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  • Kerry says Netanyahu was wrong the last time he pushed war for the U.S.
    • Walid, It's time to move on from this hoax. Who believes it except probably
      congresspeople? They probably use J Street to counter the angry calls
      from constituents. I could see them saying 'I support J Street'. Anyway
      J Street should be proud, they gave the occupation another 5 years, and
      perhaps more.

    • Good point about J Street - as they don't even realize they are looking like Israel Firsters. with their obtuse advert. But J Street was always controlled opposition from DAY 1 - similar to Jodi Rudoren being picked as replacement for Eitan Bronner was when she was selected Jerusalem bureau chief for The New York Times. ~All window dressing really.

      If it's all so rigged, then why do so many people refer to the same false choices as offering a choice? This hoax will go on for another decade...

      It's clear to see Israel is a sinking ship, in so many ways, but no zionist wants to tell the tribe they've steered way off course. I would feel some sorrow for them if they weren't so evil to Palestinians - turning off their power in the freezing winter only a few days ago after they bombed them into the stone ago last summer.

  • Israel turns off power to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the dead of winter
    • At this point it would be better to see Israel dismantled or to return to the 1948 borders with serious reparations to the Palestinians/Arabs and/or whomever they've made a living hell to these last 60+ years. Even though their occupation is a rotting stench around the globe, the media manages to make it smell much more pleasant in the US.

  • Israel's new Asian allies
  • Congress flooded with letters urging members to #SkipTheSpeech of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
    • 'More than 30 members of Congress have already publicly or privately committed to #SkipTheSpeech'

      how heroic...

      Between the house and senate members there's only about
      500 more remaining to convince not to go.

      Prime Minister Obama should offer a rebuttal to Viceroy Netanyahu's appearance. That
      would be one way to stand the ground of the President of the United States. The beltway politicians don't see how obviously craven they are behaving, because the are way too inside the bubble of Washington, but the rest of the world will see it as an unprecedented performance of the ungrateful beggar nation at our door who we should have told too piss off decades ago.

      Do you think oneday they will stop bilking us and walk on their own damn feet to independence? Are we the nanny state for Israel? Seems like it will never end and it probably won't.

  • Americans oppose Netanyahu invite 2-to-1, but Dershowitz is all for it
    • The poll doesn't really show any change, as the second question is more telling:

      In the Middle East conflict, do you think the United States should take Israel's side, take the
      Palestinians' side, or not take either side?

      Feb. 12-15 2015 | May 24-26 2011*
      Israel’s side 29% 32%*
      Palestinians' side 2% 1%*
      Not take either side 66% 65%*
      No opinion 3% 2%*

      What 's more gloomy is that because the media has been echoing that a Netanyahu visit to Congress may not be so good, those surveyed seemed to respond in kind, while question #2 shows that nothing has changed in the minds of the American public.

  • Warren supporters can't talk about Palestine
    • "I am simply pointing out that keeping quiet about the elephant in the room or the bull rampaging through the china shop is simply eminent good sense for a politician."
      -It sure is Bryan. the real crux is how do we change this complex problem? The politicians will always rely on the donor to fund their moneyed campaigns, meanwhile the grassroots can't complete, or fail to do so on a level that can counter the donor.

    • I challenge 'progressives' when the opportunity is there, and often I get a lot of tropes like, 'well, I'm not qualified to comment on the IP situation' and yet they may have been some of the biggest critics of GWB policy not a decade ago. I try to explain the linkage between the Iraq invasion and the second call to war for Iran. It's right out in front of everyone in plain sight - i.e. clean break strategy, securing the realm.

      There's a grand dishonesty that everyone is afraid to touch, and more often they would pretend that it's a small side issue that doesn't concern them. They could be correct, I mean why should we care? I should enjoy my life. Especially when most of this topic is taboo. Why study it, when I can talk about cinema or fashion?

    • All the progressive artists in a Grand Street loft with their eyes wide shut.

      Credit to the person who asked the question.

  • Three Muslim-Americans murdered in North Carolina by gunman (Updated)
    • After watching the videos, I'm reminded of why people in the US so mentally stunted - all they need to do is watch these two shabbos orangutans make some guttural sounds as they read the scripted teleprompter.

      I think I'd rather hear Dersh and Judy Judy dialogue here - in the least they won't trip over their scripts and they'd say it from their hearts. Fox deserves blame surely, but so do all of the media empires in the US.

      *Pirro ran against Billary in 2006 for U.S. New York Senator. I didn't think she could make such a quick transformation to the mental slums it in only 7 years, but she certainly didn't disappoint her fan base.

  • Dear Mr. Netanyahu, please don't cancel your speech
    • Menendez was never a Zionist or a CZ for that matter. He only started with this pro-Zion bit since he got in to office and is likely because his reelection money coffers depend on it, and there is reason to believe that he may being blackmailed for all his affairs, as it's easier to control a politician if you have dirt on their past.

      Is there's a record of Menedez and his Judeo-Christian and pro Israel stance 5 years before he came to office? I don't think he was that type of guy.

    • Democrats must be worried about where they are going to get their fundraising from if they come out against hard against Netanyahu, so they all slowly & meekly line up one by one and say they are not going to attend. And the president must be impressed with this display of solidarity (kidding) within his party... he must be awestruck how they scurry like scared chickens when the political whip of AIPAC is cracked and then run to the trough of campaign cash when they demand a vote.

