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February 28 2010

10 Syracuse University plays lead role in undermining int’l law, with concern for Israel

22 Global movement joins Hebron protest to ‘Open Shuhada Street’

13 ‘NYT’ Op-Ed congratulates Obama for laying off Israel ’cause solving I/P won’t solve anything

February 25 2010

92 Do you have to be Jewish to report on Israel for the New York Times?

114 People Are Talking About BDS

24 down time

21 ‘At the end of every sentence you say in Hebrew sits an Arab with a Nargilah’

28 Where’s BDS? Israeli firms to secure World Cup

12 more on mayhem, mass death, and genocide

February 24 2010

179 Shadow of Emmett Till

12 Dan Senor has an agenda

22 Factchecking Kershner

7 American friends of Israel ask a visiting Israeli one question….

4 ”Lawfare’ project has some interesting roommates’

16 Sullivan, still unbound

10 Siegman: the world will stop the ‘relegation of Palestinians to apartheid existence’

17 Walt: As long as we remain part of the debate, we are winning

39 Rosen–DoD contractor, Kramer’s patron, and dominant male–epitomizes Harvard’s reigning ideology, neoconservatism

27 A Palestinian reflects on the lifelong experience of Israeli viciousness

17 In new ads that try to change the subject, Israel reveals racism

26 Harvard sandbox man on defensive

0 Buffalo student ejected from hall for asking ballet-master question about ‘apartheid’

20 NPR’s Totenberg suggests the PLO is a terrorist organization

34 fyi, this is now the conventional wisdom,

26 A dialogue with ‘Times’ videographer yields surprise ending

February 23 2010

40 Let the good times roll: NYT’s Kershner and Bronner are listed as authors by ‘Israel Hasbara Committee’

2 Unfairly balanced

7 Why do I boycott Israel?

10 Harvard finds Kramer ‘appalling’ but won’t divorce him

121 Rahm: gone, or invincible

17 Don’t let it bring you down, it’s only castles burning, find someone who’s turning

30 All in a day’s work: Columbia dean is fronting for the Israel lobby

35 In Washington, there is no real discourse

4 Training presidents is hard work

13 Foxman said to call Sullivan ‘educated anti-Semite’

2 J Street needs Israeli gov’t, and vice versa

15 Harvard faces pressure for sponsoring neocon who wants to limit Palestinian births

38 Columbia U. law dean chairs all-day anti-Goldstone hoedown

44 delegit

24 Israel’s actual invention is new standard on ‘asymmetrical’ conflict

23 Jim Baker says Netanyahu smelled Obama’s ‘weakness’

6 Why we talk about a Berlin airlift

February 22 2010

44 Canadian Hasbara outfit is scraping the bucket

34 Imagine a Harvard fellow calling for limiting Jewish births

8 David Frum admits that his vote is all about Israel

21 Israel cruises into a diplomatic storm

39 Hoenlein: campus climate is ‘deteriorating’

9 Eliot Engel sides with Israel against 5 congressional colleagues

19 German Jews join the international effort to break the blockade!

43 Circulating hateful images of Muslims is ‘respectable racism’

25 ‘US Jews are tired of Israel and have no interest in racist settlers’

7 Foxman, patriot

12 A Muslim student is denied entry to Israel and Harvard is silent. Why?

19 weird & pathetic

February 21 2010

33 Is conservative nod to Ron Paul an indication that Republicans will divide on The issue?

39 ‘Israel invented the water heater’

