Why Jews are superior to Palestinians

Great piece by BBC News on Natan Brun, a legal historian in Israel who is the son of Akiva Brun, a member of the Stern Gang who was arrested and charged in 1947 for plotting terror in London. Reporter Tim Franks asks if Brun's father's story suggests "that the Palestinian militants of today can become the pillars of the establishment of the future?"

Natan Brun laughs and shakes his head.

"Because Menachem Begin (the leader of a Jewish militant group, and
later Israel's first right-wing Prime Minister) on 14 May 1948 passed
through a transformation from a terrorist to a democrat. In one day.

"The Palestinians – I think – will never undergo this
transformation. They are still terrorists… How can we make peace with

Begin's transformation could have been, I suggest, because he got what he wanted: a Jewish state.

Thanks to Anees of Jerusalem, who writes: "history does not enlighten the petrified mind."

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  1. Richard Witty says:

    Israel is different than Great Britain. Israel got a state because an external colonial power left. Israel is not an external colonial power. Its a contesting power. Maybe those Palestinians that currently have a terror orientation will shift from terror to electoral. It is a hope. That it has happened so frequently among both former Palestinian terrorists and former Irgun, is also a hope.

  2. 5 dancing shlomos says:

    "'Anees of Jerusalem, who writes: "history does not enlighten the petrified mind."' when the "petrified mind"/(diseased mind) becomes truly enlightened, jews leave the collective to become ex jews never to return.

  3. Strahl says:

    The Palestinians have no chance at a State, Witless. Israeli politicians are not seeking a Two-State solution. They are simply reinforcing the same Zionist policy that has been the norm since inception. Stop being such a phony.

  4. aristeides says:

    Nelson Mandela underwent that transformation. Michael Collins underwent that transformation. George Washington underwent that transformation. What makes this guy think the Palestinians would not?

  5. LanceThruster says:

    Your "hope" might take awhile as Israel regularly terrorizes the Palestinian's electoral representatives (arrest, targeted assassinations, etc.) . And why is an "internal" colonial power (who imports its "external" colonists) preferable?

  6. tommy says:

    Israel does not have a cultural tradition of forgiveness and tolerance like Great Britain. Israel also rejects the White Man's burden. Israel has adopted a rigid, ancient religion, unchanged through events of history to make it more humanized. An example of Israel's rigidity is the adoption of a dead language used only for religious purposes; a language even Israelites no longer used at the time of their nation's dissolution. Judaism, like all religions, is intransigent, and by adopting a religious language, Israel has made its national character intransigent. Israel represents a return to a four thousand year old morality, where the rage and anger of their god is celebrated by oppressing the weak without a hint of compassion. This is what the Palestinians are up against and why America must stop subsidizing Israel's militancy.

  7. audie murphy says:

    Yeah, Witty–just a civil war, right? Like France and England backed the Confederacy to the hilt and kept pouring in more of its citizens, promised their own plantations, to fight Lincoln's Union. Israel is different all right. Imagine if apartheid S Africa had taken the same stance as Israel, from domestic handling to nukes. But I don't blame the Jews, rather, I blame the white Western powers, especially the USA.

  8. 5 dancing shlomos says:

    from lawrence of cyberia minus photos: the diseased minds in action. doubtless ivy league grads with many having dershospitz as advisor and all having aipac/jewry as sponsor: "Death to the Arabs" – Hebrew graffiti on a Christian grave in Bethlehem. (jacobrask). "Death to the Arabs!" – Hebrew graffiti in an Israeli high school in Ramat Aviv. (mynet.il) "Death to the Arabs!" – A Palestinian woman sits in front of Hebrew graffiti that reads "Death to the Arabs" in Jerusalem's Old City. (Daylife/Getty Images) "Death to the Arabs!" – Graffiti left by Israeli soldiers of the IDF's Givati Brigade in a Palestinian house they occupied during the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip, Dec 2008-Jan 2009. (YNet) "Death to the Arabs!" – Hebrew graffiti on an abandoned Palestinian store in Hebron. (Tom Spender)

  9. 5 dancing shlomos says:

    "Death to the Arabs!" – Right-wing religious Zionists celebrate Jerusalem Day by marching through the Arab Quarter of the Old City, chanting "Death to the Arabs". (photos and video here). "Death to the Arabs!" – Graffiti sprayed by settlers on a Palestinian ambulance in Dir Astiyeh, Salfit District, the central West Bank. Photo: Ra’aed Moqdi, B'Tselem, 4 December 2008.

