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Jesse Benjamin, an associate professor of sociology at Kennesaw State University, is a US and an Israeli citizen.

Zombie Hasbara: ‘World War Z’ and Hollywood’s Zionist embrace

Jesse Benjamin writes: “I went to the Drive-In in Atlanta Friday night, to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I’m not a zombie fanatic, so other than watching the Walking Dead, I had few expectations beyond the World War Z trailers that have been on TV since the Super Bowl. So I was surprised, jarred out of the movie really, when right in the middle of the narrative, Brad Pitt’s character, Gerry Lane, travels to Israel and spends more than 10 minutes in a full-on pro-Israel propaganda piece that was as corny as it was crazy.”

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A Lynching in Jerusalem: Anatomy of Jewish racism

Reflecting on last week’s lynching in Jerusalem’s Zion Square, Jesse Benjamin recalls his own experiences in that exact spot, explains why mob violence there is especially significant, and why Jews especially need to see this moment as yet another wake up call.

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Palestine comes to Atlanta: Linking the US and Palestinian civil rights movements

As the Civil Rights Mecca, Atlanta played a huge role in the global divestment campaign to bring down South African apartheid in the Seventies and Eighties. Now Atlanta is becoming a major site in the growing struggle for justice in … Continue reading

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The Larry David peace plan

A larger-than-usual debate has erupted over the latest episode of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm: “Palestinian Chicken.” Our beloved anti-social, misanthropic, crazed individualist has taken his shtick to the freighted arena of Israel/Palestine relations, and popular culture may never be … Continue reading

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Why I protested the Jewish National Fund

This Columbus Day weekend, the Jewish National Fund USA held its annual meeting in Atlanta. Like many Jews from the US, I grew up in communities that raised money for seemingly benign JNF campaigns to plant trees in Israel through … Continue reading

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