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December 31 2009

53 Update from protests in Gaza and at the Erez checkpoint

13 Updates from the Cairo protests

5 The Egyptian Plans to Thwart the Gaza Freedom March

76 Press release: Protesters are being brutalized in Tahrir Square right now – 500+ protesters violently forced into pens, others barricaded in their hotels

110 Cairo meets the movement, with tears and chaos and exaltation

4 Flashpoints has Gaza covered – from 1956 to today

39 UN Special Rapporteur calls for Israeli sanctions unless it lifts the Gaza blockade

54 Meet the Post-zionist Zionists: Tom Mehager

December 30 2009

63 Gaza a year ago: My father says the Israelis are doing this to win an election

21 Update from Cairo: Gaza Freedom March rejects Egyptian offer to allow only 100 protesters into Gaza

24 Where do the human rights of Gazans fit into the fight for a ‘sustainable’ future?

52 Egypt to allow 100 Gaza Freedom March participants into Gaza

December 29 2009

167 Will the Gaza Freedom March have reverberations across the region?

152 Rep. Brian Baird to call for cutting US aid to Israel unless the blockade on Gaza is lifted

25 Another legacy of ‘Operation Cast Lead’: 500+ US-based academics, authors & artists endorse the academic and cultural boycott of Israel

204 Meet the Post-zionist Zionists: Jesse Fox

11 Update: Egyptian security forces confront Gaza Freedom March protesters, possibly at the request of the US embassy

100 The ‘war’ for legitimacy is a war Israel may never win

34 Questioning Zionism from a place of morality, not identity

December 28 2009

98 Stymied in Cairo–still something is gelling among the international marchers

50 Hedy Epstein and others begin hunger strike to pressure Egypt on Gaza

40 Meet the Post-zionist Zionists: Sivan Fridman

76 Freedom Marching in Circles While Winding Our Way to Gaza

27 Ripped from the headlines

2 Tail barks at dog

December 27 2009

22 Gaza, a year later

49 As US power dwindles, Middle East politics will continue to shift

123 The shifting morality of Israeli hasbara

49 Gaza’s children remember the first day of attacks a year ago

22 Gaza one year ago: ‘I prayed to my god to be the first in my family to die’

15 Exclusive excerpt from Joe Sacco’s groundbreaking new book: Footnotes in Gaza

December 26 2009

136 I’m off to Egypt

4 culture of violence

December 25 2009

274 ‘Dear President Mubarak, the Gaza people need our moral support on this difficult anniversary’

3 In Bi’lin we carried a wooden coffin called ‘International law’

132 Obama aide calls Israel her ‘homeland’ and a ‘healthy democracy’

56 ‘Newsweek’ columnist endorses Goldstone Report

December 24 2009

27 Egyptian opposition to Gaza Freedom March has ‘hardened’

18 I know we’re disappointed in Obama. But

35 Desmond Tutu: ‘[Israel] must realize that they cannot break the spirit of those who fight for freedom and justice.’

44 If this street gets cleaned then the terrorists win

93 Brit Tzedek begins to reckon with idea of binational state

36 Progressive radio show in NY serves up neocon moonshine about Islam

December 23 2009

20 The Jewish community is going to have to grapple seriously with BDS and the issues it raises

34 Bibi in the bunker: you’re either with us or you ‘ram’ us

33 This has to be seen to be believed: Bil’in leader charged with arms possession

15 Oh just imagine if the Palestinian resistance movement were happening in Iran!

43 eyes wide shut

26 Q: Would a leading US newspaper dare to attack the ‘reign of Jewish supremacy’? A: No

11 Lieberman’s plans to restrict Palestinian Israelis are reminiscent of Pale of Settlement

December 22 2009

89 Likud MK: Israel is not ‘a Jewish and democratic state,’ but rather ‘a Jewish state with a democratic regime’

14 How the mainstream media marginalize reasonable ideas

41 Meet another Israeli settler being supported by the IRS, for now

5 Legislation would allow Israeli communities to bar Arab landowners from building

73 Putting the anxiety back in Christmas

26 Humanitarian & human rights orgs: ‘The international community has betrayed the people of Gaza’

69 Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law pose threat to Israel

