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Among US expressions of outrage and condolence, Obama, Kerry and Rice identify with Israeli parents

“As a father,” both Barack Obama and John Kerry state, in expressing condolence over murders of Israeli teens. “As a mother,” says Susan Rice. Here is a Mondo wrapup of statements of sympathy and outrage by American political figures and Jewish groups. Some sought to score political points.

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Slanted ‘New York Times’ story accepts Israeli blame of Hamas as fact

NYT coverage of Israeli teens murders repeatedly blames Hamas for the killings, when a rogue splinter group is thought to be responsible. The Times carries water for the Israeli government and leaves Hamas’s denial of responsibility till the 9th paragraph, in passing

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In ‘NYT’ tale of two mothers, the occupation is a human-relations problem

Jodi Rudoren steps out of her comfort zone, and good for her, to portray a Palestinian mother of a boy killed by Israeli soldiers. But her article will leave readers thinking, Why can’t Palestinians and Israelis just get along? It all-but-ignores the occupation, and restrictions on Palestinian freedom.

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Can a neocon change his spots (and come back as a liberal interventionist for Hillary Clinton)?

The neoconservatives are on the run. The latest upheaval in Iraq has further discredited them for destabilizing the country in the first place; and they are being called out in the mainstream media. But the neoconservatives’ partners in crime have gone largely blameless: American liberal interventionists and the Israeli right. When will they come in for criticism? Until they do, it seems that the neoconservative agenda is alive and well.

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Reporters talk about Sykes-Picot of 1916 (and ignore the Balfour Declaration of 1917)

Dexter Filkins, Richard Engel and Brooke Gladstone all see the secret Sykes Picot agreement of 1916 as fueling religious extremism in the Middle East today. When will they turn to the role of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, another construction of the imperial west that ignored self-determination

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What’s your politically-correct World Cup bracket?

The surprises will end in the World Cup as of today, predicts Mondo soccer non-expert Phil Weiss. Brazil will get past Chile and France to go to the Finals. And the Netherlands is too strong for Mexico, Argentina and the U.S. But a politically-correct bracket sees Chile, Mexico, and Algeria advancing. And guess who wins between Algeria and France?

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‘I was a Zionist till I was 64. I want to hit myself’

‘I was a Zionist till 2008. Can you believe it? I hate myself’ Tzvia Thier, who helped organize a demonstration against Israel’s “rampage” through the West Bank, explains how Zionism indoctrinates even leftwing Jews like herself. Jews must meet Palestinians, to understand how wrong their beliefs are.

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Young Jew seeks to prepares his community for heretical & inevitable– end of Jewish state

“Big change is down the line,” writes Jonathan Katz, a young Jew deeply involved with the American Jewish community: The facts on the ground say that Israel cannot undo the settlement project, and a binational state is an inevitability. Let’s prepare ourselves, because nationalism is nothing to be supportive of.

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Reform Jews offer no proposal to end occupation, says Jewish Voice for Peace

Reform Jewish leader Eric Yoffie calls Jewish Voice for Peace a radical group for supporting divestment. JVP says Reforms have offered no idea how to end the occupation

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Oldman labels himself an ‘A-hole’ for saying Jews run Hollywood

Halting and almost tearful, Gary Oldman apologizes to his fan base on Jimmy Kimmel Live for saying that Jews run Hollywood, hours after the ADL suggested he do so. The farcical drama has made even the Washington Post raise an eyebrow over what’s really going on here.

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‘About 60,000 Americans were murdered’ by Palestinians in Israel, says Shmuley Boteach

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach dismisses the “rotting corpse of the Presbyterian Church” following the vote for divestment– language that if a Christian used about Jews would draw attacks of anti-Semitism– and howler alert, says that 60,000 Americans have been “murdered” by Palestinians in Israel.

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‘Forward’ editor says Presbyterian vote was anti-Semitic

Presbyterians anticipated accusations of anti-Semitism. Jane Eisner of the Forward now says that the divestment measure will “hurt Jews.” But many Jews supported the measure. And Eisner’s argument that things are not so bad in Palestine rings hollow.

