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June 2012

FOIA request nets U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency video on Jonathan Pollard

Adam Horowitz on

Today, the IRmep Center for Policy and Law Enforcement released a internal briefing video produced by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency that it obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. The video, called “Jonathan Pollard: A Portrayal,” was produced to convince American government employees to “report suspicious activities” of their colleagues.

Help replace @WelshinGaza’s camera destroyed by the Israeli navy

Adam Horowitz on

On Monday, we published a harrowing account from @WelshinGaza about their standoff with the Israeli navy off the coast of Gaza. During the encounter at sea, Welsh’s camera was destroyed by a stream of water the navy shot at the human rights observation boat Welsh was traveling on. Help replace @WelshinGaza’s camera.

An all-consuming occupation

Rebecca L. Stein on

On June 6, 2012, the Jerusalem Development Authority launched its fourth annual Jerusalem Festival of Light in the Old City. The tourist festival was arguably a fitting tribute to the 45th anniversary of the occupation. Dating back to 1967, tourism has been a crucial avenue by which Israeli civilians experienced their status as occupiers.

How I discovered the Nakba

Stephen Shenfield on

Stephen Shenfield grew up in a Jewish family in the North London suburb of Muswell Hill. This is the story of how his family rejected Zionism and how he discovered the truth about the expulsion of the Palestinians from their homeland – the Nakba (although he was not to learn the word itself until much later).

Where is Foxman?

Philip Weiss on

US Embassy in Tel Aviv quotes Henry Ford, famous anti-semite

Foxman in American translation

Philip Weiss on

Applying his Israel logic, Abe Foxman would have stood up for Montgomery’s segregated bus system

Peretz says, ‘Only Jews will have Israel’s back’

Philip Weiss on

In The Wall Street Journal, Marty Peretz says that Jonathan Pollard is a scoundrel, but Barack Obama is indifferent to Jewish history and persecution. I believe that Mr. Obama does exhibit a certain disdain for the Jewish state—an indifference to and ignorance of the incandescence of Jewish history. “When the chips are down,” said the […]

Following MSCI statement, anti-boycott orgs concede occupation’s role in Caterpillar divestment

Adam Horowitz on

When the news first broke last week that Caterpillar was dropped from MSCI’s socially responsible investing indices, pro-Israel organizations downplayed the action claiming it had nothing to do with Israel. MSCI’s statement yesterday that the occupation was a “key factor” in the decision is forcing anti-boycott activists to admit Caterpillar’s relationship to the Israeli military is hurting the company.

CBS pulls down billboards calling for end to US aid to Israel

Philip Weiss on

Two weeks back we reported on 23 billboards being put up in the Los Angeles area calling for an end to aid to Israel. The ads have been torn down by the billboard operator, CBS Outdoor, which is part of CBS, the media giant.

Sam Harris, uncovered

Theodore Sayeed on

The Devil sucks in the most devout. In theology fanatics make for easier marks for conversion than moderates because of the jitters and fright common to all such breeds who fear their minds will be colonised by the Satanic advance of the secular world. I’m a living testament to the perils of monkeying with fundamentalism…


Sarah Aziza on

Sarah Ziyad visits the land where her grandmother’s village stood before the Nakba.