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August 31 2009

28 BlackRock divests from Leviev, an ‘NYT’ advertiser (and guess who doesn’t report it)

50 How about, let’s stop deifying the nation-state

4 ‘Washington Post’ erases Palestinian population in Israel twice (Imagine if they tried this with blacks in U.S.)

15 Madonna hypocrisy watch

4 more puffery in the American press from the Jim Crow territories

August 30 2009

10 Now he tells us: Bill Kristol says Obama-McCain election was about Israel

109 Uri Avnery is against BDS

12 Scott McConnell on Christopher Caldwell’s ‘Reflections’

28 Blankfort’s response to Avnery on boycott issue

8 ‘Forward’ source rationalizes kidney scheme on basis of 500-year-ago Jewish expulsion

5 Jerry Slater on Rivka Carmi

August 29 2009

25 Suppression of free speech in Galway, Ireland

6 Imagine the ‘Times’ leaving out deaths of Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman in a story on Mississippi protests!

51 Gamechanger? Jeff Skoll, Richard Branson show up in Bi’lin

4 20 surfboards are a security risk to Israel (as is news about surfing)

August 28 2009

112 Joel Kovel on Naomi Klein and Durban

10 The Lion of the Senate could be a–

13 Israel stops US basketball players from coming to Palestine

9 neocons linger. why lord?

3 Ben Gurion U president has given green light to threats against Neve Gordon, says int’l academic body

August 27 2009

37 Alternative endings department (Obituary, Edward M. Kennedy, 77)

32 My Short and Quirky Reading List on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

21 Israeli university president says prof’s article is ‘destructive blow’ to her fundraising efforts with US Jews

2 Flowed Lands

10 ‘Atlantic Monthly’ extols ‘righteous Jewish violence’ in Palestine

August 26 2009

48 Brave Ted Kennedy could be craven when he had to be

46 What would I.F. Stone have said about neocons’ Israel-first agenda?

6 I watched Yankees fans pull against the Yankees

August 25 2009

45 Ghost of the Warsaw Ghetto says: ‘I was scrounging for scrap metal when they killed me’

August 24 2009

35 Israel’s Terror Inside

67 Guns scare us in Phoenix, but not Jerusalem

70 ‘Let’s dialogue.’ ‘Actually, let’s not–’

August 23 2009

8 Tx. Gov. Rick Perry compares the US and Israel, but reaches the wrong conclusions

109 Why it is essential for Jews to speak out, as Jews, on Israel

August 20 2009

194 An arrest on the West Bank

78 LAT columnist: Jerusalem is ‘apartheid city’ in ‘apartheid’ country

29 discussing IF Stone with my mom, and then a nightmare

6 J Street doesn’t talk about ‘the Jewish people,’ and that drives neocons crazy

August 17 2009

52 Hoyer Junket Upsets Palestinians, Undermines Obama

6 Learn the latest on Bil’in and what you can do to help

25 dog days (and feverish nights)

12 People with poor impulse control should avoid twitter

August 16 2009

21 Huckabee defies Obama

20 is this the binational future we’ve all been waiting for?

84 Ho hum. Tom Friedman gave private chalk-talk to Israeli brass

3 Jerusalem Post reporter says she is not allowed to go into West Bank

49 Obama has fallen into Israel’s trap

7 Palestinians can do whatever they want in Jerusalem. So long as they have the ‘proper licenses’

23 Mix the ‘barrage’ with compassion so as to break thru to Jews

August 14 2009

38 Invincible: ‘you can’t disconnect a people from the importance of place’

August 13 2009

12 Harvard prof blasts neocons’ ‘extremist counterculture’

6 Israel’s thuggish image, on Main Street

2 In Bil’in, nights have become days and days have become nights

61 Jewish IQ drop continues, thanks to Israel lobby

17 Question never ends… What kind of Israel do you want?

10 Herzl’s contempt for Armenians was an original sin of Zionism

20 I was with the neocons– (Then I went to the Middle East)

August 12 2009

11 populist attack video from Mississippi targets…. Israel

14 Israel-centric NYT again misses the story (day care center expels child because she is Arab)

15 Does American Jewish political engagement reflect a shtetl outlook?

14 ‘War Turns Me On,’ by Robert Kaplan, Jeffrey Goldberg and George Packer

4 Israel’s relations with the US are not strained by bad PR, but rather by occupation and siege

9 loving my mother, a 1 a.m. epiphany

August 11 2009

17 A vigil in Sheikh Jarrah marks a critical defeat

August 10 2009

20 ‘We are walking into the abyss’– Netanyahu’s sister-in-law

7 In this corner, assimilation. In that corner, Zionism

14 solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict is at hand!

