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April 30 2013

5 Terrorist bombing

12 Shareholders respond to TIAA-CREF refusal on divestment vote
We Divest Coalition

5 6 facts you should know about the Guantanamo Bay hunger strike

24 Treatment of Boston suspect exposes ‘Muslim exception’ to Constitution

13 ‘Zionism’s bad conscience’ (Kovel’s first anti-Zionist piece, in 2002)

8 Exile and the prophetic: Hiding in plain sight

96 When will the discourse of the ‘two state solution’ finally change?

21 Potemkin Village in NY: Dersh and Beinart hold second debate over whether Zionism is in crisis

22 Shulman moves from ‘Israel in peril’ to no possibility of a two-state solution

4 Rightwing Israel discourse makes even Dershowitz and Foxman look… moderate

April 29 2013

6 Ezra Nawi needs a truck

20 In photos: Greek Orthodox Christians celebrate Palm Sunday in Gaza

3 Lesson from Samer Issawi – The collective fight against oppression is really about the essential, personal fight for human dignity

23 Video: Olmert booed in NYC for saying Israel should re-engage in the ‘peace process’

21 An interview with Ben Ehrenreich, author of ‘extraordinary’ Nabi Saleh piece in ‘NYT Magazine’

1 Israel demolishes home in East Jerusalem and forces Silwan resident to demolish their own home

7 Exile and the prophetic: Psychologist Shpancer leaves out Palestinian trauma

32 For backing ’5 Broken Cameras,’ ‘Jewish Press’ smears Dustin Hoffman as has-been ‘figleaf’ with ‘Semitic nose’

April 28 2013

5 Exile and the prophetic: Phantom pain and the cycle of atrocity

25 Andrea Mitchell asks Michael Oren 7 questions. How many mention Palestinians?

23 Our deadly democracy: 225,000 killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan

9 ‘No. 1 issue’ in Maryland is prison scandal, but governor, mulling presidential run, is in– Israel
Phil Weiss and Henry Norr

10 ‘FT’ runs valentine to religious people dancing to techno on a tank during a war (you know where)

24 ‘I know you have another email address, give it to me’ (Deported at Ben Gurion)

April 27 2013

46 Send in the clowns

30 A Catholic heritage community is next on the occupation’s chopping block

53 Post-Boston vulnerability will at last force Americans to consider ‘why they hate us’

4 The dancing cop at Al Manara

0 Memo to Francis: Israel’s occupation wall to separate elderly nuns from Catholic monastery

5 Exile and the prophetic: Our rogues gallery

April 26 2013

5 In huge demonstration against lawless settler outpost, 500 Palestinians are teargassed by Israeli army

7 Delegation of librarians and archivists headed to Palestine as ‘truth-seekers and info-skeptics’

5 ‘NYT’s interview with Lanny Davis leaves out his fervent Israel-lobbying

0 Exile and the prophetic: Obama’s library-in-waiting

13 ‘Palestinians be damned’ — Khalidi explains the American role in the peace process

April 25 2013

3 Israel destroys over 1,000 olive trees in Hebron village

138 Gideon Levy: It’s time for a ‘one person, one vote’ movement to end Israeli oppression

90 Israel supporters use Boston bombing to call for firing of UN Rapporteur

2 Palestinians applaud Association for Asian American Studies for endorsement of academic boycott

58 U.S. ambassador to UN says ‘huge part’ of her work is defending Israel

43 Israel shoots down drone off the coast of Haifa

9 Exile and the prophetic: Farewell to Salam Fayyad and American innocence

8 Watch live: Middle East Policy Council hosts talk on expanding the debate on Israel/Palestine

April 24 2013

58 Israeli attorney general affirms policy of e-mail searches of foreign travelers

11 Exile and the prophetic: Disaster payout czar Kenneth Feinberg, Gaza and One Fund Boston

12 Columbia faculty and students press retirement fund to divest from Israeli army-linked corporations

27 D.C. speakers: Walt and Siegman on the conflict, Madar on Bradley Manning

15 ‘This American Life’ shines some light on that Palestinian life

13 UC Berkeley student president announces he will not veto divestment bill
Annie Robbins and Adam Horowitz

April 23 2013

21 ‘Fast Times in Palestine’ offers a glimpse of what has been, what is, and what could be

