This is funny: Lanny Davis called himself a ‘super-lawyer’

You can’t make this stuff up. From the guy who misspelled Abidjan even as he was getting $100,000 a month from Ghanaian president and human-rights-abuser Gbagbo, this is Lanny Davis back in October, announcing his new partnership. Somebody better get a screenshot before he edits this:

Former White House Special Counsel and Washington super-lawyer Lanny J. Davis is teaming up with longtime political strategist and AIPAC spokesman Josh Block to form a new strategic communications and public affairs company.

(h/t Ali Gharib, “Why I Won’t Be Hiring Lanny Davis Any Time Soon to Lobby for Me”)

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  1. RoHa says:

    Has anyone outside Washington and Mondoweiss ever heard of this man?

  2. piotr says:

    Ivory Coast: former French colony, France retains a large influence (much to the chagrin of Mr. Gbagbo). Ghana: former British colony of Gold Coast. The countries have similar size and both are major cocoa producers, but they are different.