Turkish jurisdiction

A comment on the legal aspects of Israeli attack from Craig Murray, ex UK Ambassador and one time Foreign Office specialist on maritime law. From his website:

"A word on the legal position, which is very plain. To attack a foreign flagged vessel in international waters is illegal. It is not piracy, as the Israeli vessels carried a military commission. It is rather an act of illegal warfare.

Because the incident took place on the high seas does not mean however that international law is the only applicable law. The Law of the Sea is quite plain that, when an incident takes place on a ship on the high seas (outside anybody’s territorial waters) the applicable law is that of the flag state of the ship on which the incident occurred. In legal terms, the Turkish ship was Turkish territory.

There are therefore two clear legal possibilities.

Possibility one is that the Israeli commandos were acting on behalf of the government of Israel in killing the activists on the ships. In that case Israel is in a position of war with Turkey, and the act falls under international jurisdiction as a war crime.

Possibility two is that, if the killings were not authorised Israeli military action, they were acts of murder under Turkish jurisdiction. If Israel does not consider itself in a position of war with Turkey, then it must hand over the commandos involved for trial in Turkey under Turkish law.

In brief, if Israel and Turkey are not at war, then it is Turkish law which is applicable to what happened on the ship. It is for Turkey, not Israel, to carry out any inquiry or investigation into events and to initiate any prosecutions. Israel is obliged to hand over indicted personnel for prosecution.


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  1. Les says:

    Thanks Eva. This is most informative.

  2. Bravo says:

    time for erdogan to decide how far he’s willing to push this. he’s already said he’s not willing to deploy the turkish navy in the Mediterranean sea; which i think is incredibly stupid.

    let’s see how angry the turkish street gets; turks are notoriously nationalistic, i have a hard time believing they will let this go.

    i would love for them to launch another flotilla, this time under the protection of the massive turkish navy. force another confrontation with israel and lets see what they do about it.

    • Sumud says:

      Free Gaza have said already they won’t be deterred and will be launching another flotilla, this time with the MV Rachel Corrie as their lead ship, as was planned for this trip but not possible because of mechanical troubles.

      “We will not stop.We will go again.Please, donate for the next trip.We have the Rachel Corrie and another boat.We WILL go until Gaza is free”
      link to twitter.com

      Free Gaza are also requesting US citizens call the US state department:

      “Call the State Department 202 647 4000 and ask them what they are going to do about this attack and the American flagged boat”
      link to twitter.com

      There’s no reason those of us outside the US can’t do the same with our own foreign offices/state departments etc.

      • rachel says:

        Free Gaza have said already they won’t be deterred and will be launching another flotilla

        You really think it is a good idea to ramp up the tension?

        • Bravo says:

          “You really think it is a good idea to ramp up the tension?”

          yes. i think it’s a great idea.

        • Sumud says:

          Come on Rachel you’re smart enough to know the siege of Gaza has been a dismal failure. It’s inhumane, and immoral. It needs to end.

          Free Gaza haven’t said when the next flotilla will be but it’s safe to say it won’t be in the short term. Logistically it’s a huge operation. I hope the UN SC take strong enough steps that Israel decides to end the siege of it’s own accord and a 10th flotilla isn’t necessary.

        • James says:

          who exactly is ramping up the tension? for most i think it is obvious that is all that israel ever does…….

  3. Israel and Turkey are not at war. We don’t want them to be at war. So the question is what laws were breached by the Israel action.

    I disagree with the analysis given in the article. One need not wait for one to enter ones territory before protecting its territory. If someone announces they are going to take a tank and crash through the American border from Mexico, one does not have to wait for that to happen before taking action. America would have the right to take the person at his word and take steps away from its border to stop the person.

    So I suggest Israel knowing the boats were planning to enter its territorial waters, had the right to preempt that entry prior to the boats reaching their territory. The law thus applied would be the Israeli law, since the act all but occurred in their territory.

    As far as an investigation taking place, it would be difficult for Turkey to conduct such since most of the actors who are responsible for the attack and the killings are in Israel and it is unlikely Israel will give Turkey access to these individuals.

    From best I can tell after following this event, Israel made a tactical mistake. It put its commandos onto the boats in the early morning hours hoping to take the boats by surprise. I do not think Israel intended to do any killing, as I suggested earlier. The Israeli commandos upon rappelling onto the boat were surprised by the reaction of those on board who resisted their advance with clubs. This put the lives of the commandos in jeopardy which was not a contingency that was prepared for. The commandos were lightly armed (apparently only with pistols and tear gas) and under attack.