11 Nader/Zinn– It’s time for Palestinians to participate in power

47 David Brooks’s dilemma (and ours)

13 J Street and ‘the Jewish collective’

141 Turkey vows to launch Berlin airlift

6 Thousands converge on Bil’in, Fayyad among them

9 For NYT’s public editor, Bronner’s a tarbaby

6 Israeli ballet disrupted briefly during Vermont performance

4 Now ‘J Street’ is ‘an anti-semitic lobby’

5 the pariah problem

2 toothbrush or underpants

February 20 2010

29 Rebranding the ‘New York Times’

90 Peace may be more than one conflict away

28 ZOA calls for a (much) different kind of academic boycott

16 Inside the Jewish halfway house of awareness, with ‘Breaking the Silence’

6 How would you feel if your mother had to get to work this way?

4 A political prisoner tries to imagine wearing shoes again

7 J St and AIPAC teamed up on Iran sanctions

25 Hasbara meets chutzpah: Daniel Schorr puts Dubai hit on Palestinians

9 NYT declines to talk to Al Jazeera for story on Bronner question

3 ‘New York Review of Books’ makes who/whom mistake

4 Hearts and wallets

4 New axis of evil: London, Madrid, SFO

9 Liberal internationalist/neocon is looking for one good Muslim

56 NYT shills Israeli consulate’s rebranding campaign

February 19 2010

55 Has Israel been helping supply weapons to Hamas?

6 Baird calls on Obama to honor his promise to Palestinians and break the blockade

2 It’s all in the timing! (Israeli embassy jokes about ‘Hit on Dubai’)

9 Huh– only about half of U.S. Democrats have favorable view of Israel

3 Ever-compliant, Harvard offers soapbox on Goldstone to former IDF legal adviser

18 First Al Gore invented the internet, then Israel invented the tomato

5 6th int’l Israeli apartheid week is first week in March

8 Why not Judeo-Christian-Muslim?

3 WSJ: Israels underestimated Dubai police

83 Climbdown: Britain knew Mossad used fake passports for Dubai assassination

44 Dershowitz offers blanket defense to his celebrity client for murder anywhere

1 ‘J Street’ attacks ‘character assassination’ of Goldstone

8 Israel assassinates itself

February 18 2010

32 Beware of neocons invoking Arab public opinion

15 Will Dubai get Gaza to the ICC?

19 dual loyalty again…

7 Canadian minister: attack on Israel is an attack on Canada

8 Steve (Nightflower) Rosen gives AIPAC seal to Obama

9 Hubris: Israeli gov’t flips off 6 congresspeople visiting with J Street

14 US once threatened sanctions/tax deductions when Israel occupied land by force

72 Seven Israelis had their identities stolen – apparently by Mossad assassins!

8 In Justice Department ruling, everybody wins! (well anyway Barack and Ari and Rahm and Israel, too)

8 Let’s take on the claim that Arab states embrace Israel to counter Iran

0 Hijab: the global disgrace of Mamilla is delegitimizing… an ideology

7 We must negotiate with Taliban, say authors on NY’s public radio station

5 Duh moment in Haaretz: Stonewalling Goldstone was a mistake

February 17 2010

60 I heard all this at AIPAC

31 Were those Mossad assassins wearing tennis outfits in Dubai?

11 it’s time to draw inspiration from… the anti-civil-rights movement

3 Shocker: ‘Tablet’ turns out to be neoconservative

2 ‘Washington Post’ hires Bush speechwriter

4 Gaza photo exhibit faces censorship threat in Montreal

27 Oslo made us strangers in our native land

6 How can you talk about Mort Zuckerman’s Senate interest without bringing up his love of Israel?

14 Clinging to the ghost of the two-state solution

14 If Israel is the ‘collective Jew’… uh-oh

16 Abunimah: ‘Israel is delegitimizing itself’

6 Why do they hate us?

2 Haaretz: the real existential threat is racism

February 16 2010

5 Israeli soldiers fire rubber bullets at journalists in East Jerusalem

27 ‘Birthright’ veteran says the debauchery produced dubiety

43 ‘Osama prays every night for a war between the West and Iran’

20 Divestment campaign gains traction at U of Arizona

100 my wife and I have an intellectual disagreement about peasants

4 Jesus H. Christ, NPR only interviews Keller about Bronner brouhaha

27 Israel must depend on influential elites in politics, finance, media, to counter delegitimization

3 ‘NYT’ does a good thing

10 Overwhelming # of Jews on the beat is evidence of ‘longterm structural bias’

February 15 2010

28 Rep. Ackerman says U.S. kills hundreds of innocent civilians every month in Af/Pak

15 History lesson for Zionists

54 (Goodbye to Congress) Brian Baird says US should break Gaza blockade by ‘our version of the Berlin airlift’!