52 Obama’s 2 guests on Air Force One to Israel/Palestine both undermine his policy

21 Facing int’l pressure, global security firm G4S dumps Israeli contract for checkpoints and Ofer prison

15 State Dept human rights report on Israel: ‘most significant human rights problems during the year were terrorist attacks against civilians; institutional and societal discrimination against Arab citizens’

8 Updated: Refusing exile: Palestinian prisoner Samer Al-Issawi ending hunger strike in ‘victory’ deal

5 Exile and the prophetic: Exporting our expertise

35 Jewish Federations mount campaign against Berkeley divestment measure as ‘alienating and hateful’

187 Diaspora Jews must speak out against the Israeli Law of Return

April 22 2013

15 In historic decision, AAAS votes to support boycott of Israeli academic institutions

99 Kerry likens Boston victims to ‘Mavi Marmara’ victims

57 ‘Arabs, I hate Arabs!’–Independence Day and just another day in Jerusalem

26 Video shows Israeli police allegedly using Palestinian youth as a human shield

9 Israeli arts high school cuts Palestinians from David Grossman’s call for peace

18 Utah school rejects Palestinian flag from ‘hall of flags’ because it might offend ‘Israeli students or conservatives in the community’

1 Exile and the Prophetic: Performing the Nakba

7 Israeli settlers take over church in Christian village near Ramallah

17 Palestine and the Left

April 21 2013

27 Exile and the prophetic: An open appeal to Cardinal Sean

48 Obama has done nothing to alleviate ‘explosive’ occupation — eminent Europeans

14 Like Geo Wallace, Upper Nazareth mayor calls for segregation ‘for ever and ever’

April 20 2013

25 Boston’s interfaith memorial deflection

90 Double standard on killing collaborators
Phil Weiss, with Adam Horowitz and Annie Robbins

5 Israeli college with gov’t backing uses keffiyeh to promote itself as a global brand

3 The Palestinian narrating, and the Jew listening — a new film about the Nakba

April 19 2013

34 Preparing for Iran?: US on verge of $10 billion arms deal with Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE

84 Boston Marathon bombings unleash a new wave of Islamophobia

19 Colbert: ‘Let’s fix Palestine’
Phil Weiss and Annie Robbins

2 Investigation of Brooklyn College BDS event conflates anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism

20 Johannesburg demo against Israeli Independence Day ends in violence

32 Forbes Israel boasts of power of Jewish billionaires
Phil Weiss and Ira Glunts

13 Remembering the Warsaw Ghetto uprising

1 Settlers in Jordan Valley poison Palestinians’ sheep, cows. UN investigates

3 Exile and the Prophetic: Is BDS an act of resistance – and remembrance?

7 Nour Joudah returns to U.S., but continues to fight Israel’s arbitrary denial of entry

48 Reality check– John Kerry prepares to stick fork in two-state solution

April 18 2013

102 Chris Matthews suggests that Boston suspects are Arabs

19 After all-night debate, Berkeley student senate calls on university to divest from 3 companies profiting from occupation
Philip Weiss and Annie Robbins

22 Israel Project brags on planting story in CNN and taking 38 journalists on helicopter trips in Israel

27 Which lobby is more powerful?

17 Entering Gaza by ‘subway’

10 50 years later, King’s Birmingham letter resonates in Palestine

13 Exile and the prophetic: Boston and the drone wars

17 Stamberg bit her tongue

April 17 2013

1 In photos: Palestinian Prisoners’ Day in Gaza

88 Extremists & traitors

11 UNICEF stifles its own report on Palestinian children in Israeli detention

10 Boston, Baghdad & Birmingham

3 A plastic stomach fights the battle of empty stomach

8 Exile and the Prophetic: Judith Butler’s Israel

12 Al Haq: Palestinian prisoners subjected to war crime of deportation

5 Prisoners’ Day: Palestine remembers loved ones in the Israeli gulag
Center for Political and Development Studies, Palestine

22 Egypt: Same shit, different regime

7 On Independence Day, Israeli Housing Minister announces construction to begin in E1

April 16 2013

12 Israeli joke: On Memorial Day we mourn our Jewish dead, on Independence Day we give thanks for theirs

40 Innocent until proven Muslim

58 Reflecting on bombings in Boston and Iraq

18 Exile and the Prophetic: Judith Butler marks the end (and beginning) of the Jewish ethical tradition

19 Israeli reporter seeking birthday wishes for his country in NY gets comments about Palestinians and media brainwashing

34 Investigation of Brooklyn College BDS event rejects charges of anti-Semitism

61 The hunger of Samer Issawi– and Bobby Sands

59 My guide was a righteous radical

2 NYACT questions Google chief’s call for drones regulation
New Yorkers Against the Cornell-Technion Partnership

April 15 2013

47 ‘Constructive engagement’ didn’t work in South Africa, so why are liberal Zionists pushing it for Israel?

