Greenwald: Who’s covering Israel/Palestine? Not the MSM.

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GazareporterHere's another great shot by Sameh Habeeb from his show at the Dadabase Gallery in Vancouver of photos from Gaza, called Victim's Victims. Habeeb worked for Iranian television during the onslaught, so I am going to assume that this journalist is also working for Press TV, the Iranian outfit (thereby violating the First rule of journalism: When you assume you make an ass out of u and me.) 

Reports from my email:

Hope you caught Bill Moyers's interview with Amy Goodman and Glenn Greenwald last night.

Moyers asked what issues are not being covered by the MSM. Greenwald mentioned (1) torture and the lawlessness of the Bush Administration, and (2) the inability to have a debate on Israel-Palestine in the media. Israel/Palestine is one issue where 70% of Americans think we should be fair
to both sides. Now the Israeli government has a racist element in
it. However, he said, this is never covered/revealed by the MSM.

Huh. They're covering this stuff in the Muslim world…

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