Settler leader endorses boycott of apartheid

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Check out this gem from the New York Times’ fawning GQ-like profile of Israeli settler leader Dani Dayan:

[Dayan and his wife] built a showpiece home, where the sunken double-height living room is filled with a painting from Vietnam, a sculpture from Machu Picchu and a meditation bowl from Nepal. “This is from South Africa,” he said, pointing to a set of large wooden masks. “Post-apartheid South Africa. I refused to visit apartheid South Africa.”

Chickens. Home. Roost.

Bulletins to Jodi Rudoren: 1) Did you read the Falk book I recommended to you that documents your employer’s sordid history of mis-reporting the facts and the law? Apparently not, as your article completely elides international law, just like your predecessors’ work. 2) In light of Dayan’s comments above, how could you not mention the international anti-Israeli-apartheid campaign, and the two former Israeli Prime Ministers’ claims — Barak‘s and Olmert‘s — that the West Bank is a de facto apartheid regime? 3) Why no Palestinian voices? What do Palestinians think of what Dayan and his colleagues are doing, stealing Palestinian land and all?

P.S. Dena Shunra has kindly summarized portions of a settler site’s Hebrew story referring to the same Times article. She writes:

In two words – they’re pleased.

More words: they’re pleased that he gets the prestigious “profile” spot
in the NYT. The quote they chose from the piece: “most effective,
pragmatic, man of the world.”

The piece mentions that he didn’t hide his opinions from the Rudoren
(using the rather reductive term for report “katevet”), quotes Dayan’s
cousin, Israeli journalist Ilana Dayan (using a more respectful word for
her position, “itona’it”) and ends with the end-point of the piece.

It also links to “sharp criticism on left-wing news sites in the U.S.”
(James North’s at and to the full original piece & a Hebrew translation therof.

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