Israeli occupation

Ahmad Manasra, 23, was killed while attempting to help victims of a car crash. (Photo: Social media)

Jamal Manasra is seeking justice for his son Ahmad, who was killed by an Israeli soldier in 2019 while helping the victims of a car accident. “We knew from the very beginning that as Palestinians, it wouldn’t be easy for us to get justice for our son, even if he was innocent, that’s not how things work with the Israeli occupation,” Manasra tells Mondoweiss. “But even with low expectations, we were devastated when we were informed of the plea deal. How could they have such disregard for Ahmad’s life?”

Izzeldin Bukhari is a chef based in Jerusalem’s Old City who works to promote traditional Palestinian food, but the Israeli occupation makes obtaining locally-grown produce very difficult. “[Israeli is] trying to teach us to give up on being Palestinian. And we are saying ‘I can’t’. Simply, we can’t. It’s in our blood, it’s in our ancestors, it’s the history, the heritage. It comes with every muskhan dish I eat, with every hiwerina I eat, with every waraka dawali. And this is how we continue to be Palestinian.”