    They sought permission to defend themselves with their weapons. The higher ups, realizing their error in putting their commandos in an untenable situation, panicked and gave their men authority to fire at the persons who were attacking them.

    Unfortunately, the commandos killed over ten persons on the boats. This, although a great tragedy for those who lost their lives, has been a bonanza for those attempting to publicize the plight of the Palestinians and those seeking to diminish Israel.

    I suggest after the furor will last a few days and then it will die down and the same old, same old will attain. It seems too many people on all sides have a vested interest in not bringing about peace in the area for peace to ever come.

    • potsherd says:

      NO. You are wrong. The US certainly does not have the right to cross the Mexican border to “preempt entry.”

    • SylviaIJAN says:

      Except the boats never intended to pass through Israeli waters. Since Israel unilaterally disengaged from Gaza, they have been claiming that they no longer occupy the region, so boats not passing through Israeli waters should be able to enter Gazan. This just confirms what we have been saying all along – that Israel still militarily occupies Gaza.

    • Sumud says:

      Well thanks for giving us the MFA viewpoint matt connolly.

      Seems we’ve has a sudden influx of new commentators in the last 24 hours.

      The problem is that the furor about this won’t die down, this will be in the long term as powerful an indictment of Israel as the Gaza Massacre, or more. 40 nations were represented in the flotilla, scores of politicians on board, a whole stack of journalists.

      You might be able to construct a defence of this massacre that rests on a technicality but the court of world opinion frankly doesn’t give a fuck about that.

      THE FACT IS an unarmed flotilla of peace activists, delivering humanitarian aid to a population enduring a cruel siege were attacked and massacred by crack IDF commandos. There’s no way to spin it.

      Oh yeah your spiel about the commandos being “lightly armed ” is demonstrably false:

      link to assets.nydailynews.com

      Looks like a machine gun to me.

      The previous three flotillas were stopped by Israel without resorting to killing. This was a deliberately planned attack, designed to “shock and awe”. It’s the 21st century version of Deir Yassin, meant to discourage any further activism. Free Gaza have already announce they’ll mount another flotilla in the future. You can bet it will have huge media coverage from day one.

    • eljay says:

      >> One need not wait for one to enter ones territory before protecting its territory. If someone announces they are going to take a tank and crash through the American border from Mexico, one does not have to wait for that to happen before taking action. America would have the right to take the person at his word and take steps away from its border to stop the person.

      Right, just as Iran has to take Israel and America at their word when they threaten military strikes. Glad you agree. :-)

    • Koshiro says:

      1.) Whether you want Turkey and Israel to be at war is irrelevant to the question if they are.
      2.) Merchant vessels, even if they were loaded to the brim with military supplies, do not constitute an attacking force and thus do not entitle anybody to self-defense.
      3.) No state has any right whatsoever to extent its jurisdiction beyond its own territory, without permission by whatever state controls the territory in question. I doubt that Israel asked Turkey’s permission to board the ships.

      In short words: Your analysis is characterized by a lack of basic knowledge about the legal situation. May have something to do with Mr. Murray actually being an expert on this, on you being not.

  4. GodsChosen says:

    A better route would be for a nearby country to attack a civilian israeli ship pulling into their harbor and massacre the crew. Make it clear that Israelis will be used for target practice wherever they may be found, all will be considered illegal combatants until the occupation ends, reparations are paid and Israel is lays down all weapons.

    • rachel says:

      You need to cool it with all this blood thirsty talk.

      • GodsChosen says:

        pretty funny coming from a pro-Israel lout.

        • Frances says:

          I agree with rachel. Baying for blood makes us no different than nutty settlers. And calls to massacre Israeli civilians are horrible and unnecessary. I would strenuously object if someone suggested doing that to Palestinian civilians, and it’s as bad to call for it to be done to Israeli civilians.

        • Bravo says:

          yeah, definitely not for godschosen plan. it’s actually rather disgusting.

          no i want either a fullscale assault by turkey against israel’s military or a massive non-violent response by international activists.

        • GodsChosen says:

          Did you object to it being done to german or japanese civilians?

          What is special about Israeli civilians, (assuming such a thing even exists, which is highly questionable, given near-unanimous approval in israel for the gaza massacre and compulsory service for all citizens in the IDF–a terrorist organization.)

        • Israeli civilians are just that, just civilians like any other.

          International law forbids the intentional targeting of civilians.

