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Obama raises big bucks at home of man who said president and Netanyahu are on ‘the same page’

Obama raised money at $10,000 a head in Dallas last night at the home of Marc Stanley, who has said Netanyahu and Obama are on “truly the same page.” No wonder the White House can’t criticize Israel!

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State Dep’t says Israel has a right to defend itself, but can’t say the same of Palestinians

Israel-centrism at the State Dep’t and in the media. Jen Psaki, gov’t spox, says Israelis have a right to defend themselves but can’t say the same of Palestinians, while US media attempt to describe the Gaza rockets and Israeli missiles as comparable in impact, when 67 Palestinians have died, and there are no reports of Israeli deaths.

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White House says US can’t stop ‘tsunami’ of boycott and isolation if Israel won’t end ‘occupations’

Philip Gordon, White House official, gave sharp speech in Tel Aviv warning Israel about tsunami of isolation: “How will it have peace if it is unwilling to delineate a border, end the occupations and allow for Palestinian sovereignty, security, and dignity? How will we prevent other states from isolating Israel or supporting Palestinian efforts in international bodies if Israel is not seen as committed to peace?”

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‘Jewish’ or ‘Israeli’ — NYT, BBC, and CNN make different word choice

The Times identifies men accused of killing Mohammed Abu Khdeir as Israelis, leaving “Jewish” till the second paragraph. Others, from Haaretz to BBC to Jake Tapper, are more blunt. It may make you squeamish to say Jewish, but it’s accurate.

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Beating Palestinian boys ‘to a pulp’ is a tradition among Israeli forces

The western press has been shocked that Israeli forces beat a Florida boy, Tarek Abu Khdeir, so brutally that his face was misshapen. But two years ago Breaking the Silence, an Israeli human rights group, published a report in which Palestinian boys are beaten “to a pulp” on many occasions.

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State Dep’t says it ‘remains shocked’ by Abu Khdeir beating

A photo taken by NBC News reporter Ayman Mohyeldin of Tarek Abu Khdeir kneeling at grave of his murdered cousin Mohammed. Meantime, Brian Williams of NBC warns of “intifada-style outburst of violence,” and State Dep’t says it is “shocked” by Tarek’s beating.

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‘Let’s talk about Zionism,’ is message at July 4 parade in Wellfleet, MA

July 4th Alliance for Palestinian Freedom in Wellfleet, MA, had a float at the parade last week that denounced “Zionist Israel.” And cards handed out by the group said, “Let’s talk about Zionism.”

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Child’s beating in Jerusalem brings unprecedented coverage of Palestinian experience to U.S.

The brutal beating of a 15-year-old Palestinian-American boy by Israeli forces in Jerusalem is proving to be a landmark moment in coverage of the conflict, as American media are reporting Tarek Abu Khdeir’s story in a straightforward manner for once. They sympathetic reports are bringing the Palestinian experience back here as never before. Above, an interview with the Washington Post.

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Beating of Florida teen in Jerusalem is getting attention in U.S.

The US State Department says it is “profoundly troubled” by the beating in Jerusalem by Israeli police of Tarek Abu Khdeir, a 15-year-old from Florida, and called for a transparent investigation resulting in “full accountability”. A Baltimore Sun report sympathetic to the boy’s family and a White House rally are other signs the case is getting considerable attention in the U.S.

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Largest British union refuses to offer support for peace talks

The two state paradigm is crumbling around us with the failure of John Kerry’s initiative. Britain’s largest labor union voted this week to support BDS, boycott, divestment, and sanctions, and rejected a motion to support the U.S.-led peace talks.

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‘Survival and well-being of the Jewish state’ is a national security interest of U.S., Indyk says

Jeffrey Goldberg questions whether the survival of a Jewish state is an American national security interest, and Martin Indyk, former State Department envoy, says it is a vital interest of the U.S. Two Zionists in conversation, at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

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‘NYT’ employee in Jerusalem wanted to donate paper’s armed car to the army

When it came time to retire an armored car owned by the New York Times in Israel, Irit Pazner, an employee of the paper, suggested they give it to the army. Taking sides?

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‘Forward’ normalizes idea that some folks ‘hate Israel’

“When Mr. Right Hates Israel,” is the title of an advice column in the Jewish Forward in which a 32-year-old Jewish woman says she’s ready to marry a guy but he sees Israel as an “apartheid state.” The piece is a giant step forward as it normalizes the idea that Americans can hate Israel.