44 20-year-old en route to Gaza wants to waken social-justice Jews from ‘Zionist-induced slumber’

3 Latest BDS victory is but opening skirmish of a whole new campaign– English activist promises

December 21 2009

28 Gaza marchers vow to go forward despite red light from Egyptian gov’t

68 Where is the Palestinian Gandhi? In Israeli prison, of course!

December 20 2009

32 Israel continues its assault on Palestinian nonviolent leaders

71 Palestinians must stop dwelling on

26 I challenged Haaretz writers on the organ-harvesting story last summer

99 The China-Darfur distraction

54 So much for a canard (Israel admits organ harvesting)

35 In dreams begin responsibilities: ‘LA Times’ bravely pictures one-state coexistence

40 One Palestinian family’s story illustrates the absurdity, and intention, of Israeli policy

29 ‘U.S.-Israeli arms cooperation quietly growing’

97 Maybe intermarriage is good for the Jews

1 Avnery: ‘Oybama’

6 I bet O’Reilly and FOX won’t say a word about this ‘war on Christmas’

December 19 2009

39 Adelson’s ‘most important’ work is sending Jewish kids to Israel so they won’t marry non-Jews

37 Does Keillor’s crack at Larry Summers suggest smoldering anti-Israel feeling in the heartland?

7 Rush Limbaugh seems to be doing the lobby’s work

27 Lustick: Attack on Iran would end any prayer of Israel being accepted in region

34 Gaza Freedom March’s message to Israelis: ‘Don’t shoot us!’

December 18 2009

44 To some Palestinian children the antidote to Israeli occupation is Israeli prison

13 Tel Aviv human rights march displayed a ‘collective hope for justice’

15 ‘Forward’ reports: Rightwing Israeli maumau’d gormless Ford Foundation to drop I/P grants

33 What the NYT won’t tell you: Israel has lost the ‘battle for int’l legitimacy’

22 Inglorious JTS

85 ‘Concord Monitor’ publishes letter attacking ‘monstrous’ Jewish displays in the era of Madoff and Occupation

9 Israel fears ‘paradigm shift’ to grassroots nonviolent resistance in West Bank

11 Schakowsky’s burqa moment gives me apprehension about my trip to Middle East

1 It’s beginning to look alot like apartheid

December 17 2009

64 EU’s foreign minister says E. Jerusalem is occupied territory

31 ‘Shemesh, your family’: Jewish Israelis struggle with the Nakba

3 Gaza ranks near the top of Twitter topics in 2009

24 Neoliberals replaces neocons in proffering hawkish consensus to a POTUS

5 Huffpo writer blasts ‘crypto-racism’ against non-Jews inside Israel

222 Insolence and hasbara are the soundtrack to these images in my head

December 16 2009

23 Israel must be held to account

9 Exposed, lobby exposes itself

34 Chronicles of rejectionism (and Oxford American English)

11 Choosing the Chanukah Miracle: On Olive Oil and Occupation

7 Lily Sussman says her famous computer is ‘kind of symbolic of Israeli aggression’

20 Liberal Zionism and self-determination are on a collision course

31 Israel supreme court says Palestinian family prison visits are not ‘humanitarian need’

2 Shocker: article on prisoners doesn’t mention Gilad Shalit

16 Mustafa Barghouti in the IHT: The time for Palestinian freedom is now

1 In NYT portrait of ‘Netanyahu the peace maker,’ there’s room for just one dissent

13 Israeli government convenes working group to battle BDS

2 Rahm’s ex-rabbi seems to believe in one-state

10 New York-based foundation supports settler rabbi who justified the killing of non-Jews

December 15 2009

85 CNN asks – Could ‘one state’ equal peace?

71 ‘A few years ago I used McCarthy tactics against a professor who criticized Israel. Now I’m going on the Gaza Freedom March’