          There’s no need to resort to the kind of behavior that is typical of the Israeli government and begin killing civilians to send political messages.

        • Bravo says:

          yes, i absolutely reject any and all attacks on civilians.

        • VR says:

          “I would strenuously object if someone suggested doing that to Palestinian civilians, and it’s as bad to call for it to be done to Israeli civilians.”

          The only catch to the caveat Frances is that it has happened and will happen again to the Palestinians, as has been the common Israeli course. However, I do agree with you that doing it to Israeli citizens , because it makes us no different than the murderers we oppose.

      • Sumud says:

        Rachel for just about the first time I agree with you.

        You don’t answer a massacre with another massacre.

        Killing Israeli merchant sailors (civilians) will not help the citizens of Gaza – in fact it would likely harm their cause. If people started killing Israelis the population would immediately unite in support of the government – at precisely the time they need to understand how dangerous Netanyahu and the general direction of the country is.

        I don’t know what press you’re reading but this attack has caused a shitstorm throughout the world. 40 countries had citizens participating and there were 35 politicians from various governments on board the ships. There will be serious consequences.

        • GodsChosen says:

          What do you mean by serious consequences? If you are suggesting a single ranking member of Israel’s political or military command structure will be tried and imprisoned for this latest atrocity, I will happily bet 10,000 dollars that it will never happen. Same bet for the US withdrawing funding. Same bet for Europe closing borders with Israel and refusing its citizen-criminals entry.

        • Sumud says:

          I mean (among other things) significant diplomatic pressure will be applied and the siege will I hope end.

          I watched a panel programme last night and the discussion addressed the flotilla massacre. A hard right pundit said something along the lines of “I have a long history of supporting Israel but sometimes they make it impossible”.

          There’s nothing ambiguous about attacking humanitarian aid ships. There’s no justification. I wrote in another comment that if anybody had any lingering doubts about Israel after the Gaza Massacre, this attack answers those doubts. Israel is clearly out of control. Either the peace movement awakens in Israel and sane policies are enacted (including ending the occupation) or the country continues on the current path and self-destructs. The 2nd option will be so ugly, and create a loss of life so large on both sides I dread to think of it.

    • droog says:

      yeah go GC, kill kill kill,
      oscillatory positions from Military means are necessary to bomb baby bomb are a sign of Ziocaine abuse, where’s Dr Mooser for a diagnosis?

      • GodsChosen says:

        So The Vietnamese stopped the US massacre jamboree in SE Asia through Gandhian non-violence.

        This is news to me.

        • droog says:

          I would like to think that the Big Bad Death machine that could very well rid us of this malevolent ideology will not actually give a f**k about relative casualty numbers games, leave that bullshit to the Zionists. the Vietnamese won the War by defeating the US Army, Navy and Air Force not by; [ Americans ]“will be used for target practice wherever they may be found”.
          THE FLOTILLA IS GHANDI, do not confuse lack of enemy death with weakness ( another Zionist habit ), the Turks have played checkmate on the BS game- Law or No Law, no more fencesitting if they back up their posturing with naval protection you might well get your wish, and have to live with it, your desires for it. You will have to look at yourself in the mirror and remember, like the f*****g Zionists, consequences are forever not just for christmas.

        • Aref says:

          The Vietnamese fought the US army on its territory not merchant sailors and civilians. Killing civilians is abhorrent no matter what nationality they maybe. That is plain and simple murder. Remember that two wrongs do not a right make.

    • Frances says:

      Israel has killed up to 20 peace activists on a humanitarian flotilla. Am I angry? Yes. Am I disgusted? Yes. Am I saddened? Yes.

      But I still would not, under any circumstances, call for a massacre of Israeli civilians.

      The IDF are murderous thugs, but they will not make an anti-Semite out of me. I’m better than that. We’re ALL better than that.

      • GodsChosen says:

        The IDF are murderous thugs, but they will not make an anti-Semite out of me. I’m better than that. We’re ALL better than that.

        Frances May 31, 2010 at 8:36 pm

        They may not be making an anti-Semite out of YOU but they are unquestionably making anti-Semites out of a huge number of people all over the world, who are howling for jewish blood because they are so outraged at what the vermin of Israel have done.

        That puts me and every other Jew (apart from the Israelis, who are non-people and don’t matter) in peril.

