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February 2010

Unfairly balanced

Anees of Jerusalem on

Earlier today I read the BBC’s report on the fifth anniversary of the Bil’in protests against the Annexation Wall. It was not one of the worst the BBC has done on I/P; yet I got angry at the enforced, distorted "balance" which gave Israeli military spokesperson the chance to misrepresent the situation with the absolute […]

Harvard finds Kramer ‘appalling’ but won’t divorce him

Philip Weiss on

EI has the latest on the Martin Kramer debacle at Harvard, the fellow who called for the west to take action to limit the Palestinian birthrate. Harvard offered mixed signals on Kramer, but is sticking by his right to be controversial. I’m all for controversy myself; but I would remind people, Kramer is an extremist […]

Rahm: gone, or invincible

Bruce Wolman on

I leaned towards this interpretation also: Rahm is on his way out, and uses stenographer Dana Milbank in the Washington Post to issue a parting shot at Obama’s insider team. Or else the lobby makes him feel invincible, which would be very bad for Obama’s future.

Don’t let it bring you down, it’s only castles burning, find someone who’s turning

Ben White on

Ben White has a big piece at EI, on Israel’s recent propaganda efforts: The Global Forum’s anti-BDS group talked of the "Jewish community" needing "a war room" that would be "tracking this movement, sharing best practices, coaching communities." It mentioned that "in North America, the Federation system is talking about launching a coordinating body to […]

All in a day’s work: Columbia dean is fronting for the Israel lobby

Philip Weiss on

Last night I did a post on a March conference in New York that seems poised to bash Goldstone and the idea of international law. Chaired by Columbia Law School dean David Schizer, the conference on the "use of law as a weapon of war" to delegitimize democratic nations has been organized by the "Lawfare […]

In Washington, there is no real discourse

Philip Weiss on

Obama loves authority figures– who are the authorities? In the Washington Post, Richard Cohen says that an Iranian bomb is a threat to the US not just to Israel and that Obama should do like Nixon and go "crazy" to match Ahmadinejad, and Cohen suggests we lack the power to stop Israel from attacking. Anne […]

Training presidents is hard work

Bruce Wolman on

"It’s not just Barack Obama," by an Israel lobbyist in the Jerusalem Post. Turns out even Eisenhower repents over his Suez pressure.

Foxman said to call Sullivan ‘educated anti-Semite’

Philip Weiss on

From William Daroff’s twitter feed, from the Jewish Council on Public Affairs meeting in Texas:  @ADL_National‘s Abe Foxman calls @dailydish‘s Andrew Sullivan "an example of someone who is educated & an anti-Semite"

J Street needs Israeli gov’t, and vice versa

Bruce Wolman and Phil Weiss on

Michael Oren and J Street are making nice. It turns out that J Street needs the Israeli gov’t to have legitimacy among Jews; and the Israeli gov’t needs J St– to trash Goldstone. Thus, Oren calls on Jews to come together and "support Israel at this crucial time." [I]n a February 10 interview with the […]

Harvard faces pressure for sponsoring neocon who wants to limit Palestinian births

Philip Weiss on

The pressure is mounting on Harvard to repudiate Harvard fellow Martin Kramer’s vile call on western governments to limit Palestinian births. Here is Ali Abunimah’s letter to the Weatherhead Center’s directors. Dear Profs. Frieden and Robinson, I understand you are both Acting Directors of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs during this academic year. I […]

Columbia U. law dean chairs all-day anti-Goldstone hoedown

Philip Weiss on

Here’s an organization called the Lawfare project–about "the use of law as a weapon of war"–which obviously has some money. They’re having a gala conference in New York on March 11, with a host of speakers. It’s essentially the Israel lobby in sheep’s clothing. They’re fighting "the abuse of the law & legal systems for […]


Philip Weiss on

Yesterday the Forward sent out an advertisers’ video, a new hasbara campaign aimed at the delegitimation of Israel on campus. Meantime, a neoconservative anti-Goldstone outfit announced a conference in New York aimed at stopping the delegitimizing of "democratic nations such as.. Israel."  It is very important to understand what people mean by "delegitimization" of Israel. […]

