Katie Miranda


After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted a photograph of himself with a smiling Senator Kamala Harris, a progressive looks into her record on the Muslim ban, immigration reform, and Medicare for all and finds it stellar. Then discovers her unabashed support for Israel and is shocked.

Artist Katie Miranda shares more images from her visit to the West Bank. They highlight surveillance and the indignities of daily life for Palestinians. She writes: “No blood or high drama, so it’s nothing ‘newsworthy.’ It’s just everyday life.”

Artist Katie Miranda visits the West Bank and renders indelible images of the heaviness of occupation for ordinary Palestinians. She writes: “Everything seemed heavier, particularly in Hebron where I spent most of my time. The air was heavy, the mood was heavy, and  the gravity of occupation seemed responsible for the drooping faces. Much of the media coverage misses the details because it’s not interesting enough or attention-grabbing enough to rope people in.”

Palestinian human rights activist Issa Amro faces a possible lengthy prison sentence for a laughable set of charges Israel has lodged against him. Efforts to ethnically cleanse Hebron do not change the essentially Palestinian nature of the city, he says.