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‘You seem to be on both sides of this legitimate/illegitimate kind of a thing’: State Dept. spox says neither Israeli settlements, nor settlement boycotts, are legitimate

There was an amusing exchange today at the State Departments’ Daily Press Briefing the sums up the confused and contradictory U.S. policy towards Israeli settlements.

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The US charade in Egypt, Syria and Palestine

The charade is empowering – for the powerful. The charade is a disaster – for the suffering.

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Death toll rises in Yarmouk as siege and bombings continue

A week ago the world rejoiced when food trucks finally arrived to Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria to alleviate mass starvation, but since then the siege is back. Even after the food arrived, it did little to curtail starvation throughout the camp of 40,000. The death toll now has exceeded 63,

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On the 3rd anniversary of the democratic uprising, is there hope for Egypt?

The gloom today about the prospects for genuine democracy in Egypt may be premature, explains a distinguished scholar. Yes, the latest news from Egypt continues to depress. Three years after masses of brave demonstrators filled Tahrir Square, the new military government continues to arrest thousands of innocent people — with the apparent support of a majority of Egyptians. The security forces have libeled the Muslim Brotherhood as “terrorist,” despite no evidence, outlawed the organization and killed at least hundreds of its members. But doomsayers should look at European history.

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Cracks in the alliance: Is there finally daylight between Israel and the US?

The Israeli government is hurling insults at U.S. officials and working visibly to thwart a peace process on which the Obama administration had staked its credibility. The recent diplomatic fracas over Moshe Ya’alon’s comments have added to the bad blood built up between these two allies during Netanyahu’s term. The feud is not only over Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians but on the related matter of US handling of what Israel considers its strategic environment in the wake of the Arab Spring.

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Rejecting collective punishment from Gaza to Syria

Nothing can possibly justify the Syrian regime’s policy of collective punishment against the Palestinians of Yarmouk, writes Omar Chaaban.

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‘Palestinian liberation incomplete without the liberation of all’–a statement on the siege of Yarmouk

A group of Students for Justice in Palestine chapters write a statement on the situation in Yarmouk camp in Syria.

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While you were neutral about Yarmouk

The Pro-Palestinian movement was delayed in picking up on the tragic unraveling of Yarmouk. It took the work of a great deal of dedicated activists to force it into the forefront of the solidarity movement’s agenda. What couldn’t be predicted, however, was that, in the place of silence, an ugly neutrality would hover over the new-founded concern.

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Cornell SJP responds to the situation in Syria’s Yarmouk refugee camp

Over the past year, as a result of a fraught military escalation, Yarmouk has become a charnel house, the overwhelming majority of its people in flight, while the remaining few die of starvation. We cannot accept this. No one has the right to deny another food, or to use food as a weapon of war. For that reason, Cornell Students for Justice in Palestine stands with the remaining few Palestinians in Yarmouk. We ask that the government coordinate with the United Nations or other capable and non-compromised agencies to ensure that the people of Yarmouk can eat. We demand that the armed groups respect its neutrality and leave the camp immediately. And we insist that the Palestinian refugees in Syria be allowed home to Palestine.

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Jon Stewart plays ‘Let’s break a deal’ with AIPAC

Jon Stewart knocks it totally out of the ballpark in this recent episode of the Daily Show. He skewers AIPAC, congress and Israel over AIPAC’s proposed Iran sanctions legislation, and then some.

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Are the Palestinians the losers of the Arab Spring?

Abdalhadi Alijla argues the Arab Spring has been counterproductive towards the Palestinian cause.

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Simon Wiesenthal Center calls Falk, Walker, Waters, Blumenthal and ASA anti-Semites

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s has made a year-end list of the “Top Ten Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel Slurs,” citing ASA, Richard Falk, Alice Walker and Max Blumenthal as anti-Semites.

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Katie Miranda introduces us to a new word – dronesplain. It’s a verb for condescendingly excusing or justifying drone strikes, most commonly seen with politicians and media commentators. Above, Time magazine’s Joe Klein dronesplains to New York Times columnist Tom Friedman.

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Obama and Kerry drop talk of Palestinian state for ‘state institutions’ and ‘transition’

“Palestinians have to also recognize that there is going to be a transition period where the Israeli people cannot expect a replica of Gaza in the West Bank,” President Obama said at the Saban Forum in Washington this weekend (with Haim Saban, above). While Secretary of State John Kerry indicated that he envisions Palestinian “state institutions,” but not statehood. So once again, Israeli security concerns trump Palestinian sovereignty

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American Task Force on Palestine finds funding from anti-Palestinian billionaire and a repressive monarchy


Despite its claims to be “committed to strengthening Palestinian-American relations” as “an independent voice for Palestine,” the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) has begun accepting funding from one of the most aggressive funders of anti-Palestinian and Islamophobic initiatives in the United States. A recently released 2011 Internal Revenue Service Form 990 information return revealed that ATFP has accepted at least $10,000 from the Klarman Family Foundation. The donation highlights the trajectory of an organization originally founded to advance the position of Palestinian statehood advocates in Washington, DC, but which has increasingly diverged from the Palestinian consensus. It also exposes an emerging strategy of pro-Israel donors like Klarman who are propping up an array of Muslim and Arab-American groups to drive a wedge into grassroots Palestine solidarity organizing. In addition, ATFP claims to have never accepted donations from foreign governments, but the group accepted $148,800 from the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in 2011. Above, a controversial photo of ATFP President Ziad Asali with then Israeli Ambassador the U.S. Michael Oren.

