While the dispossessed were sleeping

canada park

Here is some few-months-old news that received little attention: In August, Israel’s Knesset passed a bill legislating the sale of absentee Palestinian property to private buyers. Full story at IMEU and Guardian UK.

What it means is, if you are a Palestinian refugee (or an internally-displaced "present absentee" as some are), who, say, owned property in Jaffa pre-1948, that property can now be legally permanently sold by a special government agency to a private buyer.

Up till now the Israeli government held such property in a special bracket and only leased it, so that Israel is not perceived internationally to be dispossessing refugees. But now this, um, unprecedented legal move sheds such reservations and enables a more complete severance between an original Palestinian owner and his/her land.
Above photo: Canada Park, outside Jerusalem, is absentee property. From badil.org’s Nakba education center.

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  1. Taxi says:

    The fact that it’s called ‘Canada Park’ immediately tells you it is a foreign entity.

  2. potsherd says:

    And yet if a Jew comes up with a pre-1948 deed to a house where Palestinians are living, they can shove them out into the street.

    The villages of Ikrit and Biram were forcibly evacuated in 1948, after the war, and Jews moved into their homes. The Israeli Supreme Court has repeatedly said that they have the right to return to the property, but the IDF always overrules them “for security reasons,” by which is meant that other uppity Arabs might want their homes back, too if there is a precedent.
    link to haaretz.com

    • Citizen says:

      It’s called the rule of law, legal title Israeli style.

    • James says:

      one law for the masters, another for the slaves… jim crow repeated as the san jose article on another thread notes…. jewish americans ought to be sickened by these dynamics, unless they are unable to acknowledge the corruption they continue to support…

  3. Chaos4700 says:

    Where’s Witty? I’d love to see Witty’s comment on this. My guess he’s going to pretend like this entry was never posted, though. Not much ground from which to stage an attack on Phil Weiss from this post.

    At what point does Israel get held accountable for breaking international laws?

    • Witty’s busy over on the other thread using his tremendous moral stature to leverage Ali Abuminah into a lite Zionist position. Meaning:

      a). accept the fairy tale in which Zionism suddenly stops being colonial and the new ill-formed, discontiguous, overpopulated, and barely sovereign Palestinian state miraculously flourishes on nothing but hopes and handouts,

      b). believe that if the Palestinians would just surrender unconditionally to Zionist aggression, Israel will eventually show them mercy, who knows, maybe even accept their right to “natural growth” (!), or at the very least, ZPG.

      c). affirm that “justice” is a flawed notion, anyway,

      d). support, in the mean time, double standards for Israel as a recipient of American foreign aid and with respect to international law and human rights.

      In other words, if you really care about the Palestinians, become a “progressive Zionist.”

  4. Its been the law since 1951.

    But, it conflicts with the dual nature of Israel as Jewish AND democratic, meaning equal due process under the law.

    Clearly, though rational in 1951, that law should now be repealed. But, it will take confidence that Israel is accepted as Israel for that repeal to ever be considered by the knesset, possibly as part of a peace deal that includes the permanent recognition of Israel.

    • Chaos4700 says:

      Funny, you don’t make it clear whether this property that was being stolen from non-Jews and now being turned over pretty much exclusive to Jews is something you approve of or not. Is that what democracy means to you? Because that seems pretty mutually exclusive to me. If a country demanded that I recognize permanently that countries right to take my home from me solely because I’m not Jewish… you can imagine I’d be pretty reticent about that, myself. So I can rather see where the Arab nations are coming from, as a matter of practicality.

    • Cliff says:

      Hey Nazi, if some other group of people can to the Satanic Jewish State and kicked out most of the Jews, and then said ‘Hey guys, let’s call this the sacred holy sacred holy homeland of the Pastafarians’ – would you accept that the Juice would have to recognize the Pastafarian State?

      States are political entities. They have no inherent right to exist. Certainly not colonial settler States like the Jewish State.

      What does the JEWISH part mean, you fucking Nazi? It means that the people who were ETHNICALLY CLEANSED from THEIR HOMES and THEIR LAND do not get to come back. You get to keep your Jewish country club. You’re second home, away from this country which you use to further your ‘ethnic’ and ideological interest.

      Fucking coward. Go live in the colonies at least. You’re not even as courageous as the cowardly Jewish settlers who have their own private army protecting them from the Natives.