Rahm: gone, or invincible

I leaned towards this interpretation also: Rahm is on his way out, and uses stenographer Dana Milbank in the Washington Post to issue a parting shot at Obama’s insider team. Or else the lobby makes him feel invincible, which would be very bad for Obama’s future.

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  1. Chaos4700 says:

    Forgive my cynicism, but I’m leaning toward “invincible.” Obama caved to Netanyahu, of all people. And the Administration went out of its way to shield Joe Lieberman, and then when it was Lieberman versus Dean on Medicare expansion — you know, after Lieberman decided to break his promise about that? — the Administration sided against Howard Dean. Howard Dean. Former chair of the Democratic Party. The man whose Fifty State Strategy helped put Obama in the White House. The man who actually has professional and political gravitas behind his perspective on health care reform.

    Zionists consistently behave like abusive spouses. Look at it in microcosm — look at the way Richard Witty abuses his friendship with Phil Weiss, right here. Implying that this is Rahm heading for the exit is premature. Did Lieberman getting behind John McCain end his political influence on the Democratic establishment? Exactly.

    • aparisian says:

      The United states of AIPAC

    • Citizen says:

      Better a man that shod the iron-clad feet of Merkava tanks while his own birth country was fighting two wars and who’s daddy was a Jewish terrorist in his youth (and a snobbish Jewish rascist in his dotage) than one who was merely married to an American Jewess?

      • Citizen says:

        Dean’s wife is a Zionist too boot. Dean made the mistake of calling for a tad of balance in the handling of Israel. Lieberman quickly exploited it. As the Black Caucus knows,
        there is no balanced stand tolerated when it comes to rubber-stamping Israel right or wrong. With Israel, everybody’s Uncle Tom. Or they get chopped.
        link to tikkun.org

      • Chaos4700 says:

        Howard Dean’s wife is Jewish? Huh, I did not know that. It’s immaterial, of course — not just to me, but apparently to Zionist neoconservatives and their phenomenally successful PR coup in seeding the “Dean Scream” story in the media and torpedoing the campaign of the strongest anti-invasion primary candidate on the Democratic side in 2004.

  2. MRW says:

    What was it that Milbank did that caused Olbermann to kick him off his show as a commenter? I’ve forgot.

    Milbank has long been known as a ZioReporter. He writes what he’s told when it comes to policy or political criticism; otherwise, he does substandard humorous ditties that aren’t funny, witty, or satirical, which is how he likes to be perceived.

  3. Citizen says:

    Comment from FDL:
    fflambeau February 22nd, 2010 at 6:01 pm
    I’m sorry but I don’t agree with the diarist’s conclusion. Yes, the Wapo article is disgusting but….

    Obama is the one who chose Rahm and has stood by him every day. I think it’s far more likely that someone like Gibbs, who is totally ineffective anyway, will get the axe than Rahm will. In a way (relating to Israel) Rahm is Obama’s master and not the other way around. Rahm is also one of the many links in the Obama administration to the Wall St. bankers, since he was one of them.

    Sorry, but I just don’t think Obama is in the position to get rid of Rahm nor does he have the balls to do so. I think it more likely that Obama will ADD someone to his team, someone like Tom Daschle who really does have some smarts about Washington works (but no ethics). If anyone goes, it will be Gibbs.”

    • potsherd says:

      Rahm is one of Obama’s links to the Chicago Democratic establishment.

      The guy is going to be looking for a new job in 2 1/2 years, and he’ll need his clout.

    • yonira says:

      I’d like to see Daschle, he is a political genius and his tax escapades are ancient history, no one would even remember them (its been over a year!).

      Rahm hasn’t done shit really, I like the guy, but in terms of productivity I don’t see it.

      Clinton had 4 Chief of Staffs during his 8 years and got rid of McLarty after about a year.

  4. Oscar says:

    Rahm: “Gone . . . or invincible . . .”

    Yeah, in the same way Dennis Ross was about six months ago.

  5. Citizen says:

    Never hurts to remind Americans who may land here of the cost of Israel to the USA in simple tax dollars. I imagine a lot of Americans wouldn’t mind seeing some free money going to them in these trying economic times–no strings attached:
    link to hotpolitics.com

    PS: The article I referenced is dated. Try googling “US aid to Israel” and make your search “within the last 24 hour.”

  6. Rahm is thoroughly misunderstood. The little saboteur achieved everything he was supposed to: Obama’s first year, when fundamental change was certainly thinkable and probably possible, passed by without anything happening (a non stimulus package followed by non healthcare reform followed by non peace talks…) aside from more war for Israel.

    Obama is now politically boxed in such that, even without his IDF minder in the room, after he loses his super-duper Congressional majority in the fall, he’ll been incapable of worrying anyone that matters. Mission Accomplished, Rahm!

    • Citizen says:


      Israel can go on opressing the Palestinains at its whim, and grabbing evermore land for Greater Israel–and the dumb US taxpayers, so many in dire economic stress–will just keep paying for it in treasure and blood. A large kudo to the “volunteer” military of the USA. Want fries with your burger? Watch out, they might be your own kin. Yeah, lots of cheese all around!

    • Danaa says:

      slowereastside – I tend to agree. the role alloted to Rahm – one of the earliest announced when Obama got elected, was somewhat mystifying to most of us. The puzzling thing for me – and many others – was that it was clear Obama was going to need someone who knew how to work the senate. Yet Rahm’s forte was the house – he had relatively few strings to pull on the senate side, and no particular levers he could pull to bring in recalcitant members. Which is why we all thought that Daschele was the man for the job, except of course, he had the lobbying issue dogging him. There were other questions raised about Rahm – for example,, he may have been from Chicago but he was not an Obama supporter for the longest time. perhaps the Chicago group that propelled Obama, such as Penny Pfitker(sp?) and friends, figured Axelrod et al could not be trusted enough to toe the line and heed the boundaries.

      Somehow, it always looked like Rahm was a choice foisted on Obama from the get go. Rahm is clearly the ‘establishment” man sent to ensure that Obama does not deviate too much from the dictates of the oligarchy. Some of us may think that Rahm has failed in his job and should go. But for exactly the same reason, the real powers behind the throne believe that Rahm has done his job only too well.

      As an aside, it was certainly interesting to see that the comments to Milbank’s column ran 40;1 against the columnist, and Rahm – the fifth columnist. Clearly, there’s no support in the base of the democrats for this individual, who is perceived as more of an agent for the counter-agenda within the administration. yet, if one were to check the commentariat on, say, DailyKos, where a cadre of Rahm supporters has been firmy implanted, the methods, means and purposes behind Rahm’s amazing staying power will become, perhaps, a bit clearer.