  10. 5 dancing shlomos says:

    "Death to the Arabs!" – A Palestinian man points at a graffiti covered wall in a home commandeered by Israeli soldiers during the recent Gaza offensive, in Gaza City, Monday, March 23, 2009. The Hebrew graffiti reads 'Death to the Arabs,' top left, 'Long live the Jewish people', center, 'The eternal people has no fear', bottom right, and 'Shaked', a name referring to an army battalion. (AP Photo/Hatem Moussa) "Death to the Arabs!" – Hebrew graffiti on a Palestinian kindergarten in Tel Rumeida, Hebron. (indymedia ireland) "Death to the Arabs!" – Russian graffiti near Bethlehem, West Bank, 2002. (begemot) "Kill Arabs!" – Settler graffiti on a Palestinian house in Hebron (BBC News)

  11. 5 dancing shlomos says:

    "No Arabs!" – Hebrew graffiti at Oush Grab in the West Bank (Decolonizing Architecture) "No Arabs!" – Bumper stickers in Jerusalem (imemc) "No Gazans!" – An Israeli man walks past a wall with graffiti reading in Hebrew "No Gazans no rockets", in the southern Israeli town of Sderot, Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2008. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner) "Exterminate the Muslims!" – Settler graffiti on a Palestinian house in Hebron (Christian Peacemaker Teams)

  12. 5 dancing shlomos says:

    "Kill all Arabs!" – Settler graffiti on a Palestinian house in Hebron (Christian Peacemaker Teams) "Kill Arabs!" – Settler graffiti on a Palestinian house in Hebron (Christian Peacemaker Teams) "Gas the Arabs!" – Settler graffiti on Abraham's Well, in Hebron (Christian Peacemaker Teams) "Arabs to the gas chambers!" – Settler graffiti on Abraham's Well, in Hebron (Christian Peacemaker Teams) "Arabs to the crematoria!" – Hebrew graffiti on a wall in Hebron. (Shabtai Gold, for Haaretz)

  13. mullalock says:

    Because he know about the economic power leverage, which doomed the Palestinians in 1948–when the American diplomats at the UN were cut off at the knees by ambitious little Truman–against the advice of his own State Dept, is still intact; in fact it has blossomed. You go from terrorist to official OK status in one day by such means. Look at the history of the PLO.

  14. Declan in Ireland says:

    You are right there, many do not remember the actions of the ANC and today Mandela is a hero. I would add to that list the struggle here in the North of Ireland as well. We moved from "Never Surrender" and "Not One Bullet, Not One Ounce" to power sharing on the road to re-unification. Difference is that the world rallied against South African apartheid state and the Brits grew tired of the long war (with US help) Israel talks peace, but does not want peace.

  15. Mooser says:

    "history does not enlighten the petrified mind." Or one which is zonked on ziocaine!

  16. Mooser says:

    "Israel represents a return to a four thousand year old morality," It is simply the morality of the settler-colony, and in this case involves a veneer of Judaism, as other settler-colonies have invoked other religions. You have no idea what the Jews were or weren't like four-thousand years ago. Look, I'm willing to submit to a certain amount of ephemeral anti-semitism in a struggle for justice for those oppressed by the Jewish State. But when you have to turn yourself inside-out to relate Israel's sins to the defeciencies of the jewish religion, you just make it harder. We got us a settler-colony situation, in which ambitious people were able to take advantage of British colonial, and of course, Arab instability and weakness to accomplish their own ends. Judaism has very little to do with it, except for tripe to feed the poor schmucks<?i> who bought the Zionist line.

  17. 5 dancing shlomos says:

    one thing 4 sure. no jews 4000 years ago. the jewish state is not the only aspect of jewry that oppresses.

  18. tommy says:

    settler-colony I wrote all religions are intransigent, not just Judaism, but it is true that settler-colonizers are also notoriously intransigent. What makes the colony of Israel especially intransigent may partly be explained by their adoption of a religion as their defining characteristic. All religions prefer their adherents never renounce their belief. Choosing death over renunciation of belief is revered in all religions. All religions are deficient in this way. When the forces of religion, settlement and nationalism combine into a single ideology, they make an immovable attitude, impervious to the suffering of their victims. The same reasoning helps to explain the brutal Christian settlement of the New World, but since we are discussing the settlement of Palestine, the religion of the settlers is used to partly explain why they do what they do. The religion of the oppressed partly explains their response, too. Had the organizers of the state of Israel chosen a non-religious language as the state language, I would argue the national character of Israel might be different, and perhaps a little more able to compromise. It does not matter what religion the Israelis chose to follow, just that they use one as a source for their national identity. That Israelis chose an ancient religion may be an additional clue to what informs their identity. Judaism cannot be separated from Israeli settlers any more than Christianity can be separated from the settlers of the New World. Fastening nationalist identity to religious identity, produces a greater immovable force than just one or the other alone could muster. Adding a settler-colony component to this identity probably makes it even more immovable and violent.