      Their caucus seems more concerned about how they can survive without the tainted PAC money, than banding together as a cohesive group for once in their worn-out group existence. The problem is that they don't really practice what they believe in, except tropes about being liberal, and even that is suspect more often. Their long track record of sucking-up to the apartheid regime is based in great part due to the traditional money donor base that funds them.

      If Netanyahu makes it to these shores, Democrats will likely prove what craven lackeys they are to PAC money and Zionism's corrupted coffers. Hopefully a greater swath of Americans can see the ruse for what it is.

  • A cosmopolitan's regrets: Roger Cohen on the Jewish condition
    • Keith,

      You're correct it was Bruce Wolman - my mistake. What caught my attention is how Homphi implies that you are a bitter non Jew [“Did some Jew turn you down for a job, Keith?] but then you call Sean an anti-Semite. Anyway, I thought it was a good example of political correctitude in action, like the guard kicking the dog who in turn, bites the intruder. something like that...

    • Keith taking SeanMcBride to the woodshed! Funny Keith, i remember years ago how David Green(?) found some screed you wrote against the Jews on your blog and posted it here. Then you were doing damage control.

    • "That doesn’t mean Jews and Gentiles can’t or don’t get along. It does mean, however, that Jews historically have been unable to rely on their Gentile brethren for communal safety and protection..."

      -Now theres's an idiotic & tribalist comment, as it assumes all gentiles had worked together for centuries, but it's sort of like saying today 'all those white people'. I think the comment is intended to gain pity on the tribe and you were unaware what a sloppy idea you laid out (more reflective of an ethnotcentric point of view).

      It's then fair to say that Israel should have protected the innocent Gazan civilians who were accidentally slaughtered by the IDF in 2014. [i.e. Palestinians historically have been unable to rely on their Jewish brethren for communal safety and protection]

      I'll ask the question again, in case it's lost. In which century and which (subgroups) of gentiles should have protected Jews?

  • Biden will skip Netanyahu's speech
    • Bigger global threats must observe the USA government and laugh.
      Probably think it's only a waiting game as politicians
      have to watch their own backs first.

      Reelection first, patriotism second! Long live Israel...

    • I’m sure the enthusiasm shown by her colleagues will be too contagious to not engage in the merriment.

    • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says the invitation was a mistake,
      but she's going to attend the speech?

      While democrats have a reputation to upkeep as being spineless quislings,
      I didn't think they'd stab their own president in the back by attending this speech.

  • John Lewis tells D.C. crowd he will not attend Netanyahu speech
    • And what will the other 187 democratic house members do? Will republican members skip out also?

      For who wants to hear an arrogant windbag 'viceroy' grandstand on how we need to give them more support, when they give us a big fat goose egg in return? Perhaps if they were shipping back gold bars to the empire, but I don't think the bastard colony has given us anything of value in the last half century.

  • Chair of Democratic National Committee opposes Jewish intermarriage and MSNBC showing Gaza carnage
    • I'm not sure if I'd attribute it Muslim immigrants.

      Poll: British People Dislike Israel More Than Iran - (refer to page 12) link to

      which of the following do you feel especially unfavourable towards? in 2012 Israel was at 18% in 2014 it was at 35%. (2nd place/ N. Korea is remains the highest at 47%)

    • Hi Pixel, This comment was so detached from mine, I'm surprised I found it. As there's a lot of other interesting things in this world, the Israel occupation seems to be a never-ending issue because Israelis are never going to 'feel'' safe and diaspora zionists will always bend the arm of the global politicial class. We could likely talk about this for 4 more decades, as I'm not sure it will ever end.

    • I think that often what bigots feel inside their gut or their kishkes is often bigotry, so they envision everyone having these prejudices, because deep inside they are full of prejudice/bigotry. The anecdote about his dead friend being ‘dissed’ by goyim is really unnecessary if even true.

    • I think the point here is also that the pro-Israel network seems too often to lack the capacity as a group to be self-reflective, all the while aiming to use their trademarked 'antisemitism' (racism) stamp on anything that remotely may seem dubious to their group advancement.

      And notice how Richard Cohen runs to his 'scientific' charts to formulate an equation. Imagine some waspy org. doing the same thing. Cohen and Co. would denounce them as bigots of the highest order.

  • The New England Patriots and Israel
    • That Myra quote I remember well, as it hard not to forget a team like the Patriots is run by Owners who make 'Israel first' comments such as hers:

      -"I would hate to have one of my sons fighting [in Iraq for the U.S.]. Iran’s the problem, not Iraq. But, as far as fighting for Israel is concerned, there is no problem."

      I knew Edelman was 1/2 Jewish (raised Catholic), but for him to put the pin on his hat is sappy politicking no better than Sarah Palin. What's he running for political office? In the least we won't always have to hear those harping on about Sandy Koufax when it comes to sports now.

  • Since when is the Southern Poverty Law Center a pro-Israel organization?
    • Al Jazeera is producing some documentaries that wouldn't be able to be produced in the USA. The main one being 'the Day Israel Attacked America' (the USS liberty bombing by Israel Air Force) and another one "World War One Through Arab Eyes" gave a good understanding of the Arab world, slowly losing it's power beginning last century.