      • Citizen says:

        Penny Pritzker. Big political donor family in Chicago, where I lived for 30 years. I dated one of the Pritzker girls–a black sheepess of the family as it were; she use to be a toy of one of the Jazz All Stars years before she dated me. I learned from her what it really means to be filthy rich. She had a cameo face–and a body it took half a fifth of
        Jack Daniels to deal with. Anyway, that’s a long story. Here’s some info on Penny:
        link to blogs.suntimes.com

        • Danaa says:

          Citizen, thanks for the spelling correction (boy, was I off!), the interesting info (you could have been a rich divorce now! can you get her to contribute to Mondoweiss then, for old times’ sake?) and the reference on Penny.

          Nothing like the faithful crew here to get one properly tethered into facts.

          Anytime you want to share Pritzker (good sp, eh?) tales, black vs white sheep, or just ships passing in the night, I’m game. Love a good story…..embellishment is welcome, too.

        • Citizen says:

          Oh, I got stories. Weimar Germany has nothing on them. Nor the Garden of the Finzi whatever in Italy. Berlin Stories, right in the good old US of A. Cabaret? LOL. All happens here.

    • yonira says:

      So are you saying he is Obama’s scapegoat? Or is it even more nefarious, he orchestrated all of this out of his loyalty to Israel and his secret pact with the ZOA?

      • Chaos4700 says:

        Bruce! Up here. This is what I’m talking about. Have you found me again, yet?

        • Bruce says:

          Oh, yonira.

          I usually skip over yonira, because 90% of the time I find yonira banal and boring.

          If yonira truly opposes the occupation and the settlements, then what is the reason he/she spends so much time spitting out sarcastic remarks on Mondoweiss? Seems the time could be better spent conversing with the occupiers and settlers.

        • yonira says:

          One can oppose settlements and the occupation and still not hate Israel.

          The hatred on here is for deeper than opposition to settlements and the occupation.

          Couldn’t you find a better use of your time Bruce, than just patting your fellow Israel haters on the back, without having a critical thought of your own?

        • Bruce says:

          Well yonira, I do my research, so maybe you should put up or shut up. Why don’t you enlighten us on which of my postings or comments you consider Israel hating, since that seems to be your mission on this site?

          And while you are at it, how about a few examples of pats for the Israeli haters?

          The comment space on this site attracts its shares of haters from all directions, as does any site on the subject of the Middle East. Hey, you are here commenting far more often than me. I’ve taken some of them on at times, less now than when I first starting contributing. But generally I do find better uses of my time.

          As for critical thoughts, have I missed one of yours on this site? As I said, you are so boring and banal, I usually skip over whenever I see the name.

        • Citizen says:

          Yoira, you really have to get off your hasara drivel; you know, everything stems from the hatred of jews, whether Israeli or AIPAC types? Root causes
          is the concern of this web site. Cause and effect actually has meaning here. Why don’t you recogize that? Talk about critical thought. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. You take the cake, Yoira, you simpleton. You sell yourself, but not most of us here.

        • Citizen says:

          yonira and hasbara drivel

        • Taxi says:

          There’s nothing wrong with hating Israel. It’s perfectly understandable to hate murderers of children. Try correcting the criminal’s behavior instead of oppressing or censoring the victim’s grievance or how they choose to express it. I hate Israel for the long long list of crimes it’s committed and the long long list of atrocities it still intends to commit. You gotta be crazy if you think you can stop me hating the mothereffers!

          You can’t force ‘love’ and you can’t concoct it in a hasbara laboratory.

          But you can appeal to the heart of mankind/womankind through kindness and justice and create reciprocal waves of love and friendship.

          I don’t believe Israel/zionism put itself on earth to make friends. It put itself on the earth to steal land and murder thousands of whole families. I will never love a horrible thing like that.

          So get over yourself yonira – people don’t need your permission to hate Israel and they’re not bad people if they do either.

          You will NOT be the emotion-police around here. You are not the fucking sheriff either.

        • Bruce says:

          War brings out hatred in all of us, so maybe Phil has made a mistake calling this site, “The War of Ideas in the Middle East.” Once a state of war has been reached, ideas count for very little.

          I don’t see the value (or even sense) in anthropomorphizing countries, Israel or any other. You can try to love them or to hate them, but they won’t respond to your emotions as they are simply not human.

          Israel or Zionism didn’t put themselves anywhere, and neither countries nor ideologies can make friends. Zionism was a response to an actual dilemma, and Israel became a state due to a freak confluence of historical events. No matter what the Israelis try to insist today, without a Holocaust and being at the tail end of the colonial period, Zionism would not have succeeded in creating its state.

          What else is the vagaries of history but the unintended consequences of short-term decisions? Murdering thousands of whole families was not the purpose of declaring the state of Israel. That’s an incredibly tendentious reading of history. It may have been the outcome, but that is not your claim.

          The Palestinians have been unjustly treated. This was an international screw up, and the world is obligated to redress the mess that it made.

          But Israel is not the only state and Zionism is not the only political movement killing children or condoning the killing of children. All justify these deaths in some way as self-defense or collateral damage.

          If you don’t want this conflict to be resolved only by war, then somehow ideas have to matter and you have to argue for yours. Don’t let yonira provoke you. It’s her game. She wants you to spew hate, so she can dismiss you as a hater.

        • Chaos4700 says:

          We don’t have a choice, Bruce. We’re not the ones who declared war.

        • Taxi says:

          It’s all very nice and well here to say we need to think this and contribute that – yes very civilized blah blah…

          Sometimes the word ‘hate’ can confuse the ‘civilized’.

          Yet you and I know that you can indeed have righteous anger AND righteous hate. It’s all about context.

        • Bruce says:

          I realize that we might all be wasting our time here.

          If you want to act on “righteous hate” and take the biblical way out and smite the enemy, then be off. You don’t need our approval, you just need to decide whose marching orders you are willing to accept. I’d suggest you not leave too obvious a paper trail here, however, in these GWOT days.

          If you want to propagandize for one or another military wing here, as long as Phil is okay with it, that is your prerogative. Don’t get all bent out-of-shape, however, when someone calls you a propagandist or a troll. Or doesn’t find what you have to say very interesting. Most of us have heard more than enough hasbara from all sides.

          I myself reject the morality of the Old Testament, and don’t see how “righteous anger” and “righteous hate” get us very far in a globalized world. Context is important. Righteousness we have way too much of. Maybe that is all too civilized, but I prefer it to the tribalism that engulfs us.

          The Middle East is littered with righteous anger and hate, which is why I can read in the papers each day about one terrorist bombing or another that has nothing to do with Zionism or Israel. Civilization has its advantages, which is the reason I write from a cold and snowy Oslo.

          If you want justice for the Palestinians, then you need a strategy other than war. As the Palestinians well understand, when it becomes a war they loose. That may not be fair, but that’s the way it is. So I suggest you deal with it.

