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A Palestinian academic. A progressive internationalist with a wholly secular outlook. Meticulously pacifist and a militantly anti-reactionary perspective. An interest in progressive advocacy spanning gay rights, refugee rights.

Money for nothing and occupation for free: The 1994 Paris protocols on economic relations between Israel and the PLO

I’m familiar with Stanley Fischer’s research before he became a central banker. I also know his books with Dornbusch and Blanchard very well. Fischer is a Rhodesian born economist who has been the governor of Israel’s central bank since 2005. Last … Continue reading

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Palestinian statehood and the struggle for self determination and national rights

I’m struck by how old and tired Mahmoud Abbas and his companions at the UN look. These guys have been with us for decades. They are certainly an experienced lot but it is not likely that we will get much … Continue reading

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Why I’m in favor of going to the UN: A response to Joseph Massad

On the 23rd of September the UN Security Council is slated to receive and consider Palestine’s application for membership in the United Nations. In the very unlikely event that Palestine gets nine or more affirmative votes and no NO votes … Continue reading

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Arab Sources: Hamas on UN bid

Hamas has issued a statement today regarding Palestine’s UN bid. Its interest for me is in the way Hamas describes what it thinks is the Palestinian national consensus. It seems that Hamas’ only substantive objection to going to the UN … Continue reading

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Arab Sources: Bishara on Palestine’s UN bid

Azmi Bishara has emerged as the Arab world’s leading political analyst. A few years ago he anticipated that Tunisia would be the first Arab dictatorship to face a democratic revolution. His nightly coverage of the Arab uprisings on al-Jazeera has … Continue reading

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The declaration of ‘The Jewish Authority in Eretz Yisrael’

In preparation for the upcoming United Nations vote on Palestinian statehood Jewish settlers in the Samaria region of occupied Palestine declared the establishment of The Jewish Authority in Eretz Yisrael yesterday (Sept 14th) . I don’t think this has been … Continue reading

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Yiddish poetry for Palestine

My Palestine is that of poets. I have broken bread at a table with Mahmoud Darwish before his exile. I played in the yard of Emile Habibi and was nourished by the love of Toufik Zaiad. I have touched the … Continue reading

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‘Arab Sources’ on Mondoweiss

Arab Sources is a place where I translate into English various Arabic sources and opinion. Arab Sources is also a place where I publish my own analysis. My broad aim is for the Arab Sources series to be an invitation … Continue reading

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