    • Thanks Karl for your insight -be advised, the more you peel back the layers, the more unsavory it becomes. - and many people who you explain your perspective to, could care less - even if they are supposed liberals.

      Read the other papers, Al Jazeera, RT, etc. - compare and contrast. Only way to change ideas, but most people can't afford the time to do so.

  • Video: Racist Israel supporter films himself attacking Toronto students, urinating on BDS poster
    • true, this man exhibits all the classic signs of a ziocane bender.

    • Ritzl,
      I listened to it once more, and although he seems to believe he's been made deputy of the local hate crimes division, he still sounds nervous. And that could be for acting like such a dumb-dumb in general. Who threatens people and destroys their property, all the while filming it and then posting it? Only G-ds ch-sen people could be so bold.

      They should have some sort of emergency station at the campus where he (although not a student) can quickly strap on some tefillin to decompress, as he seems to be on some sort of jihadist bender. The Canadians should really be more accommodating to his insecurities, I'd say.

    • Did he use the camera so in case he met some opposition & they beat him to a pulp
      he could cry antisemitism?

      So much nervousness in his voice, and hatred against them Ay-rabs, but he should know
      it isn't just Arabs who endorse BDS, the list is growing every month.

      Wait to see his mugshot. Seems an important next step if his Jewish community in Canada
      will condemn his actions publicly or will they be silent and exhibit a secret shared pride
      at what this Sabra has done.

  • Shit dead rabbis say about gentiles
    • Isn't that kind of like 'blaming the troops' for the Neocon's American foreign policy?

    • Citizen, I remember not only the abuse of animals at Agriprocessors, but the overworked immigrants who would lose their arms in machines, there were even cases of rape of the employees by the management (knowing they were illegal they sure took advantage). Good Cheer, until the Feds came and busted it all up.

    • This embarrassing comment feels like someone who could make apologies for slavery. 'Ya know, those slave owners weren't so bad really. It was the situation and all that which made them sometimes cruel...they saw the world in black & white...' -12 years a Gentile...

    • I never understood this grudge that Rabbis seem to often exhibit. Is it the vengeance of the shtetl mindset, sitting in the Pale Settlement, wishing they were being serviced by their gentile servant.

      I guess every religion loves to fantasize, but why do people like say Senator Corey Booker, fall in love with Chabad when the leaders speak this way?

  • Independent investigation details Israel's deliberate targeting of civilians in Gaza
    • I haven't been following closely enough to the media anymore, since so much dis-information emanates from it's echo chambers, but the 2014 summer slaughter of Gaza was much worse than January 2009's Operation Cast Lead. There was so much more obvious cruelty inflicted on the Gaza prison camp, as the 2014 Israeli military operation (killing spree) targeted hospitals this time around (I recall about 9), as opposed to 2009 when it only targeted the singular flour mill in Gaza. That flour mill was something Judge Richard Goldstone wrote about in his extensive report, but retracted his report due to pressures inside the Jewish world.

      The Israeli military destroyed nearly 1/4 of the infrastructure of Gaza, aided by it's government while the cheering public watched from the distant hills. This recent destruction has led to the recent deaths of Gazan babies freezing to death. The feeling of destitution must be unimaginable, as politics play out with AIPAC greasing all the US poiticians and politicos. And of course here, the Liberal Zionists will tell you how they really understand the conditions of Gazans, because they've had grandparents who survived similar prison camp experiences, and very well know the quality of suffering all the while, defending the occupiers who continue to take the lives and livelihood of Palestinians because they somehow deserve it more.

  • Netanyahu speech scandal blows up, and 'soiled' Dermer looks like the fall guy
    • Funny comparison Jones, although the AIPAC lackeys will say Netanyahu never took them out back and shot them dead. Yahu isn't half the orator that Stalin was, or Mao for that matter, so Congress, As Walters says, gets paid to perform and stand up to his Israel-centric speeches. Can't wait to see this next one though in the congress. I'll wager side bets with you on who claps and stands up the most.

    • David, At least we can laugh about these political topics, and good analysis you put forward.
      It's interesting to see that Israel and it's leaders seem to have more power when the issues are buried by Congress & the complaint American media, but as soon as Netanyahu makes a 'big' move he has to show the world what his next move will be - and it's not so easy for him now, especially with that macho Israel election looming in the near future!

    • I'd agree that Netanyahu's election success/failure is now tied to his congressional speech.
      I don't think he'll back down, or throw Dermer under the bus as they've had a very long relationship, although Dermer could willingly accept the beat down for the sake of Zionism and Netanyahu's political survival.

      But Bennett and the other good ole' boys back in Jonestown are going to smell spineless actions if he fails to push forward, since the fanatical mind always sees an enemy when they don't have their wish granted. Obama has already been smeared by his own party members (talking points coming straight out of Tehran) obviously coming from AIPAC memos. I can't wait to watch Netanyahu next moves.

