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June 30 2012

47 ‘Israelis are helping write US laws, fund US campaigns, craft US war policy’

102 What’s the difference between South Africa and Israel?
Phil Weiss, with Alex Kane

21 Syria: No to intervention, no to illusions

63 Walt says liberalism and Zionism are difficult to reconcile

June 29 2012

66 24 Hours in Israeli Custody: The arrest of an American activist in Palestine

22 US Kairos committee slams lobby and Christian Zionists, calls on Christians to ‘pay price’ of anti-Semitism charge so as to speak out

16 Coalition partners don’t associate with astroturfing ‘Iran 180′

15 IDF takes over Palestinian village for live-fire training exercises

34 ‘FT’: Iran obsession suggests ‘western policy is driven by Israel’

35 Controversy boils over ‘New Yorker’ fiction parody contest!

15 A random photograph

6 Foodie Lebovitz puts Jaffa in Tel Aviv in ‘Arabic food’ gorge sponsored by ‘Vibe Israel’

62 US opposes ‘world heritage status’ for Jesus’s birthplace. Guess why

26 Arrests of Palestinian children– ‘a boy in leg irons’ — is becoming a big story in UK

June 28 2012

46 Aaron David Miller’s wishful thinking on Egypt– no revolution, no change

13 Israel’s education minister leads $13 trip to settlement for ‘advanced’ Anglos

3 Artwashing

7 Presbyterian minister was first martyr in abolitionist movement

41 ‘Economist’ says Palestinians, denied statehood, increasingly ‘question the point of the P.A.’

28 The future of Zionism

18 Associated Press highlights Rachel Corrie’s killing in coverage of Caterpillar divestment victory

44 ‘$1 million prize intended to fight assimilation’

1 Timeline of the Presbyterian divestment process, 2004-2012

0 Mass hunger strike lingers, another looms as Rikhawi family asks help

6 Al Araqib demolished for the 39th time

June 27 2012

43 FOIA request nets U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency video on Jonathan Pollard

11 Censored billboards opposing aid to Israel give Berman chance to grandstand
Philip Weiss and Annie Robbins

4 Help replace @WelshinGaza’s camera destroyed by the Israeli navy

51 An all-consuming occupation

16 How I discovered the Nakba

25 Where is Foxman?

12 Our intervention in Iran in ’53 paved the way for political Islam’s rise

40 Peled: The only way forward is ‘transformation’ of a racist apartheid state into a democracy

June 26 2012

20 Pro-Israel literary subculture is poised to champion Shani Boianjiu, as it did Risa Miller

9 Channeling Beinart, Yoffie says settlements are ending US Jewish love affair with Israel

28 Reminder: ‘New Yorker’ fiction parody contest ends in 3 days!

38 Life without a lobby: Putin visits both sides, praises Palestinians ‘responsible’ conduct

4 Israeli writers protest J14 arrests with cultural boycott—Palestinians still ignored

41 Quick– somebody lock the doors and call the ICC!

12 Foxman in American translation

5 Not on the front page: NYT’s David Sanger ‘presumes’ we’re conducting covert hostilities against North Korea

6 Settlement mogul Moskowitz is good for $1 million to anti-Obama SuperPAC

43 Peretz says, ‘Only Jews will have Israel’s back’

9 Following MSCI statement, anti-boycott orgs concede occupation’s role in Caterpillar divestment

June 25 2012

5 MSCI statement on Caterpillar: Key factor in the downgrade was ‘on-going controversy associated with use of the company’s equipment in the occupied Palestinian territories’

7 Shadid’s cousin ignites argument over ‘NYT”s role in his death; his widow refuses to join

28 CBS pulls down billboards calling for end to US aid to Israel

268 Sam Harris, uncovered

16 Homecoming

3 It’s not just the settlers: Samah Sabawi responds to liberal Zionists on the settlement boycott

16 Tablet’s editor ostriches in Jlem: there is no ‘emotional, psychological or spiritual emergency’ for Israel

7 ‘Stand at the front of the boat…we are going to take you’: Attacked off the coast of Gaza by the Israeli navy

