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Matan Kaminer has been active in the conscientious objection movement, in migrant solidarity work and in municipal and student politics in Israel. He is currently a doctoral student in anthropology at the University of Michigan.

A new wave of conscientious objection in Israel reaches out to new constituencies

This weekend the Israeli media reported on the appearance of a new “Conscientious Objectors’ Letter” – the latest in a long line of such letters protesting the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and declaring the signatories’ refusal to participate in it. The letter represents what may be a new beginning for the conscientious objection movement and the anti-occupation movement in Israel more generally.

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The only hope to upend the political landscape in Israel/Palestine — simultaneous uprisings between the river and the sea

What could constitute a revolutionary situation between the Jordan River and the sea? Given the history of this territory, the most obvious answer would be a Palestinian uprising – a Third Intifada. But ever since the early 1990’s the Israeli state has been implementing a succession of strategies designed to make such an uprising extremely unlikely to succeed.

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