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Jeff Warner is a Jewish peace activist in Los Angeles. He is active in LA Jews for Peace, Jews for Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians, Americans for Peace Now, and Cousins Club of Orange County. He organized street demonstrations against the Israeli siege of Gaza since late 2007, and against the Israeli bombardment of Gaza during the December-January massacre. Warner is a retired geologist.

The new anti-Semitism, and the campaign to silence American critics of Israel

Israel lobby’s new tack: Anyone who stood- up against an obvious human rights abuse, like Israel’s 2008-09 assault on Gaza with banned phosphorus bombs, could be charged with anti-Semitism. These bogus charges could ruin someone’s reputation and bring sanctions against university-affiliated student organizations.

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The world will support a campaign for Palestinian citizenship in Israel

The two state solution is over, Kerry has failed. Palestinians are in a political stalemate. They should support annexation of the West Bank. The resulting international campaign for full Palestinian rights of citizenship in Israel will lead to a state of its citizens with rights for all

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The Gazan state– and the West Bank Bantustans

Israel’s push to formalize a “Greater Israel” involves separating Gaza as its own national entity

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Alternative Focus Video: The No State Solution

The No State Solution is the latest contribution from Alternate Focus to examine the Israeli-Palestine conflict. This 28 minute video first explores political barriers to any solution, and then possible resolutions. The video features interviews with Dr. Stephen Zunes (Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of San Francisco), Miko Peled (author of “The General’s Son”), and Jeff Warner (Jewish peace activist in Los Angeles and author of this review), interleaved with the filmmakers narrative and abundant modern and archival clips.

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Reflections After the Harvard One State Conference

After attending Harvard’s one-state conference, Jeff Warner muses the failure of the two-state solution and the possibility for a one-state solution.

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A Jewish peace group grapples with BDS

How can BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) contribute to bringing a just peace and prosperity to the people of Israel-Palestine?  That is the question LA Jews for Peace has been grappling with as the BDS idea evolves into an international … Continue reading

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A J Street ‘ambassador’ says group must leave lobby and ally with ‘foreign policy establishment’

Jeff Warner, a retired geologist and member of LA Jews for Peace, attended the J Street conference in its entirety last week as an "ambassador" of the new organization (he got five others to register for the conference). More bio … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: A Report on the VIVA PALESTINA USA Convoy mission to break the Israeli Siege of Gaza

I was one of about 175 Americans who formed the VIVA PALESTINA USA Convoy that entered the Gaza Strip on Wednesday evening, July 15, 2009, carrying medical and other humanitarian aid. We entered the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing from Egypt with permission to stay 24 hours. VIVA PALESTINA USA’s goal was to organize a large number of Americans to break the siege of Gaza. Continue reading

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