18 Romney brags to donors and Bill Kristol: I’m briefed by Israelis

1 ‘Standing up to bulldozers’ in Susya

14 In big ad buy, ‘Committee for Israel’ urges US attack on Iran

18 What next in Egypt?

June 24 2012

398 Circumcision deaths are a legalized non-scandal

39 Jewish Federation branch cancels Pamela Geller event after interfaith outcry

86 Military dictatorships are good for Israel

51 Rally ’round the flag

35 NYT dares to answer a vital question: ‘What does Adelson want?’

101 Why did the Israeli military kill 13-year-old Ma’moun al-Dam?

June 23 2012

81 ‘NYT’ op-ed says denial of statehood makes militant Palestinian confrontation inevitable

83 Latest demographic threat: 43 million Arabs on Facebook

0 Hundreds protest demolition orders in southern West Bank village

23 Two more signs that US consensus on the issue is starting to crumble

7 Jewish Democrat org positions Obama to right of Romney on Israel

40 Race, class, religion– an American wedding

June 22 2012

5 Pro-Israel lobby tries (and fails) to spin TIAA-CREF divestment

13 Caterpillar’s complicity in Israeli occupation played a part in MSCI delisting and TIAA-CREF divestment

29 Announcing the ‘New Yorker’ parody fiction contest — put your spin on history!

25 Amnesty Int’l collapse: new head is former State Dept official who rationalized Iran sanctions, Gaza onslaught

28 US Jewish official defends double standard: In Israel, immigrants ‘challenge Jewish character of the state’

157 Help Mondoweiss continue to push Israel/Palestine into the mainstream

4 Deep in the West Bank– a Jewish Arcadia

13 Iranian nuke would balance Israel and produce stability — Waltz

19 PCHR says misfired rocket killed girl in Gaza

27 I left my hasbara in San Francisco

80 Obama adviser freaks out over BDS (Dersh calls Alice Walker neo-Nazi terrorist)

June 21 2012

5 It’s not just TIAA-CREF — leading Wall Street firm drops Caterpillar from ‘Socially Responsible’ investment index
Adam Horowitz and Phil Weiss

2 Lobby will go grassroots in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida

14 In piece undermining Obama on Iran, ‘NYT’ leaves out AIPAC connection and Dennis Ross role at Israeli thinktank

13 ‘WaPo’ senior editor doesn’t bat an eye at Israeli defense minister’s claim that Iran ‘waited 4,000 years to have a nuclear bomb’

14 Pro-Israel activists break new ground — an anti-Arab hate video

6 Another Palestinian political prisoner near death as the ‘battle of the stomachs’ rages

5 Hasidic G.O.P operative quits following interview questioning his zionism

57 BDS victory: TIAA-CREF drops Caterpillar from social choice funds

108 The Case for Israel (Studies): It’s not hasbara. Honest.

41 Famous Gaza killing featured in ‘New Yorker’ broke the ceasefire that led to ‘Operation Summer Rains’

June 20 2012

2 West Bank village receives demolition order on 50 residential structures, kindergarten and health clinic to protect ‘the security of Israeli settlers’

254 Why I am using ‘Israel firster’ again

5 Sandra Tamari was banned from entering Israel, like her father before her

25 Hadeel to triumph

23 Israel’s deportation policy: Maintaining a Jewish majority for the ‘white man’
Julia C.

June 19 2012

59 ‘New Yorker’ story recycles Israeli propaganda on death of Gazan family in 2006

14 Video: Will kittens eat Sabra and Tribe hummus?

19 Alice Walker refuses to publish ‘The Color Purple’ in Israel due to ‘apartheid and persecution of the Palestinian people’

3 Letter to Presbyterians: Investing in Palestine without divesting from occupation only underwrites the status quo

3 Touring US, Israeli feminists urge their society to overcome its boundaries

7 ‘Is Israel the most important issue?’ one Dem asks another in NY cong’l debate

43 Why is Obama winking at the military coup in Egypt?

49 IDF fiction in ‘New Yorker’ portrays Palestinian demonstrators begging soldiers to shoot them so as to get into papers