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Oldman says Hollywood is ‘run by Jews,’ then offers over-the-top apology

Gary Oldman says Jews ‘run’ Hollywood in a Playboy interview then apologizes in full-on theatrical mode: “The Jewish People, persecuted thorough the ages, are the first to hear God’s voice, and surely are the chosen people.”

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From Mississippi to Gaza — Dorothy Zellner reflects on 50 years of struggle

Dorothy Zellner was a staffer for SNCC in Mississippi and is now active in Palestinian solidarity. “We are winning, we have turned the corner,” she says. No one predicted that the civil rights movement would explode following the sit-ins of 1960, transforming the country, Zellner explains; many actions had taken place before then to make that possible. The lesson? Struggle is everything.

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‘Washington Post’ suggests Presbyterians voted against Jews and peace

The New York Times coverage of the Presbyterians’ divestment decision noted Jewish support for it. The Washington Post leaves that out in suggesting the vote was aimed at the Jewish community. And the Israeli Embassy suggests the Presbyterians support terrorism.

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Why I pull against the U.S. in the World Cup

The US already gets too much, it dominates the world in culture and finance, and soccer isn’t even a major sport here. A few reasons why Phil Weiss pulls against the US in the World Cup, and for Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, and Iran

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In ‘turning-point’ vote, Presbyterians divest from occupation-linked corporations

Nearly 30 years after it divested from corporations complicit in South African apartheid, the Presbyterian Church voted 310-303 to divest from three corporations involved with the Israeli military and its occupation. The historic vote came after an hours-long debate that was spirited and wide-ranging.

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What evidence is there that teens were abducted?

Israel has offered no proof that the three missing teens were abducted, even as the government uses the case to rampage across the West Bank cracking down on Hamas and killing two Palestinians

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UNESCO group votes to protect ancient Palestinian terraces from Israel’s wall

The south Jerusalem village of Battir is targeted by Israel for construction of the separation wall. It is renowned for its agricultural terraces, ancient olive trees, and springs. Today the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO, meeting in Qatar, voted to declare the village a world heritage site in danger.

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After ADL says opera is ‘biased’ toward Palestinians, Met cancels broadcast, citing rising anti-Semitism

More evidence of the Jewish community committing intellectual suicide. The Metropolitan Opera has cancelled a broadcast of the 1991 opera The Death of Klinghoffer because the ADL says it is biased toward Palestinian terrorists and will stoke rising global anti-Semitism

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Mainstream piece lays settler teen abduction at feet of ‘illegal’ and ‘indefensible’ occupation

In another breakthrough in mainstream discourse of the conflict, Max Fisher at Vox says that indefensible and “illegal” Israeli occupation put the settler teens who were abducted on the front lines. And p.s., he doesn’t use the words two-state solution in this report

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Human rights activists are ‘out front’ of others and ‘thank goodness they are’ –Hillary Clinton

You could not be having the sweep of marriage equality across our country if nobody changed their mind, Hillary Clinton says, congratulating the activists who were “out front.” The same dynamic now applies to the issue of Palestinian human rights

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Iran wins points from Brazil to State Dep’t (even as Bill Kristol calls for another Iraq war)

Bill Kristol calls for the United States to reinvade Iraq to stabilize the country and keep Iran out of the picture. But John Kerry and Lindsey Graham are for working with Iran to quell the crisis

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Neoconservatism is ‘vindicated’ in fawning ‘NYT’ piece on power couple of Kagan and Kristol

NYT grants a platform to Bill Kristol and Rob’t Kagan, who pushed the Iraq war. Why no profiles of John Mearsheimer and Juan Cole? They were right.

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Economic pressure is all that will end apartheid, Tutu says in calling on Presbyterians to divest

Presbyterians meet this week in Detroit. Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls on them to divest from 3 companies in Israeli occupation. Apartheid will lead to tragedy for both peoples there, he says, and only economic pressure will force the stronger party to abandon the policy

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