Iraq’s unending tragedy, in a blistering video

An amazing youtube of an American officer berating a group of Iraqi policemen, apparently last month, calling them "women" for the fact that they won't take on the Mahdi militia. All his rage must be translated into Arabic by a soldier at his side:

"You love seeing Americans die for your fucking country, you won't die for it yourself. I don't see your ass in my hometown."

The only response to this video is that it's tragic. An American is placed in a terrible situation, so are all these Iraqis. And they have been placed there by our disastrous decision, which was pushed by Paul Berman, David Brooks, and all the other armchair interventionists who thought they could install democracy in an Arab country that was hostile to us. None of them is now in this officer's position. 

Note that the officer accuses many of the police officers of being collaborators. But he talks to them nonetheless. We are also happy to forgive the Mahdi army all its alleged terrorist activities if it will just become a political actor. The same obviously applies to talking to Hamas. (Thanks to Nabil al-Khowaiter).

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  1. Citizen says:

    Who on earth would give two cents what an occupying military officer says? Those guys just need a job, which is why they are mostly silently taking the verbal abuse, and the attendant three cots and a cot, maybe a bit leftover to send home to their family. Actually, the same as the motivating speaker in the old SNL skit starring Chris Farley who in this case, less tubby, is the the US army speaker, not to mention the helmeted back door draft guys behind him. Pathetic. Who are they all protecting? Madoff? You think anybody pictured ever enters Madoff's head as he sulks, staring out his penthouse window? No more than the armchair warrior types Phil mentions and their ilk.

    New varieties of the old time Hessian grunt.

  2. It is worthwhile to mention that the perversion of language foisted upon American discourse by the likes of Berman and Brooks continues.

    See Analyzing Darfur's Conflict of Definitions.

  3. aslam says:

    Not sure if this, by itself, says much. Sounds like the Marine Sergeant at boot camp from an American war movie. I'd like to know what the Iraqi/s were saying during the exchange. However, dissing the higher-ups in front of the soldiers does seems questionable. Still, this clip is way out of context, IMO.

  4. Chris Berel says:

    I wonder why Joaqchim had to interject some antisemitic bullshit into the conversation.

  5. Brian Smith says:

    Anyone who complains about this video has not set foot in Iraq.