16 ‘Boston Globe,’ along with big Boston Jews, defy Netanyahu on consul (ou est Dershowitz?)

15 Where does poppy anthem, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah’ go that ‘What if God was one of us?’ didn’t?

16 A Polish-Canadian calls for healing between Poles and Jews

August 9 2009

9 Rachel Corrie’s posthumous achievement: the pressure groups inside Jewish community are failing

12 the Palestinian image problem

4 Hey, landsman! Stick it to Obama–build an illegal outpost, tomorrow!

1 Why does Tali Shapiro go to Bi’lin every week?

6 If tail wags dog on Iran… catastrophe

4 Cautious Obama begins to take flak from peace-camp Jews

August 8 2009

84 In the beloved Old Country, a Jew has visions of her homeland

2 Ahava is on the run, in publicity fiasco

12 Carrots, carrots, carrots for Israel, and then– more carrots!

24 another sign of change in the discourse

12 of curses and covenants

4 The new Jewish realist conventional wisdom, on dual loyalty and Iran

August 7 2009

6 Boycott campaign pays off as Oxfam suspends TV star Kristin Davis

12 JJ Goldberg blasts Roger Cohen for talking about the lobby

5 Self-censorship on this website

13 Israeli diplomat: Israel is endangering American Jewish support by challenging Obama

17 Israel arrests Mohammad Khatib, leader of Bil’in non-violent protests

August 6 2009

8 Jason Jason bring the basin! No stop, bring the mop!

6 Hysteria rises over Robinson medal

0 The changing politics of ‘aliyah’

3 What, only a half hour?

8 ‘Atlantic’ concedes the groundbreaking impact of a piece it killed

20 Of course it’s about racism

August 5 2009

6 Maybe Israel isn’t so gay-friendly after all

12 Clinton minces words for the E. J’lem atrocity

1 Matthews tiptoes past the neocons’ tribal politics yet again

17 Kid leaves West Point to emigrate to Israel and join elite forces there

3 Elliott Abrams still has that old-time religion

2 How long before NYT puts ‘Nakba’ in a headline? (Not long)

August 4 2009

8 Charity begins in the West Bank

4 Avnery says that Israel can redeem its soul

0 Obama is leading some Jews anyway

2 Letter to Leonard Cohen from an Israeli peace activist

4 Rob Malley… Zbig Brzezinski… Samantha Power… Jimmy Carter… Chas Freeman… Mary Robinson

8 Gush Shalom campaigns to deny federal tax exempt status to US charities supporting settlements

11 Russian immigrants favor ethnic cleansing of Arabs by 3 to 1

0 ‘Code Pink’ announces its fourth trip to Gaza, in September

1 Remembering Shafiq Al-Hut, 1932-2009

August 3 2009

3 ‘Oz’ retreats (the outcry against expulsion of African refugees in Israel)

3 Cindy Corrie on the landmark screening in San Francisco

7 Why the Iran obsession?

3 Mary Robinson says Jewish bullies are after her. Wonder who?

9 Did Gaza ‘work’? (and so what if it did?)

6 Lake Colden in the Adirondacks, with weather moving in

41 ‘I am homeless’ ‘This is a Jewish country’ (voices from the evictions in E. Jerusalem)

8 ‘New York Review of Books’ offers itself as a forum to Israelis on Gaza war

10 Coming Face To Face With Israeli Racism

36 Help! Washington State AG (with political ambitions) reached out to Israeli consulate before meeting with Corries

14 Pearl Harbor, continued

27 The ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem continues

8 Under Obama’s nose (Palestinian evictions just can’t make the front page of the Times)

August 2 2009

2 Either it’s Khrushchev, or your spouse– it’s–

3 Mission Accomplished: A Report on the VIVA PALESTINA USA Convoy mission to break the Israeli Siege of Gaza

21 Tom Friedman says ‘everyone knows’ Israel lobby blocked US policy re settlements

5 How Will Israel Respond To Anti-Gay Terror?

8 Saudi king said Mr. Peace Process is all talk, no action

6 Few Americans have any idea what is going on in the Palestinian mind

August 1 2009

11 Help! Israeli hawk who praised Strangelove has ‘close friend’ on Obama’s Iran team

2 Virtue campaign in Gaza–and blindness to Gaza in the West Bank

9 Annals of self-censorship