        • Taxi says:

          “… biblical”, who moi?… lol but I’m an atheist buddy who’s fed up will 64 years of bullshit and murder – I assure you Palestinians feel the same.

          Personally, I refrain myself form telling people what to do, think or feel. But I understand some people find this practice difficult and that’s okay too.

          I’d like to see you present your ‘coping rules’ to the face of a Palestinian who’s lost a whole family. Doesn’t sit right, does it?

          A lot of people have stopped looking for a nice solution, it is all about force now – read the writings on the wall.


          Because Israeli society is suffering from a violent collective psychosis – needs to be dealt with according to its condition, ie: forced restraint.

          Seriously Bruce, I don’t mind that you want to pick on how I ‘feel’ about the crimes of the Israelis – go right ahead. But does it work? Does it change how I feel?

        • Bruce says:

          I don’t expect to be able to tell a Palestinian whose lost anyone in their family not to hate Israelis. Nor would I expect to tell an Israeli whose kid was blown up in a cafe or shot on the road that they should not hate the Palestinians. As you say, it is hard to tell people how to feel. But one of the reasons we have moved away from personal revenge as a means of justice is that it results in circles-of-violence with no end. An eye-for-an-eye leaves the whole world blind.

          If the West does not understand by now what creates most suicide bombers, then it is willful ignorance. The IDF and Israeli intelligence agencies most certainly do. They’ve studied enough of them. Terror has been here on earth, however, since man arrived.

          It always amazes me that there are Palestinians and Israelis who have suffered such losses, and then decide to work together to try to end the violence.

          I suspect you are neither a Palestinian nor an Israeli, so you having a right to hate is more problematical in my mind. But if you want to continue arguing whose hate is more righteous with yonira, don’t let me stop you.

          I doubt I would have any problems discussing with a Palestinian what there options are. Haven’t so far. They need to chose a strategy that they believe will work. It seems to me that neither the PA nor Hamas have a workable strategy.

          My own view is that if the Palestinians want two states, then only some kind of internationally enforced arbitration is going to get them a decent deal. (That possibility gives us outsiders a role to play.) If they want one state for all, then they need to disband the PA and carry out a campaign for equal rights not unlike what we witnessed in South Africa.

          What is your advice?

        • Chaos4700 says:

          You guys are missing the point. While you guys are arguing about this, you’re rather missing where this supposedly remote problem intersects us, as Americans — and specifically, progressive Americans (I am being presumptuous of Bruce, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Myself and Taxi are self-declared progressives).

          Remember the original topic? Rahm Emmanuel? I know I harp on it, but I don’t think we can afford to overlook the Rahm / Joe Lieberman / health care reform axis. By all rights, Joe Lieberman should be a shamed, discredited, disempowered lone Senator who lost all credibility when he turned traitor on the party that granted him Senate chairmanships and even forwarded him as a Vice Presidential candidate.

          Who defended Joe Lieberman’s standing as a committee chair? The White House.

          And where is he? Still at the top of his game, and still being made the deciding vote on whether the public option lives or dies.

          Joe Lieberman spoke of torpedoing the health care reform legislation because it was “too liberal.” Howard Dean spoke of torpedoing the health care reform legislation because the White House and the Senate leadership had killed the public option before it was even given an open discussion.

          Who did the Obama Administration attack? Howard Dean.

          Not to be blunt, but Bruce: Wise up. Zionists haven’t just declared war on the Palestinians. They’ve declared war on American progressives as well. If it were only visible merely in Witty’s prevarications or yonira’s crude jeers or Julian’s sheer nutbaggery, then you could write me off as exaggerating. But we don’t just see it there, do we? We see it in policy. We also see it daily on college campuses, thank you very much. Thanks to its collateral effects on American effects, it means we live (and die) as victims to it, now, every time we go to see a doctor or check ourselves in for surgery.

          And that doesn’t even cover the war we were lied to in Iraq, and the war we are being railroaded to in Iran.

          Like it or not, Bruce, we are under attack. All of the cheerful optimism in the world isn’t going to save us, our friends and families and everything we know, and were taught, as Americans, if we sit back, stay passive and unemotional and cede yet another battlefield.

        • Bruce says:

          Chaos, I really don’t need you to tell me me that progressives are under attack, or even worse, virtually ignored. I-P is hardly on the top of my list of concerns these days. An upcoming military conflict with Iran and a return to global recession or depression are just two matters higher up on the agenda.

          But dude, neo-cons and Likudniks are just a fraction of the attackers. And some of the others think its quite okay for an angry white guy to fly a plane into a building as long as he is pissed at the right target.

          PEP is not some cute acronym. Even among circles that define themselves as progressive, at least half are with Israel all the way even if it is run by neo-fascists. No issue splits progressives more than Israel. Just run down how various media and web sites handle the issue, or in many cases ignore the issue.

          None of my friends whom I keep informed everyday on what is going on would characterize me as a cheerful optimist. Dr. Doom would be more appropriate. Some of them won’t even open my emails any more, as they would rather remain ignorant than become depressed.

          So General Chaos, what’s the war strategy and where is the battlefield you’ve decided to fight on? I’m sitting here in Oslo, wondering if I can sit out the next 6 years here rather than return to America the Beautiful next month.

        • Taxi says:

          Brucee Brucee Brucee,

          Come on man you don’t need my advice, obviously you’re a know-it-all.

          It’s impossible to address any of your above points because they’re based on delusion/imagination/snobbery. You don’t know who I am and you never will.

          As I said, the writing’s on the wall – and it ain’t me who wrote it, I’m just reading it out loud buddy.

          Why don’t you cover your ears if it bothers you. I see you already have one ear sealed with polite cement.

        • Bruce says:

          Taxi, all I know about you is what you volunteer in these comments. Writing anonymously and then bitching that someone will never know who you are is a bit peculiar.

          I gave you a chance to give us your perspective, but you come up an empty suit. It seems I taxed your power of persuasion with delusion, imagination and snobbery. That was easy. I see we are at the end of our exchange.

          I’m looking forward to seeing all the readers you attract with your “readings from the wall.” Not too impressive so far. Even Witty and yonira get more attention.

          And I am certainly not your bud. Try not to take it too personally. But we both know you will, and hence will have to come back with another reply. Maybe Chaos will be left to read it, although he seems to be more interested in dialogue than diatribe.

        • Taxi says:

          Well you really showed me didn’t you clever Trevor.

          So fucking pompous it’s hard to reach you up there on your moral high-horse.

        • annie says:

          bruce, if I-P is hardly on the top of your list of concerns these days why are you here? you are glibly pompous and it’s a bore, rather dime a dozen actually. palestinians have chose a strategy that they believe will work. it is calling on the global community to boycott israel and there’s lots of mobilization going on. maybe israel should come up w/a working strategy besides sending out teams of pr hasbara tools and running a brutal occupation that in turn makes them the least liked country on the planet. and asserting 1/2 the progressives support israel’s actions if ridiculous. you can call yourself anything you want, but progressives don’t support apartheid.

          do us a favor, run along and blog about something that is on your list of concerns, somewhere else preferably.

