‘Scarlett letter’ — Social media pillory Johansson for representing settlement business SodaStream

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Scarlett Letter (graphic: Doc Rocket)

Scarlett Letter (graphic: Rachele Richards @docr0cket)(click on image to enlarge)

Actress Scarlett Johansson’s decision to represent SodaStream has already brought a shockwave of opposition– because SodaStream produces its seltzer-makers in a Jewish colony in the occupied West Bank. We’re expecting to see many creative responses to her decision between now and the Superbowl kickoff on Feb. 2. Here are two, to get the juices flowing.

I contacted Johansson’s publicist to see if she has made any statement about SodaStream’s factory located on a settlement in the occupied West Bank–or whether she is even aware of that. So far, I have not gotten a response.

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Scarlett’s mum on SodaStream’s complicity (graphic:Stephanie Westbrook (@stephinrome)


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