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‘Flytilla’ protest rocks the Israeli status quo in a sacred place – the airport

A report over the weekend in Maariv said that IDF special forces went on a flight from Geneva in Ben-Gurion Airport to sort the passengers between “pro Palestinian activists” and the rest of the passengers. Eventually, they deported 25 people. … Continue reading

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For too many Israelis, Arab money is dirty money

An old joke tells the story of a court clown that was asked by the king to do something for which the apology would be worse than the deed itself. The clown sneaked behind the king and pinched his butt. … Continue reading

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Protest is not only important for the action it takes, but also the model it presents

“It’s the first incident of a consumer boycott on Ariel College” declared Yonit Levy on Israel’s Channel 2 news a couple of days ago. According to the report, Rami Goldstein, the manager of a model airplane store in Haifa refused … Continue reading

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New tourism law shows the more the Israeli narrative gets challenged, the greater need there is to enforce it

A proposal for a new law has been submitted to the Israeli parliament which states that only Israeli citizens would be permitted to serve as tour guides in Israel (does “Israel” includes the occupied territories? That’s not clear from the … Continue reading

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