Regrettable accident #1001: Another Palestinian shot in the back (this one was handcuffed)

News just in from Quds Press News Agency and more details from MiddleEastMonitor:

Israeli media sources have confirmed that an Israeli soldier shot and killed a handcuffed Palestinian youth on Tuesday morning (14.09.2010) in the city of Tel Aviv.

Israel’s Channel Two television station confirmed that police forces detained four Palestinian youths in Tel Aviv during the early hours of Tuesday morning under suspicion of involvement in stealing an Israeli vehicle. One of the youths was killed and another managed to escape while the remaining two were detained by the authorities of the Israeli occupation. According to the television station, “during the arrest, the sound of gun fire was heard then one of the handcuffed detainees fell after being shot in the upper part of his body. He died shortly afterwards.”

According to Channel Two, the Israeli police officer who opened fired on the youth has claimed that the bullet “was shot accidentally from his weapon” and hit the 18 year old Palestinian youth in his back killing him on impact.




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  1. potsherd says:

    There will be no indictment.

    If there is an indictment, there will be no conviction.

    If there is a conviction, no sentence will be served.

    This applies to the IDF, not the police, but the principle operates everywhere in Israel: as B’tselem reports, over the last four years NO IDF soldier has been indicted over the deaths of Palestinian civilians. There have been over 600 such deaths, even not including the Cast Lead murders, but not a single IDF indictment.
    link to

    • eljay says:

      >> There have been over 600 such deaths, even not including the Cast Lead murders, but not a single IDF indictment.

      What has probably transpired is RW’s version of “justice”: Each IDF soldier who committed a killing was asked to agree not to kill anyone else, and everyone went home satisfied that justice had been done.

      Look to the future, make “better wheels” and “Remember the Holocaust!”

  2. Chaos4700 says:

    I’m sure Witty will tell us that this was Hamas’ fault. Somehow.

    • piotr says:

      Why ask Witty? I am a specialist on the topic of moral justifications.

      I have to found the source, but I have read the answer to the following question: why is Hamas guilty of shooting by other parties? The answer is “creating a general atmosphere of incitement”. Since the atmosphere is general, it equally affects police/soldiers and the suspects. And even a gun can spontaneously discharge in such an evil atmosphere.

      Of course, it takes a lot of investigations to uncover who exactly creates the evil general atmosphere of incitement. Thus we need MEMRI and other research outfits.

  3. RoHa says:

    This looks like a clear case of “suicide by cop”.

    And if you think it doesn’t look like that now, just wait a bit. It will soon.