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After repeated calls for vengeance, Netanyahu urges Israelis to be ‘cool-headed’ and seek ‘justice’

After vowing ‘vengeance’ against ‘human animals’ who killed Israeli teens, Israeli PM Netanyahu today walked back his language, saying that Israelis must remain ‘cool-headed’ and seek justice. But the damage has been done.

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Liberal Zionists’ denial of Israeli racism heightens danger to ‘everyone living in this land’ — Blumenthal

The ideological battle between liberal Zionists and anti-Zionists has sharpened in recent days. Max Blumenthal explains that liberal Zionists deny the racism and violence in Israeli society so as to preserve a “dreamcastle Israel” that is central to their Jewish identity.

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Change the narrative from ‘cycle of violence’ to occupation, JVP says

JVP’s Rebecca Vilkomerson on the wave of violence: “these horrific incidents that harm both peoples happen in the context of an ongoing occupation, itself inherently a system of daily violence.” She calls on Americans to write to newspapers to help change the US narrative on the conflict.

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Chomsky supports portions of BDS agenda, but faults others, citing realism and int’l consensus

Noam Chomsky says that BDS will fail because there is no international consensus in favor of the right of return– though he seems to say the return is a worthy human rights goal. And he says the U.S. will never stop supporting Israel in its expansion into the West Bank. The piece is sure to be criticized on the left.

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Israeli army spokesperson responds to Mondo criticism

Hamas terrorists need no “direct orders” to abduct Israelis, the Israeli army spokesman says, thereby justifying attacks on Hamas officials for the kidnapping in West Bank that the organization has denied responsibility for. Not a very convincing standard of proof, says James North, in dialogue with the IDF spox

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Among US expressions of outrage and condolence, Obama, Kerry and Rice identify with Israeli parents

“As a father,” both Barack Obama and John Kerry state, in expressing condolence over murders of Israeli teens. “As a mother,” says Susan Rice. Here is a Mondo wrapup of statements of sympathy and outrage by American political figures and Jewish groups. Some sought to score political points.

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Slanted ‘New York Times’ story accepts Israeli blame of Hamas as fact

NYT coverage of Israeli teens murders repeatedly blames Hamas for the killings, when a rogue splinter group is thought to be responsible. The Times carries water for the Israeli government and leaves Hamas’s denial of responsibility till the 9th paragraph, in passing

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In ‘NYT’ tale of two mothers, the occupation is a human-relations problem

Jodi Rudoren steps out of her comfort zone, and good for her, to portray a Palestinian mother of a boy killed by Israeli soldiers. But her article will leave readers thinking, Why can’t Palestinians and Israelis just get along? It all-but-ignores the occupation, and restrictions on Palestinian freedom.

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Can a neocon change his spots (and come back as a liberal interventionist for Hillary Clinton)?

The neoconservatives are on the run. The latest upheaval in Iraq has further discredited them for destabilizing the country in the first place; and they are being called out in the mainstream media. But the neoconservatives’ partners in crime have gone largely blameless: American liberal interventionists and the Israeli right. When will they come in for criticism? Until they do, it seems that the neoconservative agenda is alive and well.

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Reporters talk about Sykes-Picot of 1916 (and ignore the Balfour Declaration of 1917)

Dexter Filkins, Richard Engel and Brooke Gladstone all see the secret Sykes Picot agreement of 1916 as fueling religious extremism in the Middle East today. When will they turn to the role of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, another construction of the imperial west that ignored self-determination

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What’s your politically-correct World Cup bracket?

The surprises will end in the World Cup as of today, predicts Mondo soccer non-expert Phil Weiss. Brazil will get past Chile and France to go to the Finals. And the Netherlands is too strong for Mexico, Argentina and the U.S. But a politically-correct bracket sees Chile, Mexico, and Algeria advancing. And guess who wins between Algeria and France?

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‘I was a Zionist till I was 64. I want to hit myself’

‘I was a Zionist till 2008. Can you believe it? I hate myself’ Tzvia Thier, who helped organize a demonstration against Israel’s “rampage” through the West Bank, explains how Zionism indoctrinates even leftwing Jews like herself. Jews must meet Palestinians, to understand how wrong their beliefs are.

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