6 story of a 12-year-old boy arrested for trying to visit his aunt’s house

18 US diplomacy hits a roadblock in Doha called… Gaza

13 ‘Time’ magazine publishes pro-sanctions piece

9 Sullivan doubles down

5 Quotas

4 Scary photograph

2 Wake up and smell the occupation

19 Ayalon: Abu Mazen is no different than Arafat, he talks peace while dealing terror

21 Goodbye Green Line, hello Yellow Line!

15 Keep chewing that qat, Friedman — but spare us the visions

8 Let’s cut out the middleman

13 ‘It’s apartheid so you shouldn’t put a ring on it’

2 Occupation 101

February 14 2010

31 Valentine rhymes with Palestine, on a big day for BDS

81 Rads

59 Someone explain this to me

February 13 2010

36 Role model

44 ‘LA Times’ gives Wiesenthal Center a platform to spin falsehoods about Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem

182 Israel tracks the ‘delegitimizers’

5 New site defends Goldstone

5 Slater: ‘Times’ self-censorship on Israeli ‘catastrophe’ recalls mum on Holocaust

5 ‘Independent’ chronicles ‘new McCarthyism’ in Israel

19 ‘What has Israel become?’ they ask in Kansas City

10 Burston: Dahiya doctrine now aimed inside Israel

February 12 2010

43 In California speech, Oren says, ‘Barack Hussein Obama’

82 Who would teargas ‘Avatar’?

13 ‘Times’ troika of Keller, Hoyt & Bronner were involved in earlier conflict-of-interest

25 Touring ‘Operation Attila the Hun,’ Finkelstein tells the schmuck joke

9 ‘Special relationship’ is now the acceptable euphemism for–

45 Judt was first to get both barrels of anti-Semitism innuendo from deputy dawg Wieseltier

10 Canadian NGO is iced for publishing one-state argument

February 11 2010

77 The transformation of ‘anti-Semitism’

12 Derfner in JPost says only the ‘liberal West’ can save Israel from itself

21 Let me not to Wieseltier’s fulsome toast of a power marriage admit impediments

62 Student disruptions of Israeli officials continue to make waves

15 ‘A disaster! Right in New York!’

5 ‘New School’ convenes legalistic panel to bash Goldstone with no advocate for the other side

4 Klein calls on his friend Wieseltier to apologize

9 Knocked for his Goldstone slanders, Dershowitz blames others for inciting violence

February 10 2010

4 An article suggestion for Ethan Bronner (or his successor)

7 Wieseltier’s wild piece has served the other side

66 Jews aren’t smarter (I lift my curse, and yours)

8 # of New Yorkers opposing ‘special relationship’ with you-know-who jumps from 1/3 to 1/2 after just 90 minutes of exposure to facts

9 American Jews launch campaign to ‘break the law of return’

2 Khalidi on Mamilla: ‘this grotesque project must be stopped!’

4 How can you call yourself a Zionist if you live in Florida?

121 Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren’s Speech Disrupted at University of California, Irvine

20 Opponents of Mamilla cemetery desecration take the case to international bodies

25 David Frum considers his next sock puppet

19 Abdullah: Ending the Palestinian grievance solves the Iran threat

9 Wingnut MN congresswoman Bachmann is latest to pledge allegiance

1 Loyalty oath: ‘Weekly Standard’ affirms the importance of Jews remaining monolithic in American politics

4 Oxford students: Our protest of Ayalon was a massive success

February 9 2010

51 Wiesel scored $500,000 for speech to congregation of Hagee, a Holocaust revisionist

5 The landlord

22 Sullivan gets the treatment

8 If Bronner were reassigned to China, what makes you think his replacement would be better?

11 Oxford and Cambridge are Scylla and Charybdis of Jewish state

9 More apartheid justice

70 4 years after its public editor called for Ramallah-based correspondent, Times is still in W. J’lem