        • Chaos4700 says:

          I dare say unsurprisingly, I side with Taxi here.

          If I were you, Bruce, I’d find a way to stay in Oslo. It’s pretty clear you don’t have the fortitude to deal with reality in the US.

        • Donald says:

          It’s possible that what Bruce meant is what Phil means when he talks about PEP–there have been a lot of people who were liberal or extremely liberal except on the issue of Palestine. In that case they sometimes seem to think that supporting Israel is equivalent to opposing anti-semitism. They may have been misled by the overwhelming amount of propaganda in the US. I think this is changing–I’ve started to see mainstream liberal blogs refer to Israel as a state practicing apartheid, but that’s just in the last few years, or even the last year.

          As for the rest, I think you guys are being hard on Bruce–he can hang out here without committing himself to the notion that the I/P conflict should be on the top of his list of concerns. The possible war on Iran, the global economy, health care, global warming–they’re all extremely important and nobody can make all of them his or her top priority. If Bruce doesn’t see I/P as his top priority, it doesn’t mean he has no interest at all in it.

        • Bruce says:


          I hear you alarm whistles, but I still don’t hear any strategy or actions from you at all. Do you think writing dozens of comments on Mondoweiss all day is going to change the situation in the US? Is that how you are showing fortitude to deal with reality in the US? Who should get real here?

          How exactly are you working to end the Zionist war on America? I’m serious. Tell me what you are doing and what I or anyone else should be doing. Are you running for office in the fall election? Are you getting BSD implemented? Are you influencing your Congressmen or Senator? Are you starting a new party? Are you supporting or working for primary candidates that will take on AIPAC? Are you forming a lobby to counter AIPAC?

          Maybe I’ve missed it, but I haven’t seen a single suggestion of an actual action from you or Taxi.

          And BSD is already being implemented in Norway, long before the US. Some people on the left here actually make stuff happen because they are organized. What a concept. Do you really think the only action is in the US?

        • annie says:

          you’re right, i should just stay out of this. sorry . sometimes i overreact.

        • Bruce says:


          At the risk of boring you further, I am here because Phil has asked me to post. He considers what I have to contribute has value – actually more than I do – and will take as much as I want to offer. It’s his site, so I guess he decides rather than you. In case you haven’t noticed, Phil pays very little attention to the comments. He finds them overwhelming. And they are. I try to reply to the comments on my posting as I’ve felt some responsibility to the readers, but it is a tremendous time sink.

          If you find my posts boring and glibly pompous, there is a simple solution. Don’t read any that have my by-line on them. When the point is reached that few people read my posts, then I will voluntarily withdraw. So far that has not been the case.

          As much as I want to see a solution to I/P, I believe it is totally unrealistic to think we are going to see any progress towards that end if the United States and/or Israel and Iran get into an armed conflict this year. I hope I am wrong, but that seems to be where President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton and the always reliable (in screwing things up) Dennis Ross have us heading. If putting a higher priority on stopping this seems offensive to you, rather than just that you disagree, that seems strange to me. Would you have been equally annoyed with someone whom had argued in 2002 that preventing a war with Iraq was even more important than solving I/P at that moment?

          Likewise, if the United States and the global economy sink into recession again, or even a depression, I don’t see an I/P solution emerging from that either. Instead, I see chaos everywhere, and quite likely a situation not unlike the Thirties. I don’t see how progressives come out ahead in this scenario, but maybe you know better. So far, the Right has played Disaster Economics much better than the Left, which is still in complete disarray responding to the current economic crisis.

          I realize that you can’t say everything at once, but isn’t it a rather extreme simplification to say the “palestinians have chosen a strategy that they believe will work. it is calling on the global community to boycott israel and there’s lots of mobilization going on.”? Different Palestinians have different strategies. If we take the two main political currents, the PLO and Hamas, I’m not sure either are very committed to BSD.

          There is an independent Palestinian current pushing for BSD, and I hope it succeeds. It’s a stretch, however, to say that Palestinians are convinced this strategy will work. Mobilization has not gone that well so far. There aren’t many optimistic Palestinians I have come across in person or in print these days. Maybe you have better sources.

          I would like to see a greater push to end all kinds of aid and special privileges for Israel from the West. It should be easier to achieve, as taking away perks sounds less offensive than singling out one side for a boycott, and cutting off the juice would be even more effective.

          As for Israel doing something different, well I would do anything to see that happen. But unfortunately the Israeli government doesn’t listen to me, and in fact has greater contempt for me than Hamas. They are only terrorists, while I am a traitor.

          You can decide that anyone who supports Israel can’t be a “progressive”, but that doesn’t change the fact that half the people who do consider themselves progressives in America do support Israel in its conflict with the Palestinians. If you don’t find that to be a political problem for the true “progressives”, then I would say you are in deep denial. Look I am more unhappy about this situation than you, but don’t shoot the messenger. In fact, it is one of the main themes of Mondoweiss in case you haven’t noticed.

        • Bruce says:

          Yes, Donald, that was my point. I would think all regular readers of Mondoweiss would know about PEP now. It is one of Phil’s main themes. Whereas I agree there has been some change, the self-censorship is still overwhelming. There are almost no US media that will even permit discussion as open as you would find in Ha’aretz. We shouldn’t even need the site Mondoweiss, except that no American media is properly covering I/P.

          For me it’s not a question of what is on the top of my concerns, but which problems are the most important and are most in need of addressing. As I said I don’t see any I/P solution if war breaks out with Iran. Quite the opposite. Same with the global economic crisis. We could easily face social and national conflicts not seen since WWII. As political currents now stand, the Right stands to gain more than the Left from further economic chaos.

        • Chaos4700 says:

          I was pushing for solutions all through the Bush years — before my poking into the seedy underbelly of the true nature of American politics carried me to see how Israel/Palestine factors massively into the corruption in D.C. It’s not the only corrupting influence, certainly, but it’s one of the biggest, and it is the only one which has been successful at immunizing itself almost completely from media scrutiny (whereas banks, insurance companies, the coal industry, etc. have not).

          Simply put, the “chosen” of the Zionist lobby are untouchable. Case in point: Joe Lieberman.

          I have no answers, Bruce, because nothing has worked. As long as they keep unemployment below ten percent, gas prices under $3 a gallon and American Idol on TV every night, Americans don’t care. Not most of them. And that won’t change until they lose that comfort zone which has come at the expense of the quality of life to the rest of the world.

          We’ve passed up to many chances to change our ways. In my analysis, the United States has now consumed lethal doses of toxins; there’s nothing that can be done that can reverse that. The Obama Administration’s first year in office, with supermajorities in both houses of Congress, was the last chance anyone had to change course as drastically as would be required; that chance has been wasted.