12 Wrenching drama about the occupation, ‘Inch’Allah,’ has been consigned to ‘film festival purgatory’

3 Israeli intellectuals offer a pizza to Samer Issawi– and affirm their ‘cultural and moral supremacy’

31 10 takeaways from the Boston University Right of Return conference

17 Mondo co-editor to speak in Cambridge tomorrow night

12 Carl Bernstein addresses ‘Florida Loves Israel’ convention

21 Exile and the Prophetic: Jew in the Box

1 Israel extends law preventing Palestinian citizens of Israel from living with spouses from ‘enemy states’ (including the occupied territories)

18 Not an empty sand dune: A Palestinian mansion in downtown Tel Aviv

April 14 2013

26 Two very different Israeli replies to Samer Issawi’s invitation

8 A boy flees tear gas in southern Bethlehem
Phil Weiss and Tom Suarez

0 Exile and the prophetic: Shulamith Firestone

31 Geller’s speech leaves Muslim community unsafe, and echoes era of anti-Semitism
Jews Against Islamophobia Coalition, and others

15 Israeli military refuses to investigate deadly Gaza strike that killed 12 civilians

April 13 2013

22 Targeting talent

10 Exile and the prophetic: Women of the Wall-washing

38 In bill discriminating against Arab- and Muslim-Americans, Boxer and 17 other senators serve Israeli gov’t over their own — Greenwald

25 The Israeli army tried to bring this Palestinian artist to his knees, and failed

22 Illegal settler gets more than 4 times as much water as Palestinian neighbor — and US signed off

April 12 2013

127 Celebrating Israel’s birthday, ’2 luminary philosophers’ to explore whether Zionism and liberalism are ‘complementary identities’

1 ‘Art as resistance’ — 2 actors and artistic director at Jenin Freedom Theater to speak at Columbia Sunday

13 Exile and the Prophetic: Throwing stones

18 ‘It is time to guard our house!’: Nazareth Illit mayor promises to prevent a Palestinian school in order to ‘stop the demographic deterioration’ of the city

18 Two NY cancellations: Geller rescheduled in Jersey, Waters homeless

1 From the back of the bus at Allenby to Jakarta’s symphony hall

10 ‘Obies’ urge Ben & Jerry’s to end complicity with occupation

0 Pressure builds to release Samer Issawi before Palestinian Prisoners Day on April 17

25 Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Saba’aneh sentenced to 5 months in prison

April 11 2013

104 Palestinian-American boy, 14, locked up in Israeli military jail

12 Obama’s speech in Israel and the realities on the ground for Palestinians living near settlements

0 My first journey abroad, part II

13 TIAA-CREF asks feds for OK to dodge Israeli divestment vote at annual meeting

15 Amira Hass brings justification of stone-throwing against violent occupier to US

11 Ben & Jerry’s free-cone day is greeted by Free Palestine demos

9 Palestinian teachers unions hail Irish teachers’ union’s decision, ‘isolating the oppressor’

65 All that furor over Carter at Cardozo, and who shows up? Jews for Jimmy!

April 10 2013

28 Forget SodaStream, help Palestinian workers by boycotting settlements and ending the occupation

120 Fear of democracy in the Jewish community

5 Call to Action: Join Addameer’s global end administrative detention campaign

55 What we talk about when we talk about violent resistance–a funeral in Hebron and the 21-gun salute

3 Former Palestinian hunger striker Thaer Halahleh re-arrested by Israeli military forces

3 Mustafa Barghouti: 65 years later, the Deir Yassin massacre continues today

17 The Ironic Lady: Margaret Thatcher, supposed champion of ‘freedom and democracy’, and her dictator friends

2 Remembering reality in Aida camp

April 9 2013

13 Samer Issawi’s ‘hunger speech’ to Israelis
Samer Issawi

67 In landmark case on Israel and Jewish identity, British tribunal says anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism

