Who does the ‘Times’ call?

What follows is an abridged version of The New York Times story on East Jerusalem tensions:

the [Israeli] spokesman, Stephan Miller, said…

The Obama administration’s Middle East envoy, George J. Mitchell, said Tuesda…

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said in an interview on Israel Radio..

[Mrs Clinton] said at a news conference

In Jerusalem, Mr. Netanyahu issued a statement saying…

said Dore Gold, a former Israeli ambassador to the…

As Mr. Netanyahu said in Parliament on Monday…

Israeli officials also say…

David Axelrod, a top White House official, said…

But [Israeli] government opponents say…

Hagit Ofran of Peace Now charged…

Wait: the last two paragraphs– which [UPDATE] have been eliminated from subsequent version of the piece:

For the Palestinian leadership, the clash between Israel and the United States feels a little like a gift since the spotlight is off them.

“Some Palestinians are saying that we should send police and soldiers to guard Netanyahu and Lieberman because they are so good for our cause,” one Palestinian leader joked.

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  1. radii says:

    If only the Palestinian leadership and the people would en masse decide upon a strategy of total non-violence, then the hideous crimes israel visits upon them would stand out even more and further erode israel’s near-zero credibility to nothing

    • Avi says:

      I beg to differ for the simple fact that if no one reports it, then it won’t make a difference. If a tree falls in the forest and …..

    • pabelmont says:

      “We want absolute silence, and damn little of that!” (Said, in effect, to American human-rights proponents by Israel).

      radiiIn principle I agree. In 1980s I suggested to Palestinian friends that the kids should be THROWING FLOWERS RATHER THAN STONES. (Or throwing pieces of paper with pictures of stones drawn on them. Hmmm, littering!)

      In practice, the recent demonstrations at Nilin etc. have been peaceful and have nevertheless brought down strict Israeli restrictions — no Israelis and no foreigners and no Palestinians not local between 8am and 8pm on Friday — and crackdowns on Israeli NGOs including the previously redoubtable B’Tzelem which seems almost shut down now.

      Mere non-violence doesn’t work against these guys. They are control freaks just as the fascist and soviet governments were in previous century. Like the “generals” in South America.

    • Donald says:

      They should do that, but you can be sure that if they asked for their rights, some of the very people calling for Palestinian Gandhis would say that they are practicing a new form of verbal violence.

      In the US they’re only going to be embraced if they do exactly what they are told by the “Serious People” who have everyone’s best interests at heart. They should still embrace total nonviolence, but with no illusions about receiving support from most of the liberal Zionists who want them to do so.

    • Les says:

      Because they can’t use them against the enemy, if Mahmoud Abbas’ US trained and armed security forces put down their weapons the US would have a problem. This particular demonstration of Palestinian non-violence would leave the US without the policeman necessary to keep the Palestinians in line.

  2. VR says:

    It is a common orientalist practice, where the “others” are assumed to not be able to speak for themselves – you put your words into their mouths. You plant you sentiments into their bosoms by speaking for them, and try to accomplish your goals. I call it the ventriloquism of the victim where they are said to be incapable because they are supposed to be low creatures rather than human beings. This is all that the MSM is, it is the mouthpiece of power, the messenger of hegemony, the spokesperson of colonialism.

  3. Chaos4700 says:

    In the morning, I suppose Witty will be on this thread too, castigating Mr. Weiss for “betraying” his people.

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