          Americans will not vote for third party candidates. They will never even know they exist. Maybe displacing enough members of both Democratic and Republican parties will open a path to a solution, and that’s just a gamble.

          Not that you would know or genuinely care, apparently, Bruce, but I have encouraged people to attend local protests, and in my opinion we need a blanket boycott of voting for anyone who affiliates themselves with Democrats or Republicans when running on the federal level. Both parties are hopelessly corrupt.

          I have also been trying to get involved on my local campus in BDS and other movements to expose Israeli crimes and Zionist corruption of the university. And I’ve become involved in local lobbying efforts, protests and information campaigns. I’ve attended events with the local Islamic community. Hell, I even took two semesters of Arabic, simply so I could start to familiarize myself with a language about which I’d been finding I was being lied to at every turn in American discourse.

          You know, it’s great that you provide all of this information and open up this discussion, Bruce, but frankly? You come across as if you’re above the rest of us. That’s not exactly earning you any friends around here. If you think just because you have your name in a byline on the main articles on the site, that the community’s going to just accept everything you have to say, and nod and smile, and praise you for just being so damn smarter than the rest of us, and take you more seriously than me or Taxi just because your name appears in shiny all-caps Roman letters? You’re in the wrong place.

        • Taxi says:

          “… I am here because Phil has asked me to post. He considers what I have to contribute has value.”

          This explains your cute sense of self-entitlement.

          Tis true what they say then eh, “Some animals are more equal than others.”

        • Bruce says:

          Ok, Chaos, you’ve done a great deal, you’ve tried a lot, but you admit nothing has worked and you have no answers. So our situation is not so different after all. I don’t agree with all your views, but I have certainly echoed many of your sentiments above. I’m out of time to discuss them all.

          Chaos, I think if you objectively went back and reviewed the exchanges here you would not conclude that I was the only one that displayed flashes of arrogance, cheekiness or superiority. I’ve done this many times before, and it is not always a pleasant experience. Believe me, I’m fully expecting some people to disagree, tell me I’m clueless or boring, arrogant, or without original thought. Amusingly, that’s about the only thing taxi and yonira agreed on today. Hell, the masthead says it’s “The War of Ideas”. Do you really expect weak arguments not to be called out? I’m not here to win or gain friends or stroke my ego, I’m here to get out info and to occasionally offer some insights, and maybe one day some political good will come out of it.

          If you don’t consider what I have say of value, okay. I may just nod and smile when you say something I find offensive or disagree with, or I may exert the prerogative to write a reply. I don’t think there should be one standard of civility for the posters and another for the commenters.

          Let me clear up one misunderstanding that I think you have. Mondoweiss is not a community site. If that’s where you want to be, then there are plenty around. Or you and Taxi can form your own. I became a contributor by submitting a few postings to Phil. You can do the same. It’s his decision whether they should go up on the site, not mine nor the community’s. Argue with him if you think the site should be managed differently.

          Seeing your name appear in shiny all-caps Roman letters is not such an ego booster. It’s hard work and the pay sucks. Try it yourself and tell me if you think you are smarter than everyone else afterwards.

          I engaged in an elaborate dialogue with you today. When I didn’t understand what you meant, I let you know and didn’t immediately jump down your throat. I never assumed I was smarter than you. Don’t you think it is presumptuous of you to tell me whether I am in the wrong place or not? Frankly, you and Taxi are just two of many commenters on this site. What makes you think you are the ones that determine who belongs? You seem like a nice guy, so I don’t think that was your intention. But see how easy it is to come off as damn more important than anyone else.

      • Citizen says:

        Obama really didn’t have much of a choice, as is often the case with Chicago style politicians.

  7. he had offered better advice than the other three to Obama (by the way, everything he claims to have been right about inside the article was disastrous advice that led Obama further and further away from his voters).

    interesting Booknotes discussion the other day — link to booktv.org

    The authors claim that Nixon was not taken down by the LEFT, he was sabotaged by the Right, in his own admin. Alexander Haig (I think) fed Nixon bad advice. Further, Nixon was so paranoid & secretive that the DoD had to set up a spy network within the White House so that Pentagon could know what Nixon was up to.

  8. radii says:

    We’ve heard and seen so little of Rahm that this may be true but the cynic in me thinks, yeah, probably Gibbs would get the boot first. But, we must ask, who will israel assign as Obama’s minder once Rahm is out? Someone worse, no doubt. Or maybe Obama is a sly genius and let Rahm take the lead, get the press only to hang the failures around his neck … ah, but I hope – that dastardly disappointing thing – hope

  9. The thrust of Wohlman’s post and the comments is that Obama chose Rahm because the lobby wanted him to. Any proof of this?

    • Mooser says:

      Wrong again, Wonderful New Jew, wrong again. Could Zionism support be a manifestation of learning disabilities or dyslexia?

      • Chaos4700 says:

        To me, it looks like it originates in an unhealthy fetish for the straw man. Reading Zionist attempts to debase an argument feels akin to reading a bad Wizard of Oz slash fic.

        • Citizen says:

          Ah, OZ has morphed into those Israeli guys who go around checking to see if any Israeli citizen has no Jewish grandparent. It’s a new version of the movie. Dorthy’s not in it. Just avatars wearing Anne Frank masks.

    • Bruce says:

      I didn’t try to thrust that way.

      Not really sure what the reasons were for choosing Rahm. It could have been Obama wanted an enforcer in the position. That seemed to be the impression Obama left at the Rahm roast. An argument can certainly be made that Obama and Rahm are ideological soulmates. Or maybe Obama wanted someone who could watch his back with the Lobby. If the Lobby wanted a gatekeeper or man behind the throne, I’m not convinced Rahm would be their first choice.

      Only time will give us more clues.

      • Bruce says:

        Forgot to mention a very important point.

        Rahm is very tight with big money from New York, Chicago and California. Plus he collected the checks for House Dems for some years. We’d be foolish to think these people don’t matter to Obama.

        • Chaos4700 says:

          On the contrary, it appears that those people are Obama’s actual base, if his administration’s attitudes toward Israel/Palestine, the bank bailouts, war profiteering, torturing Muslims and the public option are any gauge.

        • Bruce says:


          Your list appears on target as far as I’m concerned, except I don’t believe they care very much about “torturing Muslims.” That’s a bone the pols throw to the masses.

          Interesting though that Bush once claimed these same people as his base, only half-jokingly. Could it be that these are the only people that matter for both parties? They split some of the strata and share the rest.

        • Chaos4700 says:

          My problem with the administration, Bruce, and the people who bankroll them, is precisely that they don’t care very much about torturing Muslims. Insofar as to say, they don’t seem to consider it a crime, merely dirty laundry that needs to be buried in the back of the closet while they keep their lily-white hands clean.