    • Page: 36
  • Obama won't meet Netanyahu during 'bizarre,' 'historic,' 'unprecedented' visit (Updated)
    • Happy New Year, Taxi.
      Yeah, more people are seeing what used to happen in smoke-filled backroom democratic circles. Now most of the undecided sideline-watchers can plainly see what's so special about this relationship (one a stalker/the other the provider). Terrific it is that the president is making this thing difficult and isn’t behaving like the standard democratic party quisling; the most recent democratic embarrassment - Senator Bob Menendez.
      Israel wants ‘security’ from the US indefinitely, but six decades of oppression will make any onlooker wonder about who is the victim. So they need to clean that up - no one is fooled. Also, I can send anyone who believes the party line an article by any global news agency that refutes to bogus US media narrative. Even the US media doesn’t even carry the Israel as david[& goliath] story any longer, they get laughed at for doing so (see nytimes commenters dismantle op-ed pages).
      The problem is the money going to our elected officials. It usually involves some spouting of pro-Israel sentiment and towing the line about our ‘special ally’. But it’s collapsing every week. We all see change, albeit slight & slow at times. Once Israel makes its commitment to stand on its own ground, I’m sure we’ll be inspired by such example! And then other nations can do business with them. But bilking & mooching for untold decades, and now biting the hand that feeds it, is perceived as they aren’t ready for prime-time yet. So the challenge should be on Israel and its gov’t, and not revert to the stale equation of divide & conquer the congress. That’s outdated material.

    • Good news, the wheel of progress is turning, exposing the rift between the two nations. This underhanded effort by Boehner will certainly expose the soiled relationship that the US has with Israel on a larger scale - slowly but surely, the evidence is undeniable.

      And picture when Netanyahu comes to the beltway the next month, he’ll make his tired case that he wants security assurances from the US regarding Iran, but he wont offer any fig leaf in return - the settlements will continue, and he’ll tell his congressional buddies it’s about 'security' and we’ll be nowhere - meanwhile the strategy of occupation & oppression slowly simmers in the background.

      But, it’s clear that the special relationship is crumbling, and that could be the best result for both sides. Time for the umbilical cord to shrivel up and for Israel to realize it's inside the Arab world, not in some imaginary bubble where the US gives it whatever it needs indefinitely to occupy and oppress people until they feel 'secure'.

  • The ‘hasbara’ tweeps who brought down Jim Clancy, and their ties to Israel and the Israel lobby
    • How awkward when you realize that the senior management of CNN is more concerned about anonymous trolls than their seasoned employees. Someone pull the dagger out of his back. I can see why CNN has the lowest ratings on cable news.

  • Virulent, violent verbal tactics reveal Dershowitz as a bully, says fellow Israel advocate
    • I read this last week, but also following his summer article where he lavishes praise on Israel and describes the Gaza killings this summer as an admirable performance. here's the link & one excerpt: "Israel has used its truly miraculous Iron Dome system to shoot down most but not all of Hamas’s most deadly missiles. Those missiles landing in rural areas and on highways cannot efficiently be shot down using Iron Dome; in any case life is impossible when constantly heeding bomb sirens and heading to shelters. Israel is fully authorized in taking steps needed to eliminate Hamas’s threat to the Jewish state."

      link to

  • 'Israel is becoming an isolated ghetto,' says Amos Oz
    • And the top comments picks, from commenters, are grossly disproportionately critical of the occupation/land grabs.

      You'd think that the newspaper would eventually have to come to terms with their brand of hucksterism, but the pattern of the editors praising pro-Israel sentiment while the masses are vastly critical of Israel have been a steady pattern for at least 5 years now, perhaps longer.

  • Cindy Corrie: What Mondoweiss Means To Me
    • Also what is memorable to me was be able to directly communicate with Cheryl Corrie on this blog years ago. That connection to hear from Rachel's family is immeasurable.

    • "17,200 Gazan homes were totally destroyed or severely damaged, and 37,650 homes suffered damage but were still inhabitable." link to

    • Bless Rachel for her contributions exposing the injustice of occupation. Look at how the situation has spiraled out of control.

      [Graphic: A Policy of Displacement] link to

      and note that all the razed homes does not even account for the summer destruction of 2014, that includedthe destruction of '470 houses. Another 3,000 to 4,000 houses have been partially destroyed. The IOF also destroyed 38 mosques, 13 of which were directly and wantonly targeted. Thirty-nine schools were damaged, of which five (and one university) were directly targeted. IOF attacks also destroyed 42 civilian facilities, including CBO offices and quasi-governmental institutions. Furthermore, it destroyed 107 privately-owned workshops and small industrial and commercial plants. IOF also destroyed 90 police and security installations and 25 sites that were used for military purposes by armed groups.'

  • Shmuley Boteach taunts Palestinian solidarity demonstrators in NY
    • Boteach: "Sure I love promoting God and Judaism, but let's call a spade a spade — the main reason I'm on TV is because I want to be a celebrity," says the 32-year-old rabbi, peering up from behind his wire-rim glasses. There is nothing wrong with such ambitions, he says, as long as they're connected to a greater good."
      link to

    • Boteach couldn't even get 25% of the vote for Congress in 2012.

      link to
      A fringe guy who's probably in the wrong country but he
      doesn't have the will to move to Israel, because he'll
      be marginalized there, as every other lunatic will
      out-do his crazy ideas. Here, he looks somewhat
      daring to his Chabad circle of friends, and himself of course. Look
      at his twitter feed to see how enamored he is with himself.

    • And here's the moral giant calling the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center a Chanakuh bush.

      link to

      Nice that Senator Corey Booker keeps friends like Rabbi Boteach in such high regard. Chabad is on the rise.