Israel’s actual invention is new standard on ‘asymmetrical’ conflict

Shmuel Sermoneta-Gertel on

Central to Israel’s defence of its actions in Gaza last year is the claim that international humanitarian law (IHR) is inadequate and must be modified to accommodate the “asymmetrical” nature of modern warfare. Rather than arguing that greater protection should be afforded to the weaker party in such uneven conflicts, the leading theorists of this […]

Jim Baker says Netanyahu smelled Obama’s ‘weakness’

Philip Weiss on

Jim Lobe picks up Jim Baker interview at National Journal. Note my favorite point, that Obama is reversing US policy on settlements. I wonder where the hell our policy has been for decades? What is policy without some means of enforcement, or sanctions? Oh yes and he says "apartheid." Don’t forget how many people accused […]

Why we talk about a Berlin airlift

Philip Weiss on

The great Sara Roy, who has examined her own Holocaust background so as to understand the occupation, writes in the Nation: Hence, within the annexation (West Bank)/alien (Gaza Strip) paradigm, any resistance by Palestinians, be they in the West Bank or Gaza, to Israel’s repressive occupation, including attempts at meaningful economic empowerment, are now considered […]

Canadian Hasbara outfit is scraping the bucket

Ben White on

As mentioned earlier, Zionist hasbara efforts in Canada now boast a new initiative called ‘Size Doesn’t Matter’. The campaign has got most publicity so far on account of a video that combines sexual crudity with the erasure of Palestine from the map. This propaganda drive, sponsored by the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy, […]

Imagine a Harvard fellow calling for limiting Jewish births

Philip Weiss on

Electronic Intifada: A fellow at Harvard University’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Martin Kramer, has called for "the West" to take measures to curb the births of Palestinians, a proposal that appears to meet the international legal definition of a call for genocide.

David Frum admits that his vote is all about Israel

Philip Weiss on

David Frum is a former Bush aide who pushed the Iraq war and is said to have coined the Axis of Evil formulation. I’ve always thought that he is Israel-centric but like other smarting/hunted neocons he’s cagey about it. Once when he gave a sermon in a synagogue and called the United States "this new […]

Israel cruises into a diplomatic storm

Paul Woodward on

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, speaking on Saturday, suggested that Israel will not face a diplomatic crisis with Europe over the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai "because there is nothing linking Israel to the assassination." "Britain, France and Germany are countries with shared interests with Israel in countering terrorism," Ayalon said. Not so […]

Hoenlein: campus climate is ‘deteriorating’

Philip Weiss on

Here’s a new video called "Crossing the line, the new intifada comes to campus" that equates the campus movement of criticizing Israeli behavior with anti-Semitism. It was sent out by the Forward today, as an advertisement. Zionists in the bunker; Hannah Schwarzschild writes, "They clearly think their backs are against the ropes.  And the logical […]

Eliot Engel sides with Israel against 5 congressional colleagues

Philip Weiss on

MJ Rosenberg calls out NY congressman Eliot Engel for representing Israel not the US when he defended an Israeli decision not to meet with 5 fellow Democratic congressmen visiting the foreign country at the behest of J Street. (Rosenberg’s column, at TPM, is further evidence of the split inside the American liberal-left over our policy, […]

German Jews join the international effort to break the blockade!

Philip Weiss on

Yesterday we mentioned the Turkish effort to break the blockade. Last week we mentioned Congressman Brian Baird calling for the Berlin airlift. Well here’s more, this is calling on humanity, sister: German Jews. What goes around comes around. My heart is lifting. "Jewish ship to Gaza." All aboard: We are a group of German Jews […]

Circulating hateful images of Muslims is ‘respectable racism’

Barnabe Geisweiller on

A complete version of this piece appeared on CommonDreams yesterday. And it is on Barnabe Geisweiller’s site. We’re excerpting key portions below. In July of last year, Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group, organized a mass wedding celebration for hundreds of couples in the Gaza Strip. The happy adult grooms, immaculately dressed in black suits and […]

‘US Jews are tired of Israel and have no interest in racist settlers’

Bruce Wolman on

Haaretz has a piece saying that Israel can’t afford to reject J Street. There were quite a few comments hostile to J Street, but I found this one interesting from an Israeli in the US: Title: Clueless Israelis Name: Shoded Yam City: Los Angeles State: CA If the hysteric spasms of fear from the above […]