        • Bruce says:

          Don’t get me wrong. I believe anyone in the Bush or Obama administration ordering torture, carrying out torture, trying to legally justify torture, or covering up torture should be prosecuted under US law, or sent to the Hague.

          I just don’t think the bankrollers of these pols are legally responsible on this issue. There are more than enough grounds to catch many of them on fraud and other economic crimes.

        • Chaos4700 says:

          Do you consider them morally responsible, at least? I do.

        • Bruce says:

          Maybe I’m jaded. But I want to see them serving time for other crimes.

          No, in my judgement, the administration officials and the legislators that enabled torture have the moral and legal responsibility here.

          But what does it matter? They all seem to be off the hook for everything.

    • Danaa says:

      WJ – if any of us had “proof”, we wouldn’t be here long enough to be able to show it to you. At least not in a way that matters. There are, you know, ways of neutralizing unwelcome bearers of inconvenient facts. Just ask ex-governor Spitzer. or Cynthia mcKinney. Or President Carter. Your beacon call reminds me of the calls by those beacons of transparency – Bibi and Yvette – to be shown the “proof” that mossad did indeed do the job. Sometime, the better the proof, the more tenuous the safety of the one(s) possessing it.

      Let us just imagine for a moment the pressures being brought to bear on Dubai, as we speak. Especially with regards to those pesky little diplomatic passports.

      Then let us contemplate the unbearable heaviness of being-in-possession of “Proof”. For example, proof that Liebermann got turned just in the nick of time against medicare extension. Or, proofs that there was tit-for-tat on healthcare vs ME. Or proof that Rahm has indeed been working overtime to sabotage the very “hope and change” agenda he got appointed to enforce. Of course, all one needs to do is to trip change and the hope goes automatically. So it’s a relatively simple mission which has so far gone without a hitch, it seems. The proof for that can be found hiding in the cacophony of collective head-scratching we hear from every corner in washington and the country. Like, “what happened?”

      There are those who do indeed have proof of just how the “handling” works. But their choices are stark – - assuming there would be some among them with conscience.

      Your mere request for a “proof”, WJ, is a dead give-away. It would be sad were it not so silly, given the present company. try it on DK – they are used to it over there.

      • I asked for proof, instead of calling you conspiratorial paranoiacs. But Bruce answered civilly. Which is proof that some people know how to be civil.

        • Chaos4700 says:

          Setting your own straw man on fire. How quaint. Can you say, “And your little dog, too!” because if you added that in, it would just totally make my day.

        • Bruce says:

          But you lost me on this one.

        • Chaos4700 says:

          Was that directed at me, or WJ? At any rate, I am calling WJ out for deliberately building a straw man. He knows full well that nowhere in your article do you forward the notion that “the Lobby” summoned Obama to their secret ruling chambers and gave him the edict that Rahm-bo should be appointed the Chief of Staff, and Obama was nothing more than a puppet.

          Because if he can forward this false notion and get us to talk in terms of that, he can frame your article as “anti-Semitic” — that you are forwarding the “Joos rule the world in sekrit!” stereotype, when of course, you are not. But truth doesn’t factor into it.

          And then of course when the rest of us call him on his faulty argument, and it falls apart like a prom dress after a glass of rufi punch, he turns around and says, “Oh, well, I was only asking. Gosh, you guys are so uncivil!”

          Dude, seriously. I’ve been through this before. Like, probably hundreds of times, in the past couple of years, over various web sites. Forgive me for being impatient and skipping ahead.

        • Bruce says:

          At you.

          Okay, I understand the point you are trying to make now.

          I have no awareness of wj’s past comments, so I can’t add anything. But I’m sure wj can speak up for himself.

        • yonira says:


          are you taking a Rhetoric class right now? You’re really hung-up on this straw-man concept. Even though it really doesn’t apply to anything you are talking about.

        • Chaos4700 says:

          Ack, I’m covered in yoniraspew! Somebody hand me a towel. If crude personal attacks were nickels, yonira, there’d be an elderly women sitting in front of you, pulling your arm, holding a plastic cup under your mouth and hooting and cheering all the way.

          Jealous that somebody has seen the inside of a university, and you haven’t?

        • yonira says:

          Ack, I’m covered in yoniraspew!

          only in your dreams Chaos.

      • yonira says:

        Danaa, what does Spitzer have to do with it? was Miss Dupre a Mossad agent too or how bout the security guard who Cynthia McKinney attacked, bank-rolled by Israel?

        So do you trust any Jews in government Danaa?

        And do tell about the diplomatic passports? Not a lot came out about those huh? It’s all damage control for Dubai, if there case was as strong as they talk it up to be there’d be a little more fall-out.

        • Chaos4700 says:

          Here you go, Bruce. WJ and yonira are on the same wavelength, it’s just that yonira isn’t nearly as patient or subtle as WJ (which isn’t really saying much about WJ, but still).

        • What I like about the word “CIVIL” is that all of its letters are roman numerals. What I like about the word “chaos” is that if you write a crossword with the words: chaos, haunt, audio, onion and stony you have a magic square crossword puzzle.

          as far as the scarecrow in the movie wizard of oz, what i like is that some people go this way and some people go that way.

          All of this is a distraction as would be responding to chaos, who is 500 steps ahead, because he’s been all through this before.

          Rahm Emanuel is an SOB who can defend himself. He stands or falls on his own and I never considered him part of the lobby, especially when the lobby represents a Netanyahu point of view rather than a Rabin/Barak or Sharon/Olmert point of view. I assume that Emanuel is devoted to a two state solution, which seems quite distant these days. I assume his attitude towards Iran is within one or two degrees (as in angles) of that of Obama, preferring sanctions to battle and preferring sanctions to acceptance of the inevitability of the Iran nuclear program. When Obama sent a representative to visit the J Street shindig, I assume Emanuel did not object. I think the Obama “settlement freeze” strategy was no strategy, for it lacked a plan of what to do if and when Netanyahu did not comply fully. I think the chances for a successful negotiation between Abbas and Netanyahu (with his current coalition) is certainly near zero and I accept Yossi Alpher’s suggestions on bitterlemons.org that priorities should be placed in other directions: stabilizing Gaza and/or negotiations with Syria.

        • Chaos4700 says:

          Rahm Emanuel is an SOB who can defend himself. He stands or falls on his own and I never considered him part of the lobby…

          Just like Joe Lieberman, huh?

        • Bruce says:

          I plan to stay civil here.

          Rahm carried plenty of water for the lobby during the 2006 war in Lebanon. He morphed into a neo-Con wannabe rather quickly as Phil pointed out at the time. Whenever someone was needed to blame the Palestinians for lack of progress towards a peace agreement, Rahm never had a problem stepping up to the plate.