38 Thatcher pushed for Palestinians to be merged into Jordan

25 Citing criticism from Zionists, NYRB’s Silvers brags on 4 Israeli writers (and not a word about Judt)

April 8 2013

53 AIPAC president (tries to) defend Israel’s rejection of WMD-free zone

44 In ‘Haaretz,’ Hass says Palestinians have a ‘duty’ to throw stones, Levy cites Passover story in support

49 Kerry suggests that Palestinians change Arab Peace Initiative to suit Israelis

21 Obama White House blew off idea of celebrating Emancipation Proclamation anniversary, says leading Lincoln scholar

24 Jimmy Carter to receive award from law school with Jewish affiliation; and opposition arises

3 Israeli settlement stops dumping sewage in Palestinian fields following protest

April 7 2013

119 Hiroshima epiphany

19 Israeli attack on Turkish boat in 2010 led writer Iain Banks to support boycott

April 6 2013

27 The Prisoners’ Diaries: Palestinian voices from the Israeli gulag

36 ‘FEMEN’ and the suppression of native voices

0 Two Palestinians killed, 6 wounded and 41 arrested by Israeli troops this week in the occupied territories

52 ‘NYT’ runs another piece warning people not to intermarry during delusory secular interval of 30s and 40s

35 Swift change in attitudes on same-sex marriage portends swift change on… marriage to Israel

36 Dialogue doesn’t mean inviting someone to spew ‘racist hatred’ — Jews Against Islamophobia coalition

April 5 2013

116 Jewish space plays host to spirited debate over whether Israel is a democracy

43 Palestinians should abjure Obama-led talks because they’re a ‘figleaf’ for Israel, says Peace Now board member

17 Who may resist (or, ‘Do you see any smokestacks?’)

21 NY synagogue’s invitation to Geller to ‘promote bigotry’ elicits call to cancel event

62 Teachers’ Union of Ireland endorses academic boycott of Israel in unanimous vote

11 Talk about a tough neighborhood! ‘UWS’ prepares for revelry on Israel’s birthday

17 Products from the colonies: Labeling or prohibition?

22 UC Riverside student government rescinds divestment measure aimed at Israeli occupation profiteers

31 Rawan Yaghi heads to Oxford

April 4 2013

61 Boston conference to explore the realization of the Palestinian right of return

24 Just another Shin Bet interrogation

20 Israeli military kills two Palestinian teenagers near Tulkarm in the West Bank

7 Kevin Coval’s ‘Schtick’ – A take-no-prisoners Jewish classic

54 When it comes to North Korea, everyone’s a coldblooded realist

5 Palestinian prisoner’s death sparks West Bank demonstrations, but protests likely to end without leadership
Allison Deger and Alex Kane

29 ’92d Street Y’ says Roger Waters appearance is cancelled — Updated

April 3 2013

8 ‘Do not stand silent. Do not retreat. Do not back down’: Desmond Tutu and Roger Waters call on UC Riverside to stand behind divestment vote

69 Questioning Israel’s ‘international legitimacy,’ Siegman says two-state solution would require Kerry to reject ‘robbery’ beyond ’67 lines

40 The next generation of Israeli racism

196 Rashid Khalidi on the Israel lobby

62 Israel Project ‘makeover’ shows how U.S. stands between Israel and total isolation

13 Reports of Turkish-Israeli rapprochement may be premature

3 Israel cuts off water to ten Palestinian villages outside Jerusalem

4 Using Twitter to spread the word about #AhavaCrimes

April 2 2013

50 The Palestinian Authority’s role in the occupied territories

9 Tunisia hosts World Social Forum, and reflects challenges to Arab Spring

55 In ‘NYT’ lecture on intermarriage, Stanley Fish says religious difference is ‘deep and immovable’

36 Slamming intellectuals who backed Iraq war, Hedges says he lost job at ‘NYT’ for opposing it

26 Meet Nathan Blanc, Israeli conscientious objector

April 1 2013

23 For Brookings talk on Arab women– no Arab women!

51 Amina Tyler’s naked activism

18 Fiona Shaw says Jesus’s martyrdom has resonance in Middle East (but NPR doesn’t explore that)

32 ‘NYT’ reporter’s appeal to editor: young Jews raising money for IDF are ‘just like your daughter’

28 Roger Waters at 92d Street Y? Israel advocate calls for ‘real Jews’ to stop this assimilationist obscenity

2 West Bank village protests settler sewage destroying agricultural lands