‘Scarlett letter’ — Social media pillory Johansson for representing settlement business SodaStream

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Scarlett Letter (graphic: Doc Rocket)
Scarlett Letter (graphic: Rachele Richards @docr0cket)(click on image to enlarge)

Actress Scarlett Johansson’s decision to represent SodaStream has already brought a shockwave of opposition– because SodaStream produces its seltzer-makers in a Jewish colony in the occupied West Bank. We’re expecting to see many creative responses to her decision between now and the Superbowl kickoff on Feb. 2. Here are two, to get the juices flowing.

I contacted Johansson’s publicist to see if she has made any statement about SodaStream’s factory located on a settlement in the occupied West Bank–or whether she is even aware of that. So far, I have not gotten a response.

from stephanie
Scarlett’s mum on SodaStream’s complicity (graphic:Stephanie Westbrook (@stephinrome)


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Do you know why Israel is losing the PR war? Because this is what our side produces for free. This is what happens when you have passion and justice on your side. You can spend as many dollars as you want. You can bribe as many members of congress as… Read more »

Ira Glunts

I don’t have to see any others. The Scarlett Letter graphic wins hands down. Wow!!! Thanks, Annie.


Scarlett knows that the area some in recent history call the West Bank but was called Judea and Samaria way before that, is the area around Jerusalem and is also the land in which many of the stories in the Bible refer to. This makes this area part of the… Read more »


Why not paint a swastika on her forehead?
That would put Mondoweiss in good company with the Manson Family.



Thank you for bringing this discussion back to the main points. Much appreciated.

Stanley in Portland