        • Frances says:

          You have a point in that the IDF’s actions will give genuine anti-Semites very useful fodder but there’s just no way bombing a region as volatile as the Middle East is going to solve anything. Let’s not forget they’re just crazy enough to use the 400 or so nuclear weapons they do have, and their likely targets will be countries like Turkey, Iran, Jordan and Lebanon. I’m not feeling any too fond of Israel right now, but I still can’t see how blowing them up is going to solve anything.

        • Aref says:

          That is precisely the claim of Zionism since its inception: Anti-Semitism will always be so long as Jews live among gentiles. This is a preposterous proposition and premise. It is conceivable that Zionists carry out all those atrocities in the name of Jews so as to make anti-semites and then say “we told you so”–a self-fulfilling prophecy. Anti-Semitism is wrong as any form of discrimination and racism targeted at a group of people because of their ethnicity, skin color, religion or any other criteria. It is wrong and abhorrent to hate Jews because they are Jews. What then distinguishes us from the settler racists who go around painting the star of David along with the caption “Kill the Arabs”. Do we want to sink to this level of murderous hainous mentality? We Palestinians have always made it clear that we do not equate Zionist and Jew. We will not deviate from that and we will continue to make the distinction.
          Outrage, anger, sadness must never blind us to this fact. We fight for freedom and for justice. Our struggle is against the murderous, settler colonialist and racist state: the State of Israel our fight is not with the Jews as such. We must keep that in mind despite the anger.

        • droog says:

          too right, don’t feed the judophobes
          the AZ contigent of the KKK has just paid a visit earlier, lovin every minute and oblivious to his part in the Zio-conspiracy and the feedback loop which is essential for the Ziocaine to work to maximium effectiveness ( paging Dr Mooser , Paging Dr Mooser, lazy bastard’s probably playing golf while the addiction spike goes ballistic and symptoms are shown by KKK and anti-zionist jews !??!!)
          more specifically the superiority complex of Zionism ( jews superior to everyone, Pals or whoever inferior than everyone ) is the linked inverse of Nazism ( ayrians superior to everyone, jews or whoever inferior to everyone ), reject the whole rancid enchelada

        • Egbert says:

          “That puts me and every other Jew (apart from the Israelis, who are non-people and don’t matter) in peril.”

          And the Israeli nuke-armed subs off Iran put the whole world in peril. If nothing else, US and Nato troops are downwind of the target sites.

        • droog says:

          “That puts me and every other Jew (apart from the Israelis, who are non-people and don’t matter) in peril.”
          and I guess the Israelis of Palestinian origin are also non-people who don’t matter.

  5. radii says:

    the response seems simple – another flotilla, then another – larger – much larger, with more nations taking part (Greece, France, Sweden, Malaysia, US citizens, etc.) and many more famous people … this is the Gandhi moment – nonviolence in the face of a vicious oppressor for all the world to see

    no war – just peace brought to their doorstep again and again until they’ve lost all credibility and the BDS builds and their support evaporates … and they’ll have only themselves to blame

    now is the time for discipline among those who are outraged – long-term success is paramount and will be achieved through non-violence and greatly trumps the short-term buzz from insta-revenge

    • GodsChosen says:

      That’s not how the people of Indochina won their struggle.

      They did it with violence. Lots of it.

      • Sumud says:

        This is not indochina GC. The IDF are among the most powerful armies in the world. If you can’t compete at that level – and none of Israel’s immediate neighbours can thanks to US military aid to Israel – then you have to find a smarter way to achieve goals.

        Non-violence is the key to bringing about change. Cool your jets.

        • Aref says:

          Right on Sumud.

        • demize says:

          Just to interject here, The Indo-Chinese first defeated The French at Dien Bien Phu, a first rate military in its own with plenty of colonial experience, then went on to essentially defeat the entire US. Military apparatus which was and is still number one in terms of Military strength.

    • Bravo says:

      i have to admit, that’s a better, more sophisticated response then i’ve been wanting today. i just wanted turkey to go to war against israel and end this.

      but yeah, the non-violent way would probably work too….

      • GodsChosen says:

        Except for the fact that after 60 years of it, the Palestinians are in the worst shape they’ve ever been in.

      • Sumud says:

        Bravo ~ don’t even try to take a position now. Here in Australia it was morning when the raids began. Yesterday was a dreadful day. I crawled into bed late last night, totally exhausted – numb, shocked, horrified. I feel better today.

        Radii’s comment is powerful and I support him totally.

    • Sumud says:

      Radii I support your statement 110%.

      This attack has caused universal condemnation precisely because it was a violent response to a totally non-violent humanitarian convoy.