3 Pinkwashers occupy the pinkwatchers

25 From ‘Save Darfur’ to expel Darfur: a Zionist flip-flop on Sudanese refugees

8 ‘The Nation’ gets it right: New issue doesn’t shy away from how Zionism fuels Islamophobia

5 Group that promoted Gingrich sells ‘liberal case’ for Israel

92 Tourism in Israeli settlements: Practice shooting Palestinians

June 18 2012

13 Sarsak’s willingness to die gains him freedom after 92 days of hunger strike

79 All eyes on Moscow

10 Ros-Lehtinen bashes occupation and illegal settlements

17 C-SPAN is ravished by neocons

13 Doublethink in the ‘LA Times’

38 Who knew! Hummus and falafel are ‘Israeli foods’

7 Israel gives Palestinian homeowner three days to demolish his own house

11 Sarsak’s release rumored, as football fans protest his detention

130 My wife explains the conflict to a friend

June 17 2012

6 Miko Peled in NYC, June 18; in DC June 20-24

27 Romney gives a thumb-up to Israeli strike on Iran

132 Rebranding Israel

22 The betrothal ritual

4 Trend? Israeli soldiers sick of Zionism

June 16 2012

11 Goldberg’s back pages: abusive statements about Palestinians, Saddam link to Al Qaeda, and Iraq war is ‘act of profound morality’

4 In ’67 rush to build Western Wall Plaza, Israelis destroyed mosque from time of Saladin

122 Israeli army OK’s attack dogs as ‘non-lethal weapons’

217 44 Senators, including many Democrats, sign AIPAC letter to Obama against Iran negotiations

87 How do we make Zionism 101 an everyday reality? Yeah, how?

June 15 2012

53 On Syria, Clinton spins a fast one

33 American living in Jerusalem squeezes Obama on ‘Audacity of Hope’ (the boat, that is)

5 Nurit Peled-Elhanan’s moving reflections on the occupation’s 45th birthday

3 Peter King announces fifth set of hearings on inflated threat of ‘Muslim radicalization’

54 Why hasn’t Jonathan Pollard applied for parole?

11 ‘J Street’ slams Kristol for pushing war with Iran

3 Saban created Middle East thinktank at Brookings after ‘cold call’ to former AIPAC official

14 100,000-strong Zionist youth brigade join settler opposition to Ulpana eviction

25 Why is Obama meeting with a man who called him ‘Neville Chamberlain’?

3 Lauder gets right with the lord

1 Issa Amro, coordinator of Youth Against Settlements, arrested at border on way to speaking tour

8 Sheldon Adelson (‘all we care about is being good citizens of Israel’) vows to spend whatever it takes to knock out Obama

23 Former Israeli soldier wants to live in Palestine, says, ‘I hate Zionism’

3 A Gaza farmer declares, I shall not be moved from my land

4 City Council bill introduced to rein in ‘out of control’ NYPD abuses

33 Wright: Obama is ‘drifting toward war with Iran’ out of ‘pathetic’ fear of blowback from the lobby

June 14 2012

2 38 and counting: Al Araqib asks Guinness for record of most demolitions carried out by Israel

53 Israeli navy attacks international observers off the coast of Gaza

14 Palestinian Bureau of Statistics: 262,000 Israeli settlers in East Jerusalem, living in 26 illegal settlements

June 13 2012

18 Crackdown on Israeli dissent: Police summon prominent protest leaders

4 ‘If I pray in public, I feel uncomfortable’: New Jersey Muslims, targets of NYPD surveillance, fight back in lawsuit