25 Defending Bronner’s conflict, the Times has proved too much

10 Remember, the Times won a Pulitzer for being on the right side (unh– our side) of Hiroshima radiation sickness

34 Steve Walt feels vindicated by Blair confession (as well he should)

February 8 2010

29 Abunimah: Jews can report on Palestinians, but the other way ’round?

22 Who knows what I was on track to be if the movement hadn’t intervened?

37 Muslim Oz and Jewish Nichols have common ancestor

69 Human Rights Groups Say Israel and Hamas Fail in Investigations

3 ‘New York Times Fails to Disclose Possible Conflict of Interest’–ABC News

29 Goldberg is neo-segregationist

107 Ahmed Moor wants to make aliyah!

10 Bronner story keeps on ticking

19 Disgusting English neocon suggests that brooding on Israel made Tony Judt sick

February 7 2010

54 How to run for President: whatever the ‘people of Israel decide is in their interest’

9 Sri Lanka/Gaza

28 Touring Israeli ballet company has no Palestinian dancers

30 there I go, counting Jewish names again

54 The ‘Times’ now owes it to its readers to assign an Arab-American reporter to Jerusalem

22 JPost publishes mendacious garbage about human-rights org’s finances

11 Get two Jews in a room, you have three opinions! Not.

5 nonviolence isn’t always nonviolent

11 Saudis say we’re behind Obama on ’67

27 Samantha Power is stealth force for change

6 Israel seems to cave somewhat on Bil’in

9 Israel/Sri Lanka comparison is important

February 6 2010

102 Blair says Israelis were in on pre-war planning

45 Jews are rich elitists, ‘Commentary’ says

20 status, radicalism, & happiness

42 I wish journalists would interview Jim Crow whites about how/why they changed

19 ‘AP’ misquoted UN Sec’y Gen’l as praising Israel

February 5 2010

31 ‘Forward’ editor Eisner seems to want to silence ‘Breaking the Silence’

91 Ban’s collapse on Goldstone ‘shocks and appalls’ representative for Palestinian victims

45 the excommunicators

6 Canadian official ‘repudiates’ B’Tselem’s funding

39 Netanyahu to Diaspora: You’re chopped liver

6 ‘NYT’ has had intimate connections to the Jewish state

February 4 2010

61 Crackdown: ‘JPost’ fires Naomi Chazan

15 Progressive NY attitude on gays in military should be portable to Palestine, but it isn’t

23 Goldstone co-author: The court of world opinion is determined to see the report prevail

32 Haaretz: Bronner’s son’s service has fostered ‘mini blog storm’

20 Bronner to speak in S’ta Barbara on Monday

29 It’s a happy day around these parts

10 Rabbis for Human Rights: witchhunt endangers the state of Israel

64 Rage at Bronner, and at the Times

31 Yvette Clarke’s retraction

4 It’s OK for Americans to fund settlements, but aid human-rights groups? No way

17 54 congresspeople who penned brave Gaza letter may be only 53 now

February 3 2010

17 Bronner: ‘My son joined the IDF five weeks ago’

59 Momzer muffs moser

14 ‘J Street’ blasts Dershowitz and home evictions in E. J’lem

33 Judt: Obama joined Netanyahu’s campaign to denigrate & deny a brave Jew, Goldstone

4 Even in Russian, Salinger changed my life

16 Most Palestinians were killed by drones

17 (we started this site because we thought the U.S. had adopted Israel’s policy of permanent war)

2 ‘Dershowitz is outraged by deportation of Harvard Law Student and says…’

14 New School should honor its tradition by inviting Finkelstein, who’s actually been to Gaza, to Goldstone panel

35 High-ranking Israeli officer: we targeted Gazans without weapons

10 Barak admits that Israel is standing on ‘the stage of history’ (with South Africa)

February 2 2010

25 Article on her hard drive about Palestinian dispossession spelled deportation

250 Gehry… Santana… chain reaction?

50 My wife tells me a good friend of mine is anti-Semitic

8 Why did Salinger withdraw? The war

52 50 years after North Carolina lunchcounter sit-in, Times calls West Bank protests ‘theatrical… spectacle’

34 Ambition: Huckabee says Palestinians should be ‘content’ with Gaza

17 Obama puts pressure on… Palestinians!

7 Latest white phosphorus tale is Israel’s 4th

10 Routine: Israeli army forces shepherds off their lands

20 it’s happened: all the energy in journalism has now moved to the internet

71 Opposing narratives (in Europe and U.S.)

23 must-read, Haaretz

February 1 2010

14 A question for Bronner

13 Mitchell overcame serious doubts before

115 No one is accountable in maiming of Tristan Anderson

71 This casts us in the role of the enabler, forever

24 White phosphorus reprimands are highly selective

14 3 witches divine George Mitchell’s fate

89 lobby’s suasion linked to Holocaust guilt

6 Israel’s diaspora legal-eagle

1 let’s project the right of return on to the Haitians, the Russians, the Americans, anyone but who we expelled