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Lockerbie: 25 years of geopolitics over truth

David Samel on

It has now been a quarter-century since Pan Am 103 exploded in the air and dropped onto the quiet town of Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 259 passengers and crew and 11 villagers.  No credible claim of responsibility was ever made, and the saga of the search for the guilty parties, still continues with various twists and

Notes from the cells

Felice Gelman on

Nine women are sitting in the backroom of the Egyptian border control waiting the twelve hours before we will be deported. We had come to Cairo to join a delegation of 100 women from around the world invited to meet the women in Gaza in solidarity on International Women’s Day. Each of us was snatched

Anti-Defamation League exploits fear of Muslims to undermine anti-gay bill

Alex Kane on

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) can’t quit pushing anti-Muslim bigotry.  The latest instance emerged in a peculiar fashion: in opposition to an anti-gay bill in Arizona pushed by religious conservatives. The ADL landed on the side of liberals in opposing the legislation, which would have enshrined the rights of business owners to deny service to gays

Reflections of an Iraqi in Palestine

Nessma Eman Bashi on

“Where was your father born?” he suspiciously asks. “Iraq” I reply. Born lost, I have found myself in the home of the landless where I am acutely aware of my identity built on a destroyed foundation. The rolling hills covered by aged olive trees, the scent of fresh lemons on my hand, and the immensity

Great Britain’s 100 year war on the Arab world

Nu'man Abd al-Wahid on

In the first decade of this century, amidst the flames of the “War on Terror” which had engulfed Afghanistan and Iraq, the late president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, made a private visit to London to meet Ken Livingstone, the mayor. Two days earlier British Prime Minister Tony Blair had lectured and rebuked Chavez and Bolivian

Unravelling the false history of the Iranian nuclear program: An excerpt from ‘Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare’

Gareth Porter on

On Friday Just World Books published Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare by Gareth Porter. The following exclusive excerpt is the introduction to the book. You can buy the book here.  In November 2013, the United States and five other states concluded a preliminary agreement with Iran on its nuclear program that

‘You seem to be on both sides of this legitimate/illegitimate kind of a thing': State Dept. spox says neither Israeli settlements, nor settlement boycotts, are legitimate

Annie Robbins on

There was an amusing exchange today at the State Departments’ Daily Press Briefing the sums up the confused and contradictory U.S. policy towards Israeli settlements. State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki dodged questions about Israel’s settlements, the boycott of Israeli goods, and the ‘framework agreement’, claiming both Israeli settlements and the boycotting of good produced in settlements are

The US charade in Egypt, Syria and Palestine

Marc H. Ellis on

This is part of Marc H. Ellis’s “Exile and the Prophetic” feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page. The Syrian talks went nowhere. As expected. Everyone knew they were show and tell. In Geneva, there was no breakthrough but there were accusations and yelling galore. Along with the fear of

Death toll rises in Yarmouk as siege and bombings continue

Allison Deger on

A week ago the world rejoiced when food trucks finally arrived to Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria to alleviate mass starvation, after nearly 200 days of siege and over 50 dead. Parcels of lentils, oil, sugar, rice and noodles were distributed. People gathered in the streets to cook a coffee-table-sized pot of soup. But an

On the 3rd anniversary of the democratic uprising, is there hope for Egypt?

James North on

The latest news from Egypt continues to depress.  Three years after masses of brave demonstrators filled Tahrir Square, the new military government continues to arrest thousands of innocent people — with the apparent support of a majority of Egyptians.  The security forces have also libeled the Muslim Brotherhood as “terrorist,” despite no evidence, outlawed the

Cracks in the alliance: Is there finally daylight between Israel and the US?

Jonathan Cook on

Things have come to a strange state of affairs when Washington regards Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s far-right foreign minister, as the voice of moderation in the Israeli cabinet. While Lieberman has called the soon-to-be-unveiled US peace plan the best deal Israel is ever likely to get, and has repeatedly flattered its chief author, US secretary of

Rejecting collective punishment from Gaza to Syria

Omar Chaaban on

Let us suppose for the sake of argument that Syria’s Assad regime does enjoy a considerable amount of legitimacy, and that their concerns of an armed insurgency designed specifically to advance Western imperial interests are acceptable. Let us also accept, for one second, that the revolution in Syria is the main bastion of extremism and

While you were neutral about Yarmouk

Talal Alyan on

While you were insisting on neutrality about Yarmouk, the Syrian regime dropped barrel bombs on it. Mohammad Al Far. Husam Abo Ahmad. Mohammad Tafori. Mohammad Suhaib Al Qides. Ala’a Fri’j. These men are all dead. Mohammad Taha would later die too when he, along with a larger demonstration, approached a regime checkpoint in frustration after the carnage rained

Cornell SJP responds to the situation in Syria’s Yarmouk refugee camp

Cornell Students for Justice in Palestine on

The situation in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria, the ghost capital of the Palestinian Shatat, is intolerable. Over the last several months, the camp’s remaining Palestinians have been closed off from without and deprived of food by government troops, invaded from within by the Saudi and Qatari-armed insurgents whom the siege seeks to contain.

Jon Stewart plays ‘Let’s break a deal’ with AIPAC

Annie Robbins on

Jon Stewart knocks it totally out of the ballpark in this recent episode of the Daily Show. He skewers AIPAC, congress and Israel over AIPAC’s proposed Iran sanctions legislation, and then some. He kills! Bonus a Lindsey Graham imitation to die for– and then a photo of all the senators threatening to vote for more Iran sanctions appears

Are the Palestinians the losers of the Arab Spring?

Abdalhadi Alijla on

Reading the news of Hassan Hassan’s murder, the Palestinian actor and comedian, in Syria’s Yarmouk refugee camp, was like a bombshell. Hassan and his wife were arrested by Al-Assad forces three months ago; his wife and son were released two days later. However, he was detained until his family was informed to issue a death

Simon Wiesenthal Center calls Falk, Walker, Waters, Blumenthal and ASA anti-Semites

Allison Deger and Philip Weiss on

You’d think it’s a parody but it isn’t. The Simon Wiesenthal Center, which says it’s devoted to fighting anti-Semitism worldwide because of the Holocaust, has made a year-end list of the “Top Ten Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel Slurs” for 2013 and (no surprise) the victors are a combination of actual anti-Semites and critics of Israeli policy. The American

American Task Force on Palestine finds funding from anti-Palestinian billionaire and a repressive monarchy

Max Blumenthal on

Despite its claims to be “committed to strengthening Palestinian-American relations” as “an independent voice for Palestine,” the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) has begun accepting funding from one of the most aggressive funders of anti-Palestinian and Islamophobic initiatives in the United States. A recently released 2011 Internal Revenue Service Form 990 information return revealed