  • Elizabeth Warren visits Netanyahu, even as he undermines US negotiations with Iran
    • Way to go Warren. Show us your principled stance by heading to Israel after you were mum about this summer's Gaza slaughter 3.0. Washington leaders have no principles, only their self preservation in mind.

  • Like an unrequited lover, 'NYT' confesses itself heartbroken over Israel's (latest) betrayal of democracy
    • I think the blowback is inevitable. Israel doesn't respect human rights, but complain at length about global antisemitism. They don't see the paradox, i guess.

    • Israel has decided it's in their best interests to go this way, this is the bold new face of Israel to the world. Wait for the domestic Israel polling, as it will probably show that 75% agree with the Yahu Gov't.

      poll: only 9% of Israel Arab citizens feel like equal citizens. link to

    • Foisting the Jewish homeland upon an existing Arab world would surely create conflict. I don't have any issue with Jews wanting their own place in the world to develop their culture, but accomplishing this goal through ethnic cleansing, destroying towns and replanting trees to cover their remnants of the old villages, while employing hasbara to the greater world probably will tarnish the reputation of the utopia they intended to create. And today, they see a miracle, where the rest of us see occupation and breaking international laws.

      Herzl and other early Zionists made an incredible blunder back then for the Zionist homeland, because all the right wing fanatics of greater Israel have to now work to correct this mistake and look like deceitful fools in the process - their blatant dishonesty and manipulation of gov't through PACs, etc. And what's worse is that organizations like the Times are showing that they are part of this agenda, enabling the expansion of Israel while oppressing the Arabs that are soon to be demoted to second class citizens.

  • Netanyahu's 'battle for Jerusalem' can't end well for any of us
    • Jonestown needs another city to conquer to avoid any self-reflection, and coming to grips the notion that their entire state is one massive land grab spanning 70+ years.

      Wow, how interesting is Israel and all it's excuses. Israeli Strategy : how they get things, make excuses and obfuscation., Safety is Occupation, Up is Down, War is Peace.

  • The fight to save a village continues in Wadi Fukin
  • For Obama officials, synagogue attack is 'pure terror' -- and not a word about attacks on Palestinians
    • This synagogue hit has led to the discussion of Baruch Goldstein in the Forward check this out. They have comments apologising for Baruch Goldstein's actions 20 years ago and it's not just one comment (and people think MW comments are bad):

      "@azkenamer · 8 hours ago
      I think it is important to remember what exactly pushed Dr. Goldstein over the edge. I hope the readers please take into account that his job was treated the survivors of Arab terror attacks. He was Israel's top trauma doctor and was about to be promoted to IDF major before the killing. His best friend Mordechai Lapid (a former Soviet refusenik and prisoner) and his son died in his arms during the surgery two nights before the attack. They were victims of Arab terror as well as hundreds of others. Some lived and some died. You would have to be super human in order for these things not to effect you. He was an activists but most simply demonstrate without killing people. In any event I thought this was a well written editorial. I agree with it. The fact that no solutions are offered might be because they have not been formulated or perhaps there are no solutions."
      link to

  • Muslims' beliefs are 'untrue' and 'ridiculous,' 'Salon' author says, offering support for Maher's intolerance
    • Dennis Miller - what a saccastic hack he was. Bill Maher's comic shit is starting to stink real bad, and more people are taking notice. Him and Miller could do a self-serving comic road tour in Israel one day, paid for by the neo-cons.

    • "Are there gay bars in Gaza?" ~What a chump Maher is. Funny that the three white guys
      are putting down the one minority woman, and the audience roars in favor of Maher.
      Go American liberalism on HBO. That's how we do it here...

  • Video: Routine exchange on a bus reveals racism embedded within Jewish Israeli society
    • If Israelis are so concerned about their security, why not get separate bus lines? That way the Israeli (Jew) can feel secure in the land it's taken by force & connivance for 60+ years. What's important is that the emotional well-being of Israelis are satisfied.
      And while they are at it, give back the occupied land, and their sense of well being and security will dramatically increase.

    • how are people supposed to live around and deal with this mentality?

      -come on. They are a start-up nation that's had to occupy another people
      to ensure their rule. Surely if they have another 60 years to figure things out
      they'll eventually get to some equilibrium.

  • Al Jazeera investigates the USS Liberty attack in 'The Day Israel Attacked America'
    • Those crewman finally have their story told after 47 years. Imagine tanning on the the deck of this ship that sunny day and your ally (seeing the 5'x8' American Flag on a clear day) drops bombs on the deck and a bloodbath ensues. Added torpedoes and then blocks your radar distress signal (a violation of international law) only to become a political issue which LBJ swept under the rug. Even after 5 decades, I do see why this topic would scare any pro-Israel zealot.

      Lysias makes the point above "Even before the attack started, the Israelis were jamming any radio frequencies the Liberty might use to get off an SOS: both the International Distress Frequency (which it is a war crime to jam) and U.S. Navy frequencies. Why would you do that if you didn’t know it was a U.S. ship." and the documentary makes the point that only an ally would know the frequencies to jam the Liberty.

    • Keith,
      Some of the video was new to me. The only downside was they didn't interview any Israelis, but I don't think they'd be willing to comment on any of it. What is strange is that it took 47 years for the crew of the Liberty to have their story told, and the only organization willing to make a documentary was Qatar's Al Jazeera network. Anyway, check out the 50 minute documentary, surely you'll learn something new.

