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In memory of Ali Abu Afash

Mohammed Fares Al Majdalawi on
Ali Abu Afash

Mohammed Fares Al Majdalawi writes about his friend Ali Abu Afash, who was killed by an unexploded Israeli missile last summer in Gaza: “Ali, you were killed by a missile but you still live in my mind and heart. I will continue fight for freedom and defend journalists’ rights, and in this way your work and journalistic spirit will continue.”

Self-defense patrols form in West Bank as PA fails to protect Palestinians following Duma firebombing

Dan Cohen on
An effigy of baby Ali Dawabshe sits in a melted stroller inside the room where Israeli settlers burned him alive. (Photo: Dan Cohen)

Since the settler firebombing that burned alive eighteen-month-old Ali Dawabshe and killed his father Sa’ad, Palestinians in Duma and other villages have formed night patrol groups to confront settler incursions. Unarmed, they have no means to repel settlers who have the full backing of the Israeli military. “We don’t have anything to defend ourselves or any equipment. We just try to warn people if we see something,” said one member of the Dawabshe family who identified himself as Akram, preferring to use a pseudonym for his own security.

Health Under Occupation: Constraints on access to healthcare in the Palestinian Territories

Zahra Bhaiwala on
A doctor walks through the rubble in Gaza to a patient's house, Summer 2014. (Photo: Dr. Akihiro Seita/UNRWA)

The Israeli occupation is the chief structural barrier to quality healthcare for Palestinians—it has exacerbated existing inequities in the population and has given rise to a host of issues unique to this devastating political reality. The structural aspects of the occupation —political, economic, and social— collectively mitigate access to quality health care for Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem. Healthcare is not just measured in mortality statistics or disease prevalence. National health systems are highly influenced by the political climate surrounding them, and as Norwegian physician and activist Mads Gilbert puts it, “Medicine and politics are Siamese twins.”

Palestinian civil disobedience campaign spreads across Israeli prisons

Kate on
(Image: Carlos Latuff)

Ma’an reports: Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israel’s Rimon and Nafha jails on Tuesday continued a campaign of disobedience that was declared on Monday. The campaign will continue until the end of August, the statement said, after which time the prisoners are expected to announce an open-ended hunger strike. “Disobedience” include a boycott of domestic work, daily roll-call, security checks and prison clinics.

Gaza reconstruction finally begins over a year after Israeli attack

Isra Saleh El-Namy on
Palestinian workers rebuild a house which was destroyed during the last summer's war between Israel and Hamas, as the long-awaited reconstruction began in Shijaiyah neighborhood eastern Gaza City on Thursday, July 23, 2015. (Photo: AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

Isra Saleh El-Namy talks with Gaza families who are finally having their homes rebuilt after being destroyed by Israel over a year ago. “The news is good, but politics here taught us to wait for deeds before listening to ornate speeches, ” says Ahmed Qdeeh.

Palestinian shot after attack at gas station is 23rd killed in occupied West Bank this year

Kate on
Palestinian killed at gas station. Ahmad Gharabli photo for AFP

Israeli forces on Sunday shot dead a Palestinian man after he allegedly took part in a stabbing attack that left an Israeli civilian lightly injured in the occupied West Bank, the Israeli army said. An Israeli army spokeswoman said that “a group of Palestinian assailants” attacked and lightly injured the Israeli near Ofer checkpoint on Route 443.

‘They are the terrorists’–-Palestinians mourn a second death from settler arson attack

Dan Cohen and Allison Deger on
Duma villagers bury the body of Sa’ad Dawabshe. (Photo: Dan Cohen)

Hundreds of mourners from the northern West Bank poured into the hamlet of Duma to lay to rest a second Palestinian killed today after succumbing to wounds from a settler arson attack last week. Sa’ad Dawabshe, father of baby Ali Dawabshe who burned to death in the attack, died in the early morning hours in a hospital in southern Israel where he was being treated. His remains were transferred to his parents’ home outside of Nablus.