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Netanyahu says Labor will bring ISIS to Jerusalem

Allison Deger on
Video screenshot, from Haaretz

Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu released an ISIS inspired campaign video late Saturday evening where his Likud party suggested a vote for his opponents will lead to Israel’s takeover by the Islamic terror group.

Happy Palestine Day

Alexandra Halaby on

This February 14, many Palestine advocates and good people around the world have chosen to celebrate “Happy Palestine Day” in place of the traditional Valentine’s Day. It’s not because people have decided to forego love, candies, cuddly teddy bears, and cards. Celebrating Palestine’s Day is simply a way for people to show their solidarity with the people of Palestine who live under the world’s most brutal occupation.

The client state and the U.S. arms industry

Jimmy Johnson on
An AWACs (Airborne warning and control system) airplane

An analysis of arms deals by Israel and the U.S. shows that Israel is a client state of the US. If its actions ever interfere with imperial interests, Israel is brought to heel, writes Jimmy Johnson.

Hanin Zoabi disqualified from Israeli elections over a mistranslation gone too far

Allison Deger on
Hanin Zoabi.

After a half-year suspension and a row to remove from office Arab member of Knesset Hanin Zoabi, right-wing parties succeeded in disqualifying her from participating in Israeli elections next month. Yesterday the Central Election Committee in the Knesset voted Zoabi and hardline candidate Baruch Marzel could not run. The two were accused of incitement against Israel. Both cases will now be reviewed by Israel’s high court.

Israeli prosecutor calls Bil’in protest ‘ideological crime’ at Abu Rahmah sentencing hearing

Kate on
Abdallah Abu Rahmah in court in 2010. (Photo: Activestills)

972 reports: European diplomats joined Palestinian, international and Israeli activists at a sentencing hearing for Palestinian non-violent Palestinian protest leader Abdullah Abu Rahmah at Ofer Military Prison in the West Bank on Sunday. The military prosecutor demanded a harsh punishment consisting of a long prison sentence and a large fine claiming that Abu Rahmah is somebody who commits ideological crimes, thus his chance for rehabilitation is low and he must be given a punishment that will deter him from doing similar things in the future.

Israel: Schabas resignation cannot ‘whitewash’ bias in UN war crimes inquiry

Allison Deger on
Professor William Schabas. (Photo: Journal de Montreal)

Since last August when professor of international law William Schabas was appointed as the head of a United Nations war crimes inquiry into violations committed in Gaza over the summer, Israel has repeatedly sought to remove him. Last week, Israel won. Schabas recused himself amid allegations of bias in a favor of the Palestinian government, but the resignation is not enough for Israel. It wants the entire investigation scrapped.

Labor leader attacks Netanyahu for going easy on Gaza

Philip Weiss on
Isaac Herzog

Did you think Isaac Herzog of Labor was running to Netanyahu’s left on the occupied territories? Guess again: Herzog slams Netanyahu for not hitting Gaza early enough and hard enough last summer.

Israeli police seize weapons from extremist Jewish settlement

Kate on
Yitzhak Ginsburg

Yitzhar is an extremist Jewish settlement in the northern West Bank that was founded by rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, who has commended a text condoning the killings of non-Jews. Israeli police raided it Tuesday, seizing weapons they said could be used on Palestinians or Israeli forces

One state in historic Palestine, but — what kind of state?

Ellen Isaacs on
A Palestinian looks at the Israeli settlement Har Homa in the West Bank.

What is absent from much of the discussion of one state in Israel/Palestine is how this just state is to be structured economically and politically. Ellen Isaacs says that any movement which is going to enlist a mass movement in the call for a single just state must address the needs of the non-owning majority of Arabs and Jews on both sides of the wall.

We Are Not Numbers: New project helps Gaza writers tell their story

Pam Bailey on
Ahmed Alnaouq

An estimated 2,300 Palestinians in Gaza were killed during the summer assault by Israel. Each one was a mother, father, brother, sister, friend or spouse to someone left behind, and their deep feeling of grieving and loss is still palpable – yet the stories behind these numbers have not been told. A new project called “We Are Not Numbers” is designed to attract attention for those stories – both their beauty and their tragedy.

Palestinian youth face psychological trauma and educational neglect following Israeli detention

Leah R. Platkin on
Israeli soldiers arrest a young Palestinian boy following clashes in Hebron on June 20. (Photo: THOMAS COEX – AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

2014 was a harrowing and devastating year for many people living in Israel and Palestine. Violations of human rights, racism, and hatred did not stop after the 2014 Gaza war and today are commonplace. Presently, there is imminent concern for the increasing numbers of wrongfully detained Palestinian children from East Jerusalem and the West Bank who are subject to ongoing state violence, severe psychological trauma, and denied the basic human right to education.

Settler shoots Palestinian teenager in East Jerusalem

Kate on
Settlers raise guns at Palestinians near Nablus on August 7, 2009 (Photo: AP)

Ma’an reports: “A settler shot and injured a 17-year-old Palestinian teenager in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan on Monday, witnesses said. Muhammad Yusuf Burqan, 17, was shot while tending to a small herd of sheep in the Wadi Yasul area of the neighborhood, his cousin told Ma‘an. “I came back to check up on Muhammad and found him lying on the ground surrounded by about 15 settlers, one of whom had a gun in his hand. I tried to access Muhammad and give him first aid, but the settler with the gun threatened to shoot me”

Netanyahu ‘babysitter’ ad warns that Labor will give away Israel’s house and carpet

Allison Deger on
Screenshot of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's "Bibi-sitter" ad.

In his latest campaign ad Netanyahu plays the “Bibi-sitter” and says that his opponents cannot be trusted to watch after Israel’s children. He goes after Labor leader Issac Herzog by saying, “By the time we get home we won’t have a house left!” meaning that a centrist government would agree to end Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and turn over the occupied territories to the Palestinians. In the mindset of the commercial, this is as disastrous and foolish as giving away one’s own house.

The status quo that suffocates Palestinians

Samer Jaber on
Abdul Fatah Abed Rabbo, or Abed Qotqot as his friends and family used  to call him. (Photo: LIOR MIZRAHI FOR THE TORONTO STAR)

The Israeli government told Abed Qotqot he could not build a structure on his property in the West Bank, so he decided to live in a cave to be able to stay on his land. Samer Jaber writes in memory of his friend, who died at age 54 while remaining steadfast on his land and fighting the Israeli government in court.

UN: In 2014, Israel demolished 1,177 Palestinians’ homes in the West Bank

Ben Norton on
A member of the Adgluni family watching his house being demolished by Israeli authorities in Beit Hanina, East Jerusalem on January 27, 2014. The Israeli authorities claimed the house was built on lands that do not belong to the family. (Photo: Activestills)

Israel destroyed 590 Palestinian buildings in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 2014, displacing 1,177 people, according to a new study by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). This constitutes the highest level of displacement in the West Bank since the UN began monitoring the issue in 2008.