been a Zionist?