79 Medal of Freedom for Shimon Peres maintains White House blind spot on Israel

9 Israeli Knesset member seeds anti-Palestinian legislation in Congress

79 Finkelstein’s critique misreads the special relationship and misunderstands political mobilization

4 Help 3 families from al-Aqaba return to their village

49 What was Sheldon Adelson’s one question to Romney before giving him $10 million?

4 Between 1967 and 1994, Israel revoked the residency rights of 250,000 Palestinians

41 Billboard campaign to end US aid to Israel hits LA — thanks to CBS

5 Angelenos remember Ziad Jilani and demand accountability

16 Tomasky reports there’s an elephant in the room

8 NY Republicans name Jewish outreach director– flack for rally for alleged child-rapist

87 One state, two states and the art of the possible

21 Footballers rally to Sarsak’s cause as he vows to continue hunger strike till death

76 Israeli school exam warns Jewish girls not to ‘hang around with’ Arabs

17 Video: Israeli officer throws stones and shoots live ammo at Palestinian protesters

June 12 2012

50 MSNBC squelched Donahue, Press and Buchanan to make way for Iraq war cheerleaders

33 Feinstein says she talked to Sanger before Stuxnet story

45 ‘Ha’aretz’ article in Hebrew suggests that racism is inherent in Zionism

7 Double standard: ‘NYT’ covered Israeli hunger strikers after 4 days

11 US Middle East policy is politicized in two congressional races

117 UPDATE– Photo of two Israeli soldiers holding hands was faked

3 ‘NYT’ covers up a Republican donor’s concern for Israel

30 80 refugees are rounded up as Israel’s Interior Minister declares, ‘this country belongs to the white man’

5 Settlers burn wheat fields, chop down olive trees, and release wild boars on to Palestinian crops

7 ‪United we quack, divided we crack

June 11 2012

60 Should we call it apartheid?

5 ‘Palestine Place’ comes to London, and the west will never be the same

27 Palestinian footballer fighting for his life is not a story, but Netanyahu’s football injury is

29 Richard Falk: No issue needs more open debate than moral and political cost of I/P policy (going back to USS Liberty!)

87 VP’s daughter ties knot with a Jewish guy

21 Jane Harman, media mogul

48 Shmuley Boteach seems to think US army serves Israel

82 The things I miss (confessions of an activist)

2 Two years since the murder of Ziad Jilani

June 10 2012

78 NJ Republican candidate for Congress spent election day in Israel, meeting with Netanyahu

43 Michael Oren: Al Qaida is in Egypt

7 Congressman poses with Israeli missile man– people turn the congressman out of office

7 11-year-old seized from playground by undercover officers is now ‘under investigation’

6 Let’s praise Zengerle’s profile of Beinart

June 9 2012

8 22 congressional reps seek investigation into FBI ‘outreach’ that collected data on Muslims

12 Latest ‘price-tag’ attack targets coexistence village

11 Groundhog day at State: Settlements are ‘nonconstructive,’ Israel continues to construct

10 Future Egyptian president is sure to review Camp David accord

0 Gaza zoo: wolf and chimp came by tunnel but lion and tiger, slaughtered in Cast Lead, are stuffed

113 Barney Frank and Gary Ackerman push Obama to free Pollard

34 ‘Of course’ — Abbas will return to UN to try to become non-member state

June 8 2012

19 Theater review: In ‘Food and Fadwa,’ the occupation is the elephant in the room

13 Brave ‘NYT’ exposes depth of Obama ties to the a lobby

20 Avraham Burg: World must tell Israel it can’t be ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ & the last colonial occupier in the Western world

2 ‘The cartoonish inner thoughts of a young brown man’: Husam Zakharia’s comics on the Palestinian hunger strikers

16 2 hunger strikers issue ‘final distress call’

11 U.S. Jewish orgs are liberal on illegal immigration here, but intolerant of illegals in Israel

19 Hold the presses; Wieseltier and Foxman will speak for American Jews on their attitudes toward Israel

48 Beinart thought he was serious, ‘NY Magazine’ calls him Sammy Glick

12 London Olympics security contractor’s role in occupation is giving BDS ‘traction and respect’
Phil Weiss and Annie Robbins

3 Lavish military aid has made the peace process a ‘war process’

21 B’nai Brith Canada wants to ban utterance of words ‘Israeli apartheid’ at publicly-funded events

9 One-third of Jewish Israelis condone violence against African refugees as a ‘cancer in body of nation’

6 Ismail Khalidi likens ’5 Broken Cameras’ to ‘Battle of Algiers’

June 7 2012

16 Leader of Palestinian political party in Israel routinely harassed and detained at Ben Gurion airport

19 Gaza kindergarten damaged in Israeli bombing raid

22 Kristof’s double standard on violent resistance

64 ‘NYT”s Sanger says Iran nuclear program is ‘direct threat to the U.S.’

