Ben White begins North American speaking tour in the face of opposition

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British author Ben White begins his U.S./Canada speaking tour “Israel: Apartheid Not Democracy” this week in the United States. White will be visiting 13 different locations between November 11 – 25.

In a recent interview White told me that:

I hope that through this tour, students will be able to grasp aspects of Israel’s apartheid regime that are typically not reported or much discussed, and that in learning about the reality on the ground, will also be motivated to take action on campus in solidarity with Palestinians. “

Over a week before the tour began, opposition to his talk at Brooklyn College hit the NY Daily News.

Many times opponents to the Apartheid argument will point to how well Palestinians in Israel have it in comparison to other places in the Arab world as a point of deflection. To this point, White responds:

“This comparison is a transparent distraction – the comparison is not between a Palestinian in the Galilee and an Iraqi in Baghdad, but between the Palestinian citizen in Haifa and the Jewish Israeli who lives under the same regime but is granted privileges the Palestinian is not. From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, the State of Israel affords and denies rights to Jews and Palestinians on a discriminatory basis, a result of the state’s settler-colonial past and present.”

Above is a short video interview with White about his upcoming tour. For event information, see White’s website.






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