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Attacks on demonstrators in Rome

Rightwingers attacked a demonstration against the assault on Gaza in Tel Aviv, and now Rome has also been scene to a number of deeply disturbing and violent incidents, with attacks on Palestinians and Palestine solidarity activists.

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The BDS movement grows in Italy

The following statement was issued at the third national BDS meeting in Italy, held January 21 and 22 in Bologna, Italy: Over the weekend of January 21-22, the third national meeting of the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against … Continue reading

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Activists from across Europe gather to build the campaign against Agrexco

This past weekend in the Montpellier, France, over 100 activists from 9 countries gathered for the first ever European Forum Against Agrexco. Delegates from Italy, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Palestine joined the French organizers for two full … Continue reading

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Voices that are resisting

We are getting to know Gaza In the north-eastern zone of the city, Palestinian youths tell us stories about those infamous days in December 2008, when the Israeli army began its Operation ‘Cast Lead’. The landscape in front of us … Continue reading

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In the name of Vittorio Arrigoni, the ‘Stay Human’ convoy has entered Gaza

After leaving Cairo this morning at dawn, the 80 activists of the ‘Restiamo Umani’ convoy have entered Gaza at 4pm after crossing five Egyptian check-points. The convoy, whose goal is to return to the place where Vittorio Arrigoni has spent … Continue reading

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Pizzarotti should follow in Deutsche Bahn’s footsteps

Italian construction firm Pizzarotti is stupefied, bewildered, stunned. In an article on today’s Corriere della Sera, Italy’s top newspaper, covering Deutsche Bahn’s withdrawal from the Israeli project for a high-speed train line that cuts through the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Michele … Continue reading

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Italian activists call on company to withdraw from Israeli railway project in the occupied territories

In Italy, “Stop That Train” launches a campaign calling on Pizzarotti & C. SpA to withdraw from the construction of the Israeli high-speed railway crossing the occupied Palestinian territories. The German Ministry of Transport defines the project as “potentially in … Continue reading

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‘We are not in Israel’: Close encounters at the entrance to the Nokdim Settlement

A Palestinian family living in Bethlehem but originally from the village of Jeb al Theeb contacted our group of volunteers asking for help in harvesting olives on their land adjacent to the settlement of Nokdim, home to Israeli FM Avigdor … Continue reading

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The calm strength of a Palestinian woman

Umm Khaled, at first glance, is a Palestinian woman like many others: black clothing drapes over her body and head, her face marked by the years making her look older than she probably is. Yet this woman, who according to … Continue reading

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The Israeli military left it to settlers to monitor Palestinian farmers during the olive harvest

Jeb al Theeb, a small West Bank village south of Bethlehem, is under constant threat by the illegal Israeli settlements surrounding it. The small house we called home for a month had a view of the so-called Lieberman Road, which … Continue reading

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‘I am strong. We resist’: An interview in the village of Jeb al Theeb

Sitting in one of the houses of Jeb al Theeb, a small village south of Bethlehem, a Palestinian woman describes the living conditions. She is a teacher but in the darkness it is difficult to determine her age. Her home, … Continue reading

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Toy Israeli houses for Italian kids, destroyed homes for Palestinian children

That was the heading on the leaflet distributed at the Iper Coop in Rome, Italy on July 9, 2010, marking the fifth anniversary of the launch campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel. While the systematic demolition of … Continue reading

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BDS activists target Israeli pharma at Italy expo

On Saturday, May 8 a protest organized by the "Rome Palestinian Solidarity Network"(comprised of numerous associations and committees who stand with the Palestinian struggle for freedom) was held at the entrance to Rome’s exhibition center during COSMOFARMA, a pharmaceuticals expo … Continue reading

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Earth Day in Israel: Apartheid Showing Through the Greenwash

On April 22, as part of the global Earth Day celebrations, homes, offices and public buildings in 14 Israeli cities turned out the lights for one hour in an effort to "increase awareness of the vital need to reduce energy … Continue reading

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