28 A Brief Thought on the Gaza Freedom March

21 Does Lieberman have an Israel angle on healthcare roadblock?

31 ‘Green Zone’ or the banality of ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem

5 FT: Europe is tired of seeing its money vanish in service of ‘bloodsoaked’ Occupation

18 Non-Zionist Hanukkah

8 2 congressional letters against Gaza blockade unite new coalition

63 Why I Am Going To Gaza for New Year’s

13 An old friend says I scratch at this issue like poison ivy

66 Hot-diggity-dawg: ‘Harper’s’ says Zionism may be immoral

7 Some boycotts are kosher

December 14 2009

18 Gaza, a year on: The (mental) siege continues

4 Life in the Jewish state

14 Join Howard Zinn, Richard Falk and others in helping to save Flashpoints

36 Livni cancels UK appearance fearing arrest warrant for war crimes

10 ‘Harvard Crimson’ runs piece attacking Oren as apologist for war criminals

11 Oren: God intercedes in human history– and gave us the land

14 Taking the law into your own hands

13 Why global warming is a no-brainer: a child’s parable

34 No oil for blood!

December 13 2009

15 ‘Financial Times’ says ‘erosion’ of int’l support for Israel bodes well

25 US has no problem with Israel pumping money into… hands of West Bank extremists

9 If feds hadn’t stopped Geo Wallace in ’63, we’d still have apartheid

6 Gaza Freedom March set to bring 1300 from 42 countries to blockaded border

10 NYT’s Kershner focuses on Jewish extremism

December 12 2009

72 Report on E J’lem arrests: ’150 stand in the courtyard of the stolen house, double what we had last week’

8 Protests go on in Bilin despite arrest of media coordinator

75 Ultra-Zionism seems to foster Islamophobia

20 ‘I’m sorry but we had to blow up your laptop’

115 One Holocaust survivor is going to Gaza, another isn’t

10 2 US Jewish groups condemn settler attack on mosque

17 Obama ‘drives peace process into ditch’

December 11 2009

18 How newspapers censor the Palestinian side of the story

14 Re Obama: Resigned

20 Khalidi and Cohen scheduled to win debate February 9 at NYU

159 Rededicating the Temple: A Hanukah Homily

56 House chairman Brad Sherman calls on UC Irvine to throw out Muslim Student Union for raising money for Gaza

37 Billboards criticizing US aid to Israel return to Albuquerque

7 Organizer of Chomsky event says our criticism was ill-placed

15 gobsmacked

11 A fan is born

December 10 2009

28 BDS can succeed (says Islamophobe in synagogue)

16 What power does U.S. have to stop ‘third war’ in Middle East?

12 British gov’t caught snogging with BDS

62 What is to blame for the stalled peace talks?

19 Bil’in leader arrested as part of ongoing Israeli crackdown on nonviolent Palestinian protest

57 Obama seems to throw in the towel on the ‘peace process’

26 Which countries must have consequences for disregarding the international community and which don’t?

9 Oren instructs American Jews to have ‘no differences of opinion’ on survival of the Jewish state

December 9 2009

11 ‘We sought international pressure to stop expulsions of Palestinians. We failed.’

4 What will Brian Baird do next?

17 ‘Peace Now’ board member calls for end to U.S. tax-breaks for funds to settlements now

9 Peace Now and J Street should join the battle against tax breaks for the West Bank colonists

14 What it means to advocate the ‘Sri Lanka model’ for Israel/Palestine

18 Now do you feel better about our plans in Afghanistan?

18 Bronner publishes Israeli self-justification on prisoners

1 What Sergey Brin told Ken Auletta

29 Sexual politics of ‘Chinatown’ seem pretty twisted

4 Thank you! We’ve hit our fundraising goal.

December 8 2009

46 Yet another instance of ‘fluent Hebrew and some knowledge of Arabic’

12 Boston-area church cancelled Chomsky speech at last minute

20 Goldstone says that Netanyahu is trying to have it both ways, legally

15 2/3 of members of Council on Foreign Relations say U.S. policy favors Israel too much