    • The Iraqi's didn't jam their distress frequency though.

      Israelis Jammed distress freq. and tactical frequency blocked during the Liberty Attack. (*International distress frequency is a violation in international law.) quote: [Crewman Kavanaugh:] who would know the frequency other than an ally? Who was the ally in the war, it wasn’t Egypt, it was Israel. They would know, and only they would know in this conflict what are frequencies would be.”

    • New details:

      1. I never heard that that Israelis used Napalm bomblets on the USS liberty.
      The crewmen on the deck of the Liberty explain this detail.

      2. Israelis Jammed distress freq. and tactical frequency blocked during the Liberty Attack. (*International distress frequency is a violation in international law.) quote: [Crewman Kavanaugh:] who would know the frequency other than an ally? Who was the ally in the war, it wasn't Egypt, it was Israel. They would know, and only they would know in this conflict what are frequencies would be."

      3. LBJ (the most pro Israel president to date) was the actual Newsweek leaker where he indicated that Israel intentionally targeted the USS Liberty to Newsweek > which alarmed the Israel embassy> declassified docs showed the Lobby was going to use the blood libel against LBJ would arouse the Jewish Donors. Israel gov't coordinated team of lawyers beginning an all out offensive to support Israel with assistance from the media. LBJ wanted to run for reelection next year.

      I think in the end Israel aimed to sink the Liberty but failed, as they wanted to keep their plans to occupy the Golan heights a secret the following week. Transcripts indicate that they knew it was an American ship and have the audio to back it up. The crew said they were flying the largest American flag possible on the deck time of the attack. link to

  • What is the vision of Jews who want to replace Al Aqsa mosque with temple?
    • thanks for translating and further proof that Israel's future has no fresh ideas. Why destroy the sacred Mosque, when they can build something elsewhere? Egypt, Turkey, and Jordan are aligning against this. Perhaps Israel will create a united enemy as a result of their messianic visions.

    • Very strange that all of this is happening, the colonists are getting more fanatical each passing year. Washington's policy of looking the other way has really backfired big time. This destruction of the Al Aqsa would be a major terrorist accomplishment, and I wonder how the Zionists would spin this one?

  • Chomsky used to need police protection when he spoke about Israel, no longer
  • An exciting night at the opera: 'Klinghoffer' opening dominated by protest and heavy police presence
  • In the last days of 'Operation Protective Edge' Israel focused on its final goal -- the destruction of Gaza's professional class
    • I suppose were not going to see another Goldstone report this time around, but it's important to have these details laid out to use it against Israel's leader's when they are marched into the ICC.

  • NY rabbi implores those in her congregation who are joining Israel's enemies to love the country
    • Boring...wake me when it's over...and they actually confront their internal problems head on. All they do is bring up the problem and offer no solution. That was the speech of a politician.

  • The Titanic of the occupation -- SodaStream (Update)
    • The entire canister on the kitchen countertop is clunky. And you have to buy these CO replacements that are about 60 to 120$ periodically, not to mention the sugary flavor containers (and this is saving on plastic!). It feels like buying an inexpensive fax machine only to be over charged for the replacement ink and accessories.

      That and coupled with being trademarked as a 'Made in Apartheid Land' product, makes it of little use to most people of conscience.

    • remember the zionist line this summer 'soda-stream is providing jobs to Palestinians who otherwise wouldn't have work'. There's always some excuse at hand for apartheid in practice.

  • Over 250 anthropologists join the call for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions
    • AntiSemites with college degrees. the worst kind of anti semite. The plug is being pulled on the corrupt empire of zionism. Why don't the leaders of the cult change course?

  • Netanyahu heads to New York to ‘refute all the lies’ and praise ‘the most moral army in the world’
    • notice how the crowd was very thin?

    • The Times have been doing this for a few years now. When the comment consensus is not what they want, they direct you to 'nytimes recommended' comments. Some people who are not so quick with comments sections totally miss this. I'd say it's rigged...

  • Ohio treasurer fights divestment from the 'beacon of American values' in the Middle East
  • Ads Against Apartheid comes to Chicago's south side
    • 'Will More Land for the Arabs Really Bring Peace?'

      The Zionist Ad is really stretching their case. Mauritania is a separate state from Egypt, and so on. Zionists are getting more pathetic each passing year, and this graphic proves how desperate they've become. Why not show the entire world in RED letters...

      The question posed should say:
      'will more land for Zionism and Israel bring peace and safety to the Jewish Stat?'

  • Russell Tribunal finds evidence of incitement to genocide, crimes against humanity in Gaza
  • Rabbis want to criticize Israel but fear donors (and 'NYT' buries the news)
    • Rabbi Rosen said in an interview: “For many Jews, Israel is their Judaism, or at least a big part of it. So when someone challenges the centrality of Israel in a public way, it’s very painful and very difficult, especially when that person is their rabbi.”

      Israel is the religion to many Jews who've never stepped foot in a synagogue. I've seen the exuberant defense of Israel, from many whom don't even know where the ark is in a synagogue is located. Do these enthusiasts have all the money as the quote below indicates, not that I've seen. Certainly the mouth though.

      “Rabbis are just really scared because they get slammed by their right-wing congregants, who are often the ones with the purse strings. They are not necessarily the numerical majority, but they are the loudest."

