Israel has gone from attacking former US President Jimmy Carter for using the “A” word in the title of his 2006 book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, to having to deal with an Israeli organization making the legal case that the entire state may be an Apartheid state.

Steven Cook of the Council on Foreign Relations has an article at Foreign Policy saying that the U.S. should phase out aid to Israel and “end the special relationship” because the peace process has attained its real objective: Israel is established as a secure country with a standard of living rivaling the UK and France, and no real military threat.

The creation of the modern Hebrew language in Israel built upon romantic and messianic concepts of ‘return’ to the ‘promised land.’ It served a purpose of ethnic cleansing, as it serves the application of apartheid today.

Protester sprays wall in Tulkarem

Former Obama ambassador Daniel Shapiro explains a very reasonable Palestinian position: “if two states is impossible, Here’s an alternative, where everyone would have the right to vote and representation in a parliament, one democratic state between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River.” But that’s a huge threat to the Zionist vision!

The corona crisis in Israel has revealed the state’s reliance on secret police, often making errors in identification, and the denial of lifesaving equipment to Palestinians. Here are some heart-breaking examples of what Apartheid looks like at the time of Corona.

The imperative of fighting coronavirus with aggressive public health measures presents Israel with a choice — let Palestine go to hell, or take full control over the health system — and thereby exposes the political truth of Israeli governance. There is one apartheid state, with a legally privileged racial group and a second- and third-class subject population.