Occupation, in the details

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I visited the West Bank earlier this month and created these illustrations as part of a travelog. This is part 1.

The last time I had been there was 2008. Now, everything seemed heavier, particularly in Hebron where I spent most of my time. The air was heavy, the mood was heavy, and  the gravity of occupation seemed responsible for the drooping faces. Merely existing there is exhausting.

Much of the media coverage misses the details because it’s not interesting enough or attention-grabbing enough to rope people in.

In these illustrations I focused on the details of military occupation that get overlooked.

Soldiers on the roof in Beit Omar, by Katie Miranda.

1) I was in a service going from Hebron to Jerusalem and passed the village of Beit Omar. The suffering the people of this village has faced over the years is unimaginable and has been documented in great detail by organizations like the International Solidarity Movement and the Palestine Solidarity Project. But on the day I drove by, it was just another day.. a guy operating his store, a woman hanging the clothes out, and two soldiers occupying their roof.

Surveillance camera in the old city of Hebron, by Katie Miranda.

2) The old city of Hebron. The ancient stones belong to the scene. The woman belongs to the scene. The mouse belongs to the scene. But the plastic surveillance technology– if this is the Holyland, just a few steps from the Ibrahimi mosque/tomb of the Patriarchs, what is holy about harassment and surveillance?

View of Israeli military base from the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, by Katie Miranda.

3) View of an Israeli base from the Ibrahimi mosque. With the shape of the crescent on the minaret, the first thing I thought of is that this scene looks like an Eye of Sauron in reverse. The crescent looks like the eye, but it’s the Israeli army base and the watchtower on top of the hill that holds the same position as Sauron did in Middle Earth.

The original illustrations are for sale on my website:

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Thank you, Katie. A picture is so often worth a thousand words.

Thanks, Katie.

Things can only get worse in the occupied West Bank. It appears that the Yahoo`s status quo Vichy tool Fatah has been designated / redesignated a “terror group”. And we all know the Yahoo`s position on “negotiations” with” terrorists”. BTW Question: When is Yahoo precondition not a”precondition” Answer: When it suits the Yahoo to say so(He has probably got a cartoon up his sleeve for that conundrum) Ergo: “He explained that he would… Read more »

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

50 years. Howard Jacobson says Jews and Zionism are inseparable. Surely Judaism can refute this or collapse.

50 years of sadism. For what?