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”Lawfare’ project has some interesting roommates’

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Eli Clifton has a funny post about the Lawfare project— the anti-Goldstone project that is staging a conference hosted by Columbia Law dean David Schizer– and shows that the group has an internet domain name that shares an IP address with:
which is pure Israel lobby stuff, saying the Palestinians train their children to kill;
which supports an Israeli community, Beit Shemesh, that it brags gets an influx of English-speakers from the west; and
you remember those boys; they said people who demonstrated against the Iraq war in 2003 should be investigated for treason. Seth Lipsky was the editor, he loves Ze’ev Jabotinsky;

golly, I have no idea.

Clifton writes: seem a little more difficult to explain, but the right-wing New York Sun sharing an IP address with the Lawfare Project remains an interesting coincidence.

It’s important to note that there are some very big hosting services which will have hundreds, if not thousands, of domain names pointing to an IP address.  But in this case, the limited number of domain names suggests that there is a link between the websites.

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