  19. tommy says:

    The Reconquest of Spain produces similar thoughts. The Muslims rulers of Spain tolerated both Jews and Christians. After the Reconquest, neither Jews or Muslims were tolerated by the new settlers, who utilized their Christianity and nationalism to justify their violent intolerance. The intolerance practiced by Spain during the Inquisition was informed by their Christianity, hence it was Jews and Muslims who were oppressed, but settler nationalism must also be used to explain the power behind it.

  20. Citizen says:

    Looks like ball is in Mooser's court. ("But when you have to turn yourself inside-out to relate Israel's sins to the defeciencies of the jewish religion, you just make it harder.") Note, Mooser, tommy does not exclude other religions as deficient in the same way.

  21. tommy says:

    I do not want to argue about Judaism versus other religions. I was just trying to point out the religious component of Israeli society is part of why Israel acts the way it does. Thinking about the Iranian Revolution, which introduced Sharia, religious, law into their society, one can find similar types of intolerance that the Christians practiced in Spain after the Reconquest, with the exception Iranian Shiites have not become colonizers, which was such a huge fear the mainstream establishment used to demonize Iran after the Revolution. One would have to guess if the reason the Iranians have not exported their revolution through colonization is due to their religion or culture, or even lack of economic power, but there is probably a religious component to it, and their religion cannot be separated from who the Iranians are, and I think that would be true for any state that identifies itself through its religion.

  22. Jacobwolfen says:

    one thing 4 sure. no Muslims 1400 years ago, No Arabs 1400 years ago. Islamic fascism is not the only aspect of Islam that oppresses.

  23. tommy says:

    The genocide of the Canaanites is being replayed today on the descendants of the Akkadians.

  24. Jacobwolfen says:

    Not so. Regardless, many a Palestinian has proclaimed that they are superior to Jews.

  25. aristeides says:

    Descendants of the Akkadians, or descendants of the ancient Hebrews? I strongly suspect the Palestinians have more of the blood of the ancient Hebrews in them than a lot of Jews from Europe do.

  26. tommy says:

    My understanding is all Semites are descendants of the Akkadians.

  27. Query says:

    While many know the jews were booted out of Spain in 1492, few know the muslims were booted out too. Why is that?

  28. Ed says:

    Mooser: "It is simply the morality of the settler-colony, and in this case involves a veneer of Judaism" The overwhelming majority of Jewish religious authorities and ethnic Jews in Israel and in the diaspora say otherwise. They say that Zionism is a Jewish imperative. So who should we believe, them, or a left-liberal, atheistic, secular Jew living in the diaspora like you? They're the ones who tied Judaism to Zionism, no one else. You can't scapegoat Christians or the goy for organized Jewry's own decisions, actions and behavior any longer, even though leftist Jews and plenty of non-Jewish leftists continue to try. Time to step up and take some responsibility for Jewry's behavior and examine, address and reform the characteristics of Judaism that drive its dysfunction (as a self-identifying Jew) or just quite identifying as a Jew altogether. In short, grow up.

  29. samuelburke says:

    these zionist apologist are the biggest bunch of morons in the world…but they got the press and the money backing them up. what a bunch of criminals.

  30. Kathleen says:

    Jews sure do act like they are better than the Palestinians. A real fundamental problem

  31. Ed says:

    You stubborn, finger-pointing Jews remind me of the worst of the Catholics who insist that the Church is infallible, and all its problems can be traced to frame ups and enemies from without and within. Or Leftists who insist Communism is the apex of intellect and political science, but has failed everywhere it's been applied and resorted to mass murder only because of outside forces and vested interests that didn't want to take the Great Leap, and so set out to sabotage it. I have to wonder if what prevents your type from rolling up your sleeves and going to work to reform Judaism is the deep down fear that the entire Jewish moral system is fatally flawed and bogus, built on a foundation of lies. You’re scared what you’ll find if you look inward, so you perpetually point your finger at “the other” instead, and hold yourself up as some righteous ideal, but one who refuses to be tested. Zionism is the test. You just don't like the results.

  32. tommy says:

    I was over the top on my criticism of ancient Judaism. All religions, ancient and modern, are capable of using their righteousness to oppress others. Judaism probably no more or less than any other. And like all religions, ancient or modern, Judaism also provides its members with some positive psychic need. What I was trying to communicate was combining religious identity with nationalism creates a culture unwilling to compromise and a culture unwaveringly intent on achieving an ideal informed by that religion despite the costs to others.

  33. Jacobwolfen says:

    I strongly suspect that is an incorrect statement.