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The Cult in the Shadow War: An Interview with a former member of Mojahedin-e-Khalq

Richard Potter interviews Masoud Banisadr a former member of the controversial Iranian opposition group Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK, PMOI) and author of the book “Memoirs of an Iranian Rebel.”

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Even when US drones hit the mark in Pakistan, they’re still counterproductive

“We will put pressure on America, and our protest will continue if drone attacks are not stopped,” said an angry Imran Khan, leader of Pakistan’s third largest political party, the PTI (the Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf). He was speaking on Saturday, November 23, to a crowd of over 10,000 protesters who blocked the highway used by NATO supply trucks taking goods in and out of Afghanistan. The latest protests in Pakistan show that even when the US hits its mark, as in the case of the last two strikes in Pakistan that killed key leaders of two extremist cells, they’re still counterproductive.

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The false analogy of Syria and Palestine

Jonathan Cook responds to critics about his opposition to launching yet another “humanitarian intervention” in Syria.

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(Updated) Senator Chuck Schumer promises more Iran sanctions, vows to ‘defeat’ Arab world and Palestinians

New York Senator Chuck Schumer railed against the deal the Obama administration struck with Iran in a Sunday evening speech to an Orthodox Jewish organization. Schumer said, “Democrats and Republicans are going to work together to see that we don’t let up on these sanctions…until Iran gives up not only its nuclear weapons, but all nuclear weapon capability, all enriched uranium.” The remarks were an indication of the potential difficulties the Obama administration will have in convincing hawks to hold off on new sanctions.

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The story behind the deal: Israel kept out of the loop as secret US/Iran meetings took place in Oman

Details have emerged the U.S. had been holding secret meetings with Iranian officials in the Omani capital of Muscat since last March, facilitated by Sultan Qaboos of Oman.

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Iran & the Nuclear Question: Framing the debate, one picture (and one think tank) at a time

A twitter debate about Iran with Michael Doran, a senior fellow at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy, reveals Doran’s bias.

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Iran deal could result in ‘nuclear suitcase’ in US city in 10 years — Naftali Bennett scares NY

Naftali Bennett’s talk at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan veered from Israel’s status as a “lighthouse nation” to why the peace process was doomed to fail. But the main event of his discussion with neoconservative Dan Senor was the right-wing star’s warnings about why the U.S. should not strike a deal with Iran. “If a decade from now, God forbid, a nuclear suitcase blows up in an American city, we will be able to trace it back to these days,” Bennett told the crowd. The HaBayit HaYehudi leader urged for Western sanctions to be ramped up on Iran three days before talks over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear energy program will kick off again in Geneva, with many signs pointing to a deal.

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Neocon attack group uses health care debacle to say Obama can’t be trusted on Iran

The Emergency Committee for Israel is warning that President Barack Obama can’t keep promises–whether it’s on health care or Iran. The neoconservative group’s latest video warns that the American people can’t trust the president, and that he’s the one marching towards a war with Iran. It’s the latest salvo from right-wingers seeking to scuttle a diplomatic deal with Iran over its nuclear energy program.

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Showtime’s ‘Homeland’ and the imagination of national security

Showtime’s hit TV series “Homeland” is about Obama’s war on terror. Similar to 24, a popular show during the Bush era, it provides a means for the national-security state to publicize fantasies of terrorist threat, while setting new norms of acceptability on issues like surveillance and political violence. It not only sells the public on the notion that the War on Terror has become a permanent state of emergency, but that educated, sober, ethical, and smart people are in charge and that we should trust them to guard us.

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‘The goal is to isolate Iran’–Jamal Abdi breaks down Israel’s opposition to the Geneva talks

The conventional narrative about sanctions on Iran is that they are meant for leverage for an eventual deal over the country’s nuclear energy program. But some analysts, like the National Iranian American Council’s Jamal Abdi, fear that the economic pressure could end up scuttling a deal. “The danger now is…the sanctions are never going to be lifted. That just like with Iraq, these are sanctions not put in place as leverage, but to prevent rapprochement and prevent diplomacy and build a well between the two countries to eventually get to a war,” Abdi said in an interview on Sunday.

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