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Rebecca Mead, reporting in The New Yorker on rightwing media boss Andrew Breitbart who has–brilliant line– eyes the color of Windex, and is Jewish (and was given his start by Matt Drudge):

Breitbart had arrived [in New York] that afternoon from Los Angeles to have meetings related to a projected new Big site, Big Jerusalem. With heavy irony, he said, “It’s going to be pro-Palestinian nationalism—kind of Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade-esque, but with hints of pop culture and snarkiness.”

Big Jerusalem is one of several sites that Breitbart plans to launch over the next year. Others include Big Environment (he is a global-warming skeptic) and Big Tolerance (“I am going to hire all my gay, black, and Jewish friends to take on all of these supposedly sacrosanct liars, like John Lewis”).

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  1. pabelmont says:

    Beware anything labelled “BIG”. I’ve reserved the term (in my writing) for the apparent masters of America, BIG PHARMA, BIG BANKS, BIG ARMAMENTS, BIG ISRAEL (aka The Lobby), but there may be other perfectly good BIGs out there to worry about. Still, Breitbart promises “snarkiness”, so all is not lost !?

  2. As long as it’s a internet site, not a building in Jerusalem…

  3. Chu says:

    Matt Drudge got his fame from the Monica Lewinsky affair.
    Who provided Drudge with the info to publish this?

    It made a slacker with the lowest grades of his
    graduating high-school class into a multi-millionaire.

  4. I see this as a glass-half-full type of thing.

    When second-rate self-promoting bozos like Not-Too-Breitbart are pressed into service, I have to suspect that the talent in the Israel Lobby pool is getting pretty thin indeed. Talk about scarpingthe bottom of the cesspool!

    Can we now expect the dim-witted duo of O’Keefe and Giles to go undercover and gin-up some bogus conspiracy at someplace like the Association of Arab-American University Graduates?

  5. radii says:

    the bigger pictuer is what is important – the right-wing faction in America (which is now tied to the most right-wing elements of israel) has been reduced to scraping the bottom of the barrel for their spokespeople, their arguments, their rhetoric, for their very raison d’ etre … they are now devoid of legitimate political argument (deregulation, for example, has blown in their faces on Wall Street and the Gulf of Mexico) … the side of good people is winning and many just don’t realize it yet …. their side is neck-deep in quicksand but no one’s bothered to tell them

  6. javs says:

    The bigger they are, ….it is the followers that make them that. This fad should never have been to begin with. Stop following …are you all lemmings?

    Do you not think for yourselves? I meant can you not think for yourselves?
    as in do you have some disability that will never enable you to stand up for righteousness in huamanity.

  7. RoHa says:

    “liars, like John Lewis”

    I don’t understand. What lies?

    John Lewis is a nice, respectable, co-operative retailing group.

    link to

    Doesn’t Breitbart like the idea that all the employees are also part-owners?