          Of course it could just be political posturing, but Wikipedia notes that Ira Forman, executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council, said that the choice [of Rahm as Chief-of-Staff] indicates that Obama will not listen to the wrong people regarding the U.S.–Israel relationship.” I doubt Ira has been disappointed so far.

        • Citizen says:

          RE: “I think the Obama “settlement freeze” strategy was no strategy, for it lacked a plan of what to do if and when Netanyahu did not comply fully.”
          Each US president has to learn anew just how powerful AIPAC is. They all eventually get the point. It’s the American public who does not. Rahm thought he had the credentials to push the envelope a bit, as did his boss. But Chicago does not really penetrate into Israel. Both were a bit naive;they thought they could have their cake and eat it too–but the black guy and the IDF tank tread cleaner overestimated their charm. Never underestimate Zionist parnoia in US politics. Otherwise the best you can do is a slot next to Ron Paul or Dennis K. Nader never managed to turn his lemon law on AIPAC and the “special relationship.” Ron Paul’s Fed Reserve transparency bill will never have wings. And so on. 30 billion dollars to Israel already a promisory note backed by the life blood of your children, USA. 6 Billion dollars a year when accounting is done. Haiti? New Orleans? Madoff victims? Onward Christian soldiers. Things change and remain the same. One day real change comes. It’s a historical cycle. Read Hitler’s political testament. Read Dershie’s de facto political testament. Attempt to inform yourself and your children. Some cults are more sophisticated than others.

        • Danaa says:

          yonira dear, I was not actually referring to jewish power specifically (believe it or not!). FYI, when I speak of the oligarchy, I do not mean jewish specifically, though jews can, and are, part of it, to the extent they are insiders in the corridors of power and wealth.

          For some reason, I was assuming that everyone knows why Spitzer was brought down (hint: had something to do with investigating wall street practices? maybe curbing a few deriviatives?).

          Rahm represents the Establishment, with capital ‘E”. That he is Jewish probably helped. That he is cynical and greedy as a person, probably helped even more. Ultimately, he was born well and got connected well, and early on. That’s the secret in case you wonder why you should be spending your time commenting and raising dust clouds here, instead of deriving yourself all the way to padded bonuses and sunny blue beaches somewhere.

          BTW, there was nothing conspiratorial intended in my comment. merely statements of obvious facts that anyone can gleam from just reading the news.

          As for THE Lobby, well, it’s in the nature of all lobbies that they make alliances. What our favorite lobby has done so well is to get itself embedded within other lobbies, until, in some cases the lines get blurred.

          And that is what all the Emanuels are all about. Call it the American way if you wish. Now go and figure out how to make it work for you…..

        • Danaa says:

          WJ, I actually agree with you about Rahm. My reading of him as a person is that he is dedicated to himself above all else. Were I a jewish lobbyist, I wouldn’t trust him one iota, because Rahm is the type of person who has complete clarity about his one overriding priory. In his case Israel ain’t it any more than Obama. Though of course, he is busy reading the tea leaves to see which way the power flows, and allegiances can be picked up and dropped as circumstances dictate. To me, he is completely predictable entity, as he is no doubt to many others who know him. There is comfort in that, since regardless how disagreeable his preference for his own self might be, at least one is never left wondering which way this cookie will crumble.

          And that, WJ, is how napoleonic complex works. As the original has demonstrated, it’s not without it’s uses. The rest is just a question of when the uses are outlived.

        • Citizen says:

          And how tall is Rahh, Five foot four inches?

        • “Rahm Emanuel is an SOB who can defend himself. He stands or falls on his own …”

          Interesting. So Rahm went from dance major to IDF flunky to prominent Dem. fundraiser because … he had a knack for numbers? A feel for people? Help me out here.

  10. Citizen says:

    Obama, like all politicians, is mainly motivated by his wish to attain, keep, stay in power.
    Like all American politicans the Israel Lobby is a fact of life, just like the Israeli settlements. And like Goldman Sachs. Not really such a difference between the Count Of Hesse and his connection with Rothschild, and Obama and the Israel Lobby. Sen Lieberman made that perfectly clear with Obama’s pet agenda, health “reform.”

    • aparisian says:

      Lobbies are the biggest threat to the democratic regime in the US.

    • Mooser says:

      “Obama, like all politicians, is mainly motivated by his wish to attain, keep, stay in power.”

      He sure doesn’t act like it. He acts like the only thing that matters to him is a quick political pay-off in the shallowest and most immediate terms. What’s so frightening is that he may think he is attaining and keeping power the way he’s going. At any rate he’s headed towards a job which requires a short red jacket and the ability to hold up a lantern for long periods.

      • potsherd says:

        Obama is already a lame duck.

        • Citizen says:

          Well, he tried to be smarter than his ideological parents. He’s yet to realize that
          his ivy league education hampered him as much as it helped him.

        • Danaa says:

          Good point Citizen. Sometimes, too much fancy education – and too much smarts, espsecially of the analytic kind – can obscure the truth that’s in the guts.

        • Chaos4700 says:

          I think you guys give Obama and the Ivy League too much credit. Ivy League education isn’t about the quality of your talent, but the quantity within your checkbook. And when you view the two through that prism, Obama’s behavior actually makes sense.

  11. Mooser says:

    Well, Rahm may stick around, but it’s been very gratifying watching you guys fight Witty to a standstill. Well done.

    • Chaos4700 says:

      I suspect Witty’s been busy trying to locate that second passport he bragged about having, months ago, after the recent Dubai incident. Believing that he’s come to the sudden realization that his faulty arguments are simply making him out to be a clown is a generous assessment of why the Wittyspam ratio of Mondoweiss has dropped.

      Also, there have been a high frequency recently of articles that Witty is compelled to ignore completely, regarding the assassination, German Jews fielding a relief mission to Gaza, that Harvard fellow actively advocating eugenics against “superfluous” Palestinians, etc.

      • yonira says:

        Eugenics? Someone has been listening to Alex Jones a little too much.

        • Chaos4700 says:

          From Wikipedia’s entry on eugenics:

          Negative eugenics is aimed at lowering fertility among the genetically disadvantaged…

          Since defining what improvements are desired or beneficial is perceived by many as a cultural choice rather than a matter that can be determined objectively (e.g., by empirical, scientific inquiry), eugenics has often been deemed a pseudoscience…

          From Martin Kramer’s own words (linked by you at one point, even):

          Now eventually, this will happen among the Palestinians too, but it will happen faster if the West stops providing pro-natal subsidies for Palestinians with refugee status…

          Israel’s present sanctions on Gaza have a political aim—undermine the Hamas regime—but if they also break Gaza’s runaway population growth—and there is some evidence that they have—that might begin to crack the culture of martyrdom which demands a constant supply of superfluous young men…

          I called on it to desist from deliberately encouraging births through pro-natal subsidies for Palestinian “refugees…”

          I know, I’m asking you to do a lot more reading than you’re used to.

