Bless her heart, Andrea Mitchell seems upset by Gaza blockade

To her credit, Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC this afternoon, reporting from Tel Aviv, spoke about what is motivating the world, the inhumane blockade of Gaza and the terrible conditions it has produced for Palestinians. She seemed upset by this three-year policy of collective punishment.

Mitchell then said that the U.S. has to help Israel get out of this "box" of bad opinion that flows from the blockade. She had on former ambassador Martin Indyk, who works for the Saban Center, funded by Haim Saban who cares about one issue, Israel, who said the blockade was just fine but world opinion was a problem. Oh to break free of the lobby for a moment.

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  1. annie says:

    it’s fine to torture people we just don’t want anyone thinking about it.

  2. Oscar says:

    She was courageous against Chris Matthews, who was making grunting noises and growing frustrated that Andrea was teling it like it is. Man, the tide had seemingly changed over night. Could it be true that Obama is softpdeling the US reaction to the incident, as horsetrading for Israel to end the blockade, as some are speculating now?

    • Chaos4700 says:

      Obama’s idea of sofpedaling is to fall over, cry “Bipartisanship! Bipartisanship!” and then hand his wallet and keys to anyone who threatens to kick him.

      Succinctly? I doubt it.

    • Colin Murray says:

      I’d be shocked. I suspect it would be pretty tough to horsetrade on your knees.

  3. Avi says:

    I’m not sure I’d rush to commend her.

    It could be the proverbial pressure release valve function that which propaganda often serves. That is to say that giving the impression that there is daylight between the US and Israel is merely a form of damage control.

    For this to be meaningful, Mitchel will have to show consistence.

  4. Dan Kelly says:

    For this to be meaningful, Mitchel will have to show consistence.

    Absolutely. This point cannot be stressed enough. Consistency, consistency, consistency.

  5. lobewyper says:

    I didn’t hear the broadcast, but it sounds as though Andrea is to be commended. What she did was courageous. Whether she can consistently keep it up may not depend merely upon her moral fortitude. What I think is important is that she put another crack in the armor. If she can keep it up consistently, all the better!

  6. Saban’s eagerness to minimize his taxes provided an abundance of the confounding problems Krane loved. In one major project, in 1988, Krane set up a company in the Netherlands Antilles as a tax haven, to handle all of Saban’s foreign distribution of programming. As a result, Saban paid nothing in taxes on his profits in any foreign country. Krane estimated that over the years this strategy had saved Saban at least a hundred million dollars.

    At least one of Saban’s residences is in California, a state that is nearly bankrupt.
    One of the projects that Saban money sponsored was the United Jewish Federation effort to force various states to divest their employees’ and teachers’ pension funds from companies that did business with Iran. California was the flagship state for this project; Schwartznegger boasted that California’s pension funds cleared their portfolios of investments in Chinese construction companies, French utilities, etc., companies targeted by the UJF divest from Iran campaign.

    Today, like the rest of California, its pension funds are nearly bankrupt.

    Saban doesn’t even pay taxes in the United States.

    fuck that