  • US Congressman Danny Davis calls for lifting the blockade of Gaza
  • The rise of 'If Not Now' and the collapse of the pro-Israel consensus
    • Dan's correct. They should call themselves 'this time we mean really it' (notice they invite Zionists, non-Zionists, anti-Zionists, two-staters and everyone in between to join in.)
      If not now, delicately implies 'then when'. That's weak!!!

      Why not a name like 'No More Israel Pork'.

  • Ohio student leader's dramatic act for Gaza
  • After 'Operation Protective Edge': Self-healing in Gaza
  • Did LA pro-Israel group conceal right-wing identity from Hollywood celebs and media?
  • British pol is beaten by man in Israeli army t-shirt, and the chattering classes are silent
    • It's more than Jew Hater - today MW is antisemitic.

      link to
      MJ (Mike) Rosenberg
      Yes, I consider the website Mondoweiss to be anti-semitic.

    • weasel wording? - You probably had a knee jerk reaction when someone said Jews weren't able to live somewhere in the world.

      Of course he didn't mean Palestinian Israelis, as they're not the pompous occupiers. And yes, there are the 5% Ilan Pappe crowd within Israel, and I think many would understand what Galloway intends to convey.

    • Mr Gill said that Masterson told the police: "I didn't want him to think I'm scared, Galloway is Anti-semitic and I am Jewish." link to

  • Coming to a campus near you: ADL recruits student politicians for Israel trips
    • ADL is trawling campuses. What a thoroughly dishonest organization.
      They should rename themselves the global hasbara thought police.

      What's next - high schools, grammar schools, county fairs?

  • Israel's information iron dome
  • Gaza goyim jailbreak
    • Bennett and Lieberman still want more blood in Gaza, even though Netanyahu(!) agreed to cease fire. Things are only getting nuttier in Israel, and Americans need to wake up and finally realize this issue is not going away, but seemingly getting worse. How many civilians have to die in Gaza and the West Bank for American citizens & politicians to voice their anger?

      Politicians in the US should wake up (see Bernie Sanders recent video), and Israel politicians better wake up. Once BDS starts and newer campaigns emerge, and after the decades(!) of spoon fed-propaganda is realized, the US citizens could turn on Israel's criminal enterprise of occupation & land grabs quickly.

  • Salaita's hire set off fundraising alarm at U of Illinois, per emails to chancellor
    • I always get the sense that is never often said, but the Zionists are a group of Pack Hunters that fight a Stealth Battle. It's a good strategy when you don't have majority rule.

  • 'We made a mistake. There is a sickness inside our community' -- Jacob Ari Labendz in the synagogue
    • good speech. I think the only audience who will listen to him are Jewish youth. It seems that as much as older Zionists want to understand, majority of them can't adapt at this point. They don't want to hear that their sacred project is being criticized, so they tune out.

  • 'NYT' op-ed calls on Jews to abandon liberal Zionism and push for equal rights
    • Good piece. Although there's always this sense that it has to be done for a sub-group - i.e the diaspora are getting the shaft, so let's unite. I guess he's trying to motivate and/or herd the cats - tough challenge against Zionism's allure to diaspora Jews and all the money that trickles toward its coffers.

      David Samel is top Comment*.

  • 'Common Dreams' website traps Hasbara troll spewing anti-Semitism
    • It's a scary trend. You could see left leaning publications dry up in the US. We'll become more like Israel. Which is the political aim of this nabbed troll and many of his friends.

    • JIDF article - When persecution complex hits rock bottom it looks something like this... link to

      JIDF: 66,000 members. link to

    • lol! great. Sorry to laugh in your face wes, but you had that one coming.

    • great link. Thanks. We have to ask ourselves is this a few lone wolves? Of course it isn't. The JIDF link provided says their fighting against Antisemitism and Terrorism, but they seem to overreach with duplicitous hasbara, based on what you've highlighted above.

    • That's worse Annie. A Harvard grad who has had 10 years to do something, given the prestige of an ivy league education, and he gets his kicks off imitating anti-semities with black sounding names. Common Dreams is making a terrible move protecting this person.

      I wondered if keeping this situation on the hush-hush has anything to do with incoming donations? There's always that possibility.

    • This is serious stuff. Common Dreams needs pressure to release his name. What a dumb decision, and like you said, he's not a child.

    • Harvard? Well, that's embarrassing for the elite US university.

      If this were a neo-nazi skinhead posting and aiming to undercut a website's prestige and funding, would they be sensitive to a simple apology and excuses about having a tic, with fear of his safety in mind?

      His name should be released to the public, as they're letting a malicious con-man get off with a slap on the wrists. This is completely bonehead policy to let him coast. Surely he'll return to his behavior. Reminds me of Anthony Weiner and his sexting habits. He's reformed, until he's caught again.

  • Israeli ship heads out of Oakland - again - after five days of extraordinary protest
  • Despite ravages of war, Gaza supports armed resistance to lift the siege
    • Wasn't he the same guy that said he 'coined' the phrase Israeli Firster -while the MW comments section was using it for more than 3 years before he discovered it.

  • Air strikes and rocket fire resume as Gaza negotiations collapse
  • Ceasefire comes to a close -- Mohammed Assaf's 'Raise Your Head High'
    • Jon s: "Chu, I don’t see what’s the point of your question about my personal friendships. I wouldn’t ask anyone “how many Jewish friends do you have?”