        • syvanen says:

          Eugenics?. Most definitely yes. You don’t understand the concept. Politically it was defined through selective breeding policies directed against certain classes or races of people. In the early 20th century US it was directed against Negroes, immigrants of Eastern European origins and people born with visible disabilities.

        • yonira says:

          I know all about Eugenics Chaos, I was just wondering if you heard about it from Alex Jones, he seems like he’d be right up your alley.

        • Citizen says:

          Correct, and the modern version is directed against Palestinians by the Zionist Kramer. All research and publicity paid for by US taxpayers. Love those US tax laws.

        • Chaos4700 says:

          Who’s Alex Jones? Your turn to show us the links, yonira.

        • yonira says:

          just google it Chaos, he’s right up your alley.

        • Chaos4700 says:

          No. You invoked his name, you provide the links. I want to know how you know about him. I don’t really care who he is.

          Oh, that’s right! I’m taxing your poor little lizard brain, making you actually back up your yoniraspew with something substantial. I’m sorry if you can’t handle the rigors of basic research, yonira. I suppose they don’t teach that in remedial grade school classes.

        • yonira says:

          Congrats Chaos, you’ve got a new catch phrase, spew.

          Which class did you learn that word from?

        • yonira says:

          You are something Chaos, I give you a name of a guy that you’d be into. And now you are bashing me for my inability to research a guy I know all about?

          You are a tad on the slow side, yes?

        • Chaos4700 says:

          So who is he, yonira?

        • yonira says:


          He is a talk radio guy who talks about far out conspiracy theories, he is a truther. He is big on the new world order and the Bilderbergers. I don’t buy much of his shit, but he is entertaining as hell to watch. He has all of his ‘documentaries’ on youtube and google. He speaks about Eugenics alot and its history in America. Its all interesting stuff, but some is hard to believe.

          check him out

        • Chaos4700 says:

          …So you watch him. A lot. Huh.

          You’ll have to forgive me, my podcast schedule is pretty full, between Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, and Democracy Now and GritTV, and a smattering of public radio shows. You’ll forgive me if I don’t have as much leisure time for fairy tales as you apparently do. I’ve got adult-type stuff to worry about.

        • Donald says:

          He doesn’t actually sound that interesting, yonira. Crackpots are already depressingly common.

          Though I understand the temptation to watch a crazy person for a brief period–tuning into Chris Matthews for about 30 seconds once every few months gives me my fix. Well, that and reading the occasional Tom Friedman column.

        • yonira says:

          I’ve watched him on occasion.

          Aren’t Olberman and Maddow on the BDS boycott list?

        • yonira says:

          Interesting is a stretch, I found him entertaining for a brief period, but yes a brief period of time was all I could handle. He is a conspiracy nut the Nth degree. The Eugenics thing and the Mossad being behind 9/11, I thought would be right up Chaos’ alley, thats why i brought him up.

        • Chaos4700 says:

          Podcasts. I don’t watch any ads, so nobody makes any money off of me. Additionally, both commentators have, on several occasions, criticized MSNBC and its parent company, General Electric, themselves. Not to mention being among the few in the mainstream who offered any sort of critical analysis on Operation Cast Lead at all.

        • Chaos4700 says:

          For the record, yonira, we’ve established that you watch Alex Jones, and I don’t.

      • Mooser says:

        Well, whether it’s due to eugenics or not, Witty has been less in evidence, and more often not among those present. Right-thinking people think it’s all to the good.

  12. Taxi says:

    Imagine if Rahm had volunteered and actually served in the PLO army and never for the US armed forces – yet the fucking media never batted an eyelid!

    Real LaLa politics going on in our country.

    The man’s a blatant traitor – I can’t believe his ‘in-house enemies’ don’t use this against him.

    I can’t believe the ‘honorable’ Obama looks at his face everyday and doesn’t bat an eyelid either.

    I find this so very offensive to my intelligence.

  13. VR says:

    You guys really freak me out sometimes, this post sounds like Washington Insiders, or Meet The Press – with a bunch of balding aging old men who can’t get enough of the silly speculation that means zip. What is this supposed to do that is of a substantive nature? It is like you expect a diamond to tumble out of a pile of manure. I mean gimme a break, all of these posts on this nonsense.

    • VR says:

      I mean, it is like you are expecting a zebra to turn into a fish. There is nothing more pathetic than people who refuse to do anything, or refuse to recognize the nature of the beast they are talking about, and thereby formulate a substantive plan of attack. Lets see how clever we can be postulating what a farce of a government, that does not even act and never has acted as what it claims to be. These people would no sooner look at you than take a piss on your head, and they laugh at you all the time. This country is a despots dream, with a bunch of brain washed people who cannot escape from the paradigm of their own demise.

      • Bruce says:

        I can’t say I disagree VR about the importance of this posting. There are quite a few others I’ve written that in my opinion deserved the 87 comments or more this was has so far. Maybe Rahm is seen as a canary in the coal mine, or even the devotees of ideas at Mondoweiss like their political gossip.

        While you are busy freaking out at our playing Washington Insider, I was wondering where is your strategic plan for altering our farce of a government who would no sooner look at us than take a piss on our head, laughing at us all the time?

        I’m not sure you should be spending so much time here. Wouldn’t your time be better spent deprogramming the brainwashed masses? Let us know how it’s going. Maybe we can help once you let us know the program.

        • VR says:

          Rahm may indeed be a canary Mr. Wolman, too bad the toxic fumes did not off all of them. Perhaps I should have contributed more to the other posts yo claim are more worthy of posts, there is enough blame to go around for all.

          What am I doing? I thought it was apparent, revolution is a dynamic and moves as an organic whole – agitation is a revolutionary function, even when it is seen as unsuccessful. If the masses are brainwashed than you disseminate the correct information.

          I have heard the same “arguments” from the far right immersed systemically in this debacle – “where is your plan?,” study my site. It is funny that the same arguments occur from right wing proponents and the left alike, which proves one thing – there is no difference. Left and right is a farce, and all of you are on the same train headed in the direction that those “who know whats best for you” have designed.


          Once again for emphasis Mr Wolman – “Wouldn’t your time be better spent deprogramming the brainwashed masses?” – just in case you missed the point, that is exactly what I am doing, oh – did you think the brainwashed masses were not here?

          There is a slight difference here, which is the seed of where I wish to go – dissatisfaction, desire for change – you did not expect me to try to sow my seeds on rock did you? Only a fool would not take advantage of tilled soil. However, it is always traumatic to understand that everything you believed, and everything you thought was real is nothing but nonsense. Everyone knows something is desperately wrong, some think they have pinpointed the problem in a symptom, but you know the truth is always subversive.


        • Bruce says:

          Thanks for clarifying where you stand.