142 I’m accused of anti-semitism

24 Judt/Sand on the ‘perverse’ identification of Jewishness with Israel

9 U.S. Jewish commitment to civil rights stops at the border

5 Jim Hightower chestnut may be applicable to one-state vision

4 Avishai warns that ‘terrible violence’ is coming

59 Al Jazeera show on Jerusalem shows the future of the Israel/Palestine debate

5 I naively believed that Obama’s election signalled the end of neoconservative influence

December 7 2009

8 Israeli business leaders delegation gets a New York welcome

66 The Gaza Gateway

0 Help Mondoweiss meet our goal – only $1,000 to go!

14 Abunimah is a prophet without honor in his parents’ land

30 Rupert’s neocon rag blasts Obama for ‘meddling’ with Israeli expansion

12 An Arab-American’s comment on Gaza stirs the exploration of Jewish mythology

35 Realists say EU membership for Israel and Palestine might bring peace

9 Beinart says Israel lobby played no part in war plans (he still won’t speak for himself!)

December 6 2009

23 Israel supports cultural boycott

6 Dershowitz speaks out against the unjust legal system of

23 ‘intense, methodical, rigorous, earnest’

14 Aussie children get pepper-sprayed at protest of Israel lobby

20 Opinion is shifting, even inside the Beltway

13 HRW: Detained BDS campaigner Mohammad Othman ‘is being punished for his peaceful advocacy’

10 courtship advice

December 5 2009

19 U.S. government publishes Goldstone hit that defends… apartheid

13 South Africa never had it so good department

44 There are settlers in Hebron because Israel wants them there

42 ‘NYT’ correspondent in Israel is ‘thoroughly Israeli’

December 4 2009

30 Chomsky: the ‘unipolar moment’ is working out fine for ‘the satisfied nations’

6 I told my congressman, ‘keep the child’s picture in your desk and look at it the next time there’s a vote on Gaza’

4 Donna Edwards might face AIPAC-backed challenger

40 Realist suggests that Israel, ala Crusaders, will be ‘strong today, gone tomorrow’

36 Abunimah: There is a tremendous struggle to be waged, to force Israeli introspection, and change

29 ‘Times’ holds up Israel as ‘model’

68 Post-post-racial (Jewish identity of state of Israel is ‘very important’ to Obama administration)

45 When Walt and Mearsheimer said this, leading U.S. papers claimed they had updated the anti-Semitic ‘Protocols’

5 ‘J Street’ slams Israel for stripping Palestinians of Jerusalem residency

December 3 2009

22 Columbia Sportswear agrees to ‘immediately and permanently discontinue’ ad campaign marketing to settlers

42 ‘Other countries have experienced terrorist campaigns without giving in to extremism’

24 Netanyahu tells colonists, In 9 months we start building afresh!

8 Grayson’s hypocrisy (and Nadler and Weiner’s too)

December 2 2009

35 A visit to the border

47 The contradictions of progressive Zionism

56 Shlomo Sand on Al Jazeera

40 Walt does the math: We’ve killed 288,000 Muslims in 30 years

45 History’s fool

17 Palestinian Human Rights group condemns honor killing

December 1 2009

42 CNN asks, “Israel a rogue state?”

15 Like Jim Crow and South Africa before it, Israel must be pressured to abandon apartheid

24 Dershowitz likened Gaza to Warsaw ghetto

4 NYT shows us how it feels to be Palestinian

13 More on house demolitions and ‘unrecognized villages’ in the Negev

12 Gaza Freedom March likened to Spanish civil war

37 Gutsy progressive congressman Alan Grayson leads a double life

29 ‘Never depend on the kindness of gentiles’

8 Bromwich on Bronner’s shocking euphemism

17 Israel continues to block Gaza woman’s studies on bureaucratic/despotic grounds

5 Formerly-free Fish seems farm-raised in his view of I/P


32 Israeli TV host says we’re just playing the goyim

15 The world the Jews made, in the Naqab