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June 2012

Syria: No to intervention, no to illusions

Phyllis Bennis on

Phyllis Bennis presents a primer of the violence in Syria: “Only with an end to the war, will the original unarmed opposition forces have a chance to remobilize public support for the internal, non-violent protest movement for real change, reclaiming social movements for Syria’s own freedom and democracy, and reasserting Syria’s place in the Arab Spring.”

24 Hours in Israeli Custody: The arrest of an American activist in Palestine

Dooler Campbell on

My name is Dooler Campbell, and I am a U.S. citizen. I was arrested recently from a non-violent demonstration in the West Bank, and was held in an Israeli prison, where I was shackled hand and feet, strip-searched, given a pregnancy test without consent, held overnight with sleep-deprivation tactics, and given only a few pieces of stale white bread to eat over a period of over 24 hours. This is my full account of what happened.

A random photograph

Philip Weiss on

A random picture tells a story: the occupation is an iron fist


Philip Weiss on

American group Artists4Israel does colorful graffiti in occupied territories to promote Jewish settlement and cover up racist graffiti from settlers

‘Economist’ says Palestinians, denied statehood, increasingly ‘question the point of the P.A.’

Philip Weiss on

Excellent piece in the Economist from Balata Camp in Nablus states what anyone who visits the occupation knows, this can’t last. The political efforts to end the occupation have failed, the likelihood of violence is high. And, implicitly, the Palestinian Authority is a stooge government like the Bantustan governments the South Africans sought to install […]

The future of Zionism

Philip Weiss on

Ethan Bronner, who is almost certainly a liberal Zionist, is off the Israel beat. At last

Mass hunger strike lingers, another looms as Rikhawi family asks help

Joe Catron on

As several Palestinians detainees continue the Karameh (“Dignity”) hunger strike, which began April 17 and officially ended with a May 14 agreement, the family of one hunger-striking prisoner, Akram Rikhawi, has appealed for public support, while thousands more plan to launch another mass action inside Israel’s prisons and detention centers.

Al Araqib demolished for the 39th time

Kate on

Israel demolishes Bedouin village for 39th time NEGEV (Ma‘an) 25 June — Israeli bulldozers demolished Bedouin village al-Araqib for the 39th time on Monday, a lawyer said. Israeli forces ‘demolish tents in Tubas’ TUBAS (Ma‘an) 25 June — Israeli forces on Monday demolished Palestinian tents and structures in al-Malih near Tubas, the local council […]