      .I'll take that as you have NO Palestinians friends.

      (And why not address me directly, stop posting your comments to another person. Nice way to duck an answer.)

    • How many Palestinian friends do you actually have, Jon? By your blase attitude toward them, I think they would be better without your 'imagined' friendship. Maybe someone who is Palestinian or pro-Palestinian on this blog will defend you, but it's doubtful, since you're an apologist for Israel.

  • Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney dodges Gaza question (and how long can he get away with that?)
    • The 'template' letter seems like one AIPAC lobbyist could have provided it to the congressman, because it's a well-crafted letter that deflects criticism while hiding behind the security issue, and managing to say whatabout Syria, whatabout Iran, etc.

      The Congressman can always defer to the wiser controlled elders of the Democratic Party. Those people (Steny Hoyer, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, Harry Reid, etc) are the message makers for Netanyahu. I think the target should often be on these people, with a clear campaign to take them down, instead of the fresher members.

    • and perhaps there's a bit of room for the US media inside that tent?

    • I agree - you have to assume that even if these people are getting hand-drafted letters (via AIPAC reps) on how to respond to letters from constituents, that this man doesn't really care about the bigger picture.
      Plus, added pressure from his party from the top-down would probably dissuade him from doing anything significant. We need a few Jim Trafficant types back in the house to stir the pot.

      This man may chalk it up at the end of the day that getting elected to represent certain social issues was the reason he ran for a representative. But having to be mum about foreign policy is how these greasy people survive. Rachel Maddow almost could mirror what this man is doing - act like you a 'liberal' in the domestic sphere and play dumb about foreign policy.

  • With ceasefire set to expire, Palestinians aim to lift the siege while Israel wants to turn 'Gaza into Ramallah'
    • "The United States of America is Israel’s big brother and really loves us. Israel does not have ... another friend like it. "

      -The US is the big pinata that they beat every so often to secure more booty, while support for Israel in the US is a mile wide and an inch deep.

      When history is written at the end of this century I don't think their will be enough historians to put Israel in a favorable light.

  • HAMAS made me do it!
    • I thought this Hasbara crap [ver. 1.0] died a few years ago?
      Another troll who didn't get the memo from hasbara central.
      Come up with some new material, your talking points are
      stale and mawkishly sentimental. I dare you to come up with
      something original.

      Gaza is the only group that is being pushed into the sea.
      Wake up from your tribal-fed delusions - and save us the
      task of embarrassing you with your outdated conclusions.

  • Mort Zuckerman claims he toured the devastation in Gaza. Really?
    • I thought McLaughlin Group was a 'debate' format. All the remaining four could have challenged Zuckerman, although when it's the media sacred cow in question they seem to gaze at their feet. What it comes down to is they are all afraid of being blacklisted. They all need this exposure for their careers to continue, so they remain quiet.

      I think the media in 2014, has been more kowtowing to the Pro-Israel line than they were in 2009 Cast Lead. The media seemed like they were cognizant of all the civilians casualties in 2014, but it was already witnessed in 2009. I fear Israel may see this as a success and every 4 years of so, we'll see the Gaza Punic Wars. Because it was only recently said by the Israel (propaganda) minister that they want to turn Gaza into Ramallah.

      One thing that is coming clear, is that the Israel apologists, can't apoligize for the actions of Israel any longer. Israel is showing the world what it's final plan is.

    • It's obvious he is lying. His tongue dried out and he choked up a few times, and continued to stutter. Obvious sign he was caught lying.

      Joan Rivers gets away with her racist crap at the airport - and no one holds her accountable. Mort Zuckerman isn't any more accountable to some media standard? I'd say he's more untouchable that Rivers.

      Israel is still the sacred cow to the media, and the actor/players in the media. They all look to Mort for taking the lead here, but Buchanan has some serious articles critical of Israel. Why does he remain mum?

  • Tunnels-to-kindergartens propaganda Netanyahu peddled to NYT and CNN is exploded by Israeli news site
  • US branch of the Jewish 'family' owes the homeland 'unconditional love' -- Rosner
    • Hannity should get the annual award for 'dumbest goy'. It's really no contest. Inviting Yousef Munayyer as a guest on his show and then using him as a whipping boy was ludicrous! It's like what not to do in journalism 101. ~and Russell Brandt's takedown was funny...

    • especially their surrounding neighbors. The US only has to underwrite the cult expenditures and make some vacuous statements about standing with Israel. Big news now is that Cuomo is in Israel, and yes he 'stands with Israel'- very presidential material*.

      The hollow sloganeering of the political class without debate is AIPAC's benefit but to the US constitution's demise.

    • Good for Max - stepping up the pressure with critical statements. Israel needs more troops and at least 100 parents are providing them with soldiers. > So they grow up in schools funded by Canadian and American tax dollars, but join a foreign military without any repercussions? geez... Who drafted that law?

      Israel look less like a cult, and more like a western country because of it's technology. But take away the jets, the intel plants, etc and you're left with a group of ideologues that believe in some strangely entitled fantasies, with a supreme racial hatred for Arabs.

    • That's definitely getting closer. I would think Meglomania + entitled + cult are some of the essential terms for what we are witnesses to