How many before?

How many homes demolished,
How many trees uprooted,
How many walls to steal the sun, block the sky, hide the moon,

How many segregated buses,
How many taunted children,
How many mothers cradle their wombs against the barrel of a gun,

How many grieving grandmothers,
How many useless fishermen,
How many suffocating tunnels, poisoned waters and babies bloodied dead

How many talks by Chomsky,
How many news stories read,
How many wars on Gaza watched from the comfort of your bed, before you stand up for Palestine?

About Desiree Fairooz

Desiree Fairooz is a youth services librarian for Arlington County, VA is a member or Northern Virginians for Peace and Justice and CODEPINK; Women for Peace.
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    • RoHa says:

      That’s the answer to the Ultimate Question, not to these questions.

    • “42?”

      What do you mean Oleg?
      The Allies could have bombed Germany into oblivion or implemented the Morgentau plan. Fair enough for a people who’s military nearly obliterated another people under its occupation. – But why now demolish homes of the Palestiniens?

      Did your parents emigrate to Israel from Russia to take revenge on the Germans?
      That wouldn’t make much sense. You told me, they emigrated with you as a child for Zionist ideological reasons and practical ones. – And you are now stuck there.

    • Eva Smagacz says:

      Could you please explain your answer ? Elaborate on your thought proces ?

    • Accentitude says:

      Really Oleg? You couldn’t have some respect and at least have tried to understand what was written above without throwing in, what I’m going to assume was, sarcasm or failed attempt at humor?

  1. there were way to many before i ever heard of palestine. but now i know, and do my best to document what i can, and stand up for palestine everyday. it is my moral duty.

  2. rensanceman says:

    I feel the same level of rage that I now have regarding the Palestinian issue that I had during the Viet Nam era. All of our protest/demonstrations seemed to have no effect on war time policy. It took Watergate and Congressional defunding to finally stop the war.
    Congress has been totally compromised as well as the Executive branch, so that our task is more difficult. It’s time for the U.S. to catch to the rest of the world.
    The poem was beautifully written.

  3. Dear Fairooz,
    It is my belief that Israel could have been a light unto to the nations if they had been a light unto themselves (Israelis) … But through zionism, they have chosen they other way … They are a catastrophe unto the nations (mine, yours and others) because they are a catastrophe unto themselves first …
    They have caged the Palestinian people physically, they have caged all freedom of expression and discussion about their actions but they also have first and foremost caged their own soul.
    Too many, far too many babies and children … Too many far too many brothers and sisters, parents, friends and neighbors … Too many far too many trees, houses … have been hurt, killed, destroyed … But their devastated souls can NEVER destroy our soul. Soul and mind know no no bounds in time and place …

    How many years before this becomes obvious

    Thank you for your powerful words …