      I’ve been thinking about this in comparison to the Gaza Massacre. If you don’t look too closely the Israeli narrative of protecting Israel from rocket attacks is convincing. It falls apart if you consider the preceding cease fire, or dip into the Goldstone Report but casually, it’s a supportable position.

      No such hasbara narrative exists in this case. It was a pre-meditated attack on (international) humanitarians. Various talking heads have been trotted out to say scary words like Hamas, terror, Al Qaeda etc. but it’s all shit that won’t stick. Nobody believes it now, and at the moment we’re yet to hear from any of the activists. Just wait until their side of the story is told – it’ll be al over the place for months.

      Ali Abunimah tweeted yesterday that a South African contacted him and said “this is your Sharpeville”. Though we also heard that after the Gaza Massacre, I’m inclined to agree. No amount of hasbara can combat this story.

      • rachel says:

        “but casually, it’s a supportable position”

        You are right about that. Cast Lead was supportable because of the 8 years of rockets, the 10000 rockets, and the traumatised population of Sderot. Although, that said, I did not support it because it was a war of choice. Wars of choice are indefensible whether Israeli or American.

        • GodsChosen says:

          the traumatised population of Sderot.

          I think you meant to say “the criminal gangster filth of SHITEROT, all of whom belong behind bars.

          A simple mistake, easily corrected.

          (you’re welcome. )

        • If the population of Sderot was traumatized Rachel, imagine what the people of Gaza went through during that same 8 year period of time.

          Not only did Israel kill and wound thousands of Gazans in that same time period (a time period in which less than 20 Israelis were killed by rocket fire), it also fired 10′s of thousands of artillery shells in the strip, dropped hundreds of 1000 pound bombs on civilian infrastructure, destroyed hundreds of hospitals, schools, water treatment facilities, sewage treatment facilities, power stations, the sole airport, and a multitude of other civilian infrastructure.

          This also does not take into account the thousands of Palestinian civilians that were kidnapped out of their homes at night and taken away to secret Israeli detention facilities where many were brutally tortured for years.

          Keep in mind that these are all things that happened before Israeli Operation Cast Lead in which thousands of homes were destroyed, thousands of Palestinians were killed and wounded, and upwards of 70% of the infrastructure in the Gaza strip was destroyed.

          So tell me Rachel, is it any wonder that some of the people living in Gaza decided to fight back with whatever means they could (particularly with home made weapons…)?

          Or are you going to sit here and repeat Hasbara talking point #14 in which you take us into a make believe world where all Palestinian violence towards Israel (from throwing stones to launching crude home made bottle rockets) is not only an existential threat to Israel but done irrationally and done with no provocation from the Israelis.

        • droog says:

          The previous residents called it najd, the current residents are apparently from morocco originally, the previous residents have been rocketting their oppressors, or at least the gettable ones from morocco orginally and not those who chose who are funnily enough out of range and maybe already have their one-way tickets booked for the saigon moment. It serves no justice to go for the gettable whilst ignoring both the culpable and the crack in the ‘impregnable’ shield of the Big Lie machine, it’s actually a distraction and disservice.

  6. rachel says:

    “I hope the UN SC take strong enough steps that Israel decides to end the siege of it’s own accord and a 10th flotilla isn’t necessary”

    I agree that this is the likeliest outcome.

    • Mooser says:

      rachel, nothing you say matters unless you go and fight for Israel. Otherwise you’re just nattering, not mattering. Why, you might as well be on the other side!
      If you need a number for Israeli recruiting I’ll be glad to give it to you.
      Israel needs people willing to shoot guns, not their mouths.

  7. GodsChosen says:

    No. Israel now believes it is acting on principle. I agree with the other commentator here that they have too much invested in the siege of Gaza. They aren’t going to back down. They will attack another flotilla in exactly the same manner, perhaps killing more people this time. Who is to stop them? If anyone were going to stop them, they would already have taken action, issuing an immediate ultimatum for the deportation of the Israel’s criminals to face trial and a credible threat of violent force, should israel refuse. Short of that, you aren’t going to stop Israel.

    • rachel says:

      You are totaly wrong. Israelis care very much about the opinion of the developed countries. They know this looks bad. This is a game changer. This is how it usually works in Israel: there is a big tragedy and things turn around or there is a ceasefire, the governement falls, etc…
      Israel does not really have a well though out foreign or domestic policy. It is mostly reactive.
      I don’t really think they meant to kill these people. May be they wanted to pull another Entebbe and they screwed up.

