‘Guardian’– Gaza girl surfer

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  1. Kathleen says:

    don’t have time to take this to some surfer sites. Maybe later. Would be great to get Surfers for Palestine going.

    The Palestinians have such a small sliver of access to the sea. Pathetic how that land has been divided

  2. Cliff says:

    I hope the IDF will not launch an aerial strike on her, claiming their intelligence reports stated she was a Hamas surfer.

  3. Chu says:

    Young girls being liberated by the surf.
    It’s sad that there is a cut-off age for women
    and surfing in Gaza (16years). Just because
    her sister will not takes risks, doesn’t me that
    she will not have the opportunity to break
    the rules.

    • Taxi says:

      I think it will be a very different, free and more open society when Palestine is liberated – think of the mega swelling youth demographic and their hi-tec-mod inclinations. I’m willing to bet my farm that the charming Gaza surfing-dudette won’t have to “break the rules” in the slightest – her dad taught her how to surf to distract her from the horrors and depressions of the occupation: tells me she already has a loving and open-minded family who would support a fun-loving and sporting Palestinian society for both genders. I do believe that a liberated Palestinian state would busy itself in EVERY field, tasking itself to contribute and integrate itself finally with all fields in the international arena.

      I have to thank the video makers and Eva for bringing us such an awesome video.

      How beautiful to be liberated by the surf and seawave. So sweet, so sad, so spiritual.

      People of Gaza, your joie de vivre never ever ceases to amaze me. Indeed there’s some truly awe-inspiring parenting going on in the occupied, brutalized Gaza Strip. Good old mums and dads jolly well doing their best for their kids.

      • Chu says:

        If you love something like surfing, who is going to tell you it’s wrong. She’ll keep doing it, if it’s what she loves. It’s a cultural thing, I know, but there will always be girls who don’t have to follow the rules. They’re the fun, free-spirited ones.

  4. annie says:

    a feel bad video with a feel good dress on. this reminds me of something max said in the media interview.

    no thanks guardian.

  5. Dex says:

    This is exactly why I hate religion more than anything! It is truly the scourge of the earth…no, not just people who manipulate it, religion itself!

    This girl is a free human being; she should be able to surf, swim, etc for as long as she wants and where ever she wants. Full stop!

  6. RoHa says:

    If yeshiva students want to surf, she’ll have to leave the beach.