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Hizzonor at AIPAC (has more political room than he thinks)

Let’s slam de Blasio for his pandering at AIPAC. It’s time to put PEP “liberals” (Progressive Except Palestine) feet to the fire. Support for Israeli arrogance and atrocities is declining.

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Don’t let the Islamophobes take over atheism

Trying to be a beatnik in late 50′s Indiana, I came of age with an association of atheism with liberal and later, socialist politics; it was the right wing that was religious. Now the neocons are ruining atheism

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US imperialism and the lobby

Part of a longer post on Rachel Maddow’s new book Drift, at Rick Congress’s Politics, Music and Irony blog: Maddow suggests restoring the balance between the executive and the legislative branches of government (take some power from the Presidency and … Continue reading

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Palestinian statehood initiative is educational tactic in a long struggle

At his site, Rick Congress notes that many regard the recognition of a Palestinian state on 22 percent of historic Palestine is an unjust solution, then writes: The campaign for the recognition of a Palestinian state is symbolic. But it … Continue reading

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The flotilla is a political response, not a humanitarian one

Rick Congress at his site: Supporters of the flotilla fall into a trap if they take up the argument mainly on the basis of saying “there is a humanitarian crisis, and the US and Israel are lying about that.” While … Continue reading

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On the vital strategic matter of terrorist chickens

From Rick Congress’s discussion of Goldstone’s statement:

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Deconstructing the news from the West Bank

Rick Congress posted this on his blog, Politics, Music & Irony. Here is the news item: Army: Palestinian Kills 5 In West Bank Settlement

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Finkelstein is movin on up to velvet rope in meatpacking district

Rick Congress went to a party last night for Norman Finkelstein’s new Gaza book, This Time We Went Too Far, at a bar on Gansevoort Street in New York. His report: It was really strange. The Griffin is one of  … Continue reading

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Red herring in Mamilla case

Martin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center has lately produced a 1945 article in the Palestine Post– later the Jerusalem Post–describing Muslim plans to build a commercial center on a portion of the Mamilla Cemetery that Hier now covets for … Continue reading

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