      • GodsChosen says:

        Entebbe?? WTF? Who were they rescuing?

        Oh sure. maybe a “crisis” will ensue. maybe netanyahu will even be drummed out of office, though i doubt it. But in any case, so what? He’ll be replaced with the next slimeball. Barak, Netanyahu, Ben Gurion, Livni, Golda Meir, Rabin, Begin—completely interchangeable Nazis all devoted to exactly the same program: kill the arabs and steal their land.

      • droog says:

        To a significant degree they have done an Entebbe,
        Gone in, rescued the number of hostages —0
        killed the Terrorists —— 10 to 19
        and got out with minimal casulaties

        There is an issue with the gap between ‘Looks Bad’ and ‘Is Bad’ and understanding the difference, ‘Looks Bad’ spoils a few american breakfasts with a bit more reality than the consumer demands but will blow over soon as , wow did you see that funny cat thing on youtube.
        ‘Is Bad’ is what we in Britain call a real war, and it’s when Israel fights Turkey and its Alllies and the world is better off when the Turks can lacerate the boil now and save more pain for the good of humanity. It worries me that we now have not just a Jewish Intifada but apparently a Jewish Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade.

  8. Dan Kelly says:

    According to this report, Turkey has indeed said that their Navy will accompany any future aid vessels:

    “Two Turkish activists were reported to be among those killed in the flotilla. Ankara warned that further supply vessels will be sent to Gaza, escorted by the Turkish Navy, a development with unpredictable consequences.”

    link to ibnlive.in.com

    • Bravo says:

      according to this, erdogan has ruled out sending the navy:

      link to todayszaman.com

      like i said, we’ll see. it all depends on how pissed off the turkish public is.

      • Dan Kelly says:

        Erdogan isn’t quoted in regards to sending warships, it’s deputy prime minster Bülent Arınç:

        “We are calling back our ambassador today,” he said. “We have also cancelled three military drills with Israel as well as calling back our under-18 soccer team from Israel.”

        He ruled out deploying Turkish warships to the Mediterranean. Two of the cancelled military drills were search and rescue exercises in the Mediterranean, and the third was a drill in Israel later this year.

        He is ruling out deploying warships as a response to this Israeli aggression. The article I cited is talking about future aid vessels being accompanied by the Turkish Navy.

        You’re right, we’ll see. The Turkish public is VERY pissed off.

  9. GodsChosen says:

    Anyone remember the stolen british passports used to commit murder in a foreign country? “Oh boy. Now there will be HELL to pay!” That’s what we heard, until the story vanished.

    The UN report of Goldstone. Ah ..at LAST. The game changing moment. These are crimes. They have to put Livni and the other Nazi creeps on trial.

    But Goldstone evaporated like snow in july. I doubt even Finkelstein harbors hope any longer that a damn thing will ever come of it.

    No one even remembers it and no one will remember the victims of the flotilla in 4 days time…unarmed victims butchered like animals.

    The Palestinians have to get free and no one is going to help them. We should stop offering false assurances that the international community is going to come to their rescue, that the law will prevail.

    They have to attack Israel. They have to attack Israel mercilessly and they have to kill as many Israelis as humanly possible until the stress and terror forces Israel’s retreat. They have to terrorize the israelis out of their minds and make life completely unendurable for them. There is no other way.

    I am for the Palestinians. I’ll be frank. I don’t care about Israelis. I don’t care about their suffering. I don’t care what happens to them. They have forfeited all sympathy from the world with what they have done. Blinding a 20 year old girl for daring to protest their atrocities? Running over another young woman with a bulldozers, and most Israelis laughing about it like it’s a joke?

    They have to be struck in a way they will never forget. Their society is an evil society. Black and evil. It needs to be demolished.

    • eGuard says:

      GC: They have to attack Israel. They have to attack Israel mercilessly and they have to kill as many Israelis as humanly possible until the stress and terror forces Israel’s retreat.
      Reported for inciting violence.

  10. Bumblebye says:

    It’s our western governments that are the Israeli rights greatest enablers. We need to put severe pressure on our representatives in order to begin to change that. And as was suggested, social pressure on the Israel uber alles types of our acquaintance, or personal boycotts on businesses we may know to be funding the lobbyists or the “Settler” movement. If the outrage can be sustained in face of the incommunicado kidnap victims not being released until Israel thinks it’s all “blown over” and the media loses interest.