2 Blockade stymies Gaza paralympian and race-car designers– and threatens ‘stability of the region’

23 Netanyahu: ‘My plan strengthens and expands the settlements’

June 6 2012

111 State Dep’t official’s ‘Are you Jewish?’ question to US citizen keeps rattling Foggy Bottom

34 Jewish org’s letter warns Presbyterians divestment from occupation ‘taps into our deepest fears’

12 The political context of the arrests in Jenin

14 Lobby smeared Pascrell as ‘Islamist fellow traveler’ for signing Gaza letter– and lobby lost

17 ‘NYT’ soft pedals the racism and hate in Tel Aviv anti-African protests

89 A debate about the two-state-solution with Norman Finkelstein

6 Resisting Counter-Revolution: Egypt’s elections under military rule

100 Israel’s reliance on US has turned it into a ‘global pariah’

14 Alameda County drops Palestinian cultural day following pressure from Pamela Geller

15 Israelis arrest Palestinian theater’s artistic director at 3 a.m.
Felice Gelman, Phil Weiss

92 The ‘honest broker’ comes clean: Obama admits the US is ‘more attentive’ to Israel than Palestinians

June 5 2012

10 Palestinian families forced to demolish their own homes

30 If ’5 Broken Cameras’ wins an Oscar– then will you end the occupation?

109 Story of forced searches of travelers’ emails goes viral

45 US imperialism and the lobby

11 ‘Leave the neighborhood’ — arsonists’ message to Eritrean refugees in Jerusalem

1 PLO: In May, Israel approved 4,300 new settlement units, uprooted 1,024 olive trees, demolished 37 buildings, and arrested 240 Palestinians

17 Shaul Magid: Once a heresy, two-state paradigm has become a dogma

11 Arizona State University student government votes to divest from Israel
Students for Justice in Palestine (ASU Chapter)

June 4 2012

244 Finkelstein stands by ‘BDS cult’ accusation, says it’s ‘historically criminal’ to not support the two state solution

7 Lobby group urges Americans living in Israel to vote here lest ‘domestic concerns’ drive US choice

39 Israeli airstrikes destroy dairy factory for the fourth time in three years

19 German submarines for Israel outfitted with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles

16 Netanyahu vets possible Romney VP

29 Netanyahu bats away Dershowitz’s suggestion of settlement freeze

10 LGBT activists protest NYC ‘Celebrate Israel’ parade

45 Heading for the exits?

11 Report from Cairo: Egyptians fought hard for the revolution and refuse to relinquish their gains

June 3 2012

28 Israeli Interior Minister on African immigrants: ‘Most of those people arriving here are Muslims who think the country doesn’t belong to us, the white man’

80 Restraint

0 Weekend in Palestine: Gaza airstrikes and attacks on peaceful protesters in the West Bank

0 Gaza remembers the ‘Mavi Marmara’
Talgha Bendie

June 2 2012

43 Senate challenge to Obama on refugees came from Israel
Phil Weiss and Annie Robbins

32 Obama’s kosher cowboys

3 In the past week: 10 Palestinians wounded, 13 arrested, incl five children, in 50 Israeli incursions in the West Bank

40 A look at who is running Mark Kirk’s office in his absence

295 ‘Do you feel more Arab or more American?’: Two women’s story of being detained and interrogated at Ben Gurion

June 1 2012

16 Rightwing attack dog Josh Block doesn’t work at AIPAC, but speaks for it — and ‘NYT’ and ‘Foreign Policy’ go along with ‘Soviet’ arrangement

5 Activists fume as NJ attorney general finds NYPD broke no laws in spying on Muslims

192 US Embassy to American in trouble in Israel: ‘You’re not Jewish? Then we can’t do anything to help you’

18 Another op-ed headline you won’t be reading any time soon in the US press

18 Once she joined ‘Women in Black’ and opposed aid to Israel. And then– she ran for Congress and went to AIPAC

13 ‘War should be the last resort’ –Donald Rumsfeld

20 Stopped by apartheid on the way to Madonna’s ‘peace concert’