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In new ads that try to change the subject, Israel reveals racism

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What is so amazing about these three new government-sponsored ads urging ordinary Israelis to go forth and change Israel’s image is that it is precisely when Israel tries to change the subject that it is most overtly racist.

The conceit of the ads is that they pretend to show how ignorant foreigners portray Israel in their news reports: the English speaker says Israelis ride around on camels, the French broadcaster confuses a party and fireworks with a bombing campaign, the Spanish reporter says Israelis only eat kabobs cooked over primitive fires — "primitive and delicious" she says after taking a bite.

And then in Hebrew, at the end of each fake report, the voice says something like: "if you don’t like the picture, change it" [commenters, please help] — and then invites viewers to submit their own spots that show the real Israel (which would presumably be fast cars, Thai food and endless beach parties). I think that’s what the Hebrew is saying.

We don’t ride camels or eat kabobs — in other words, we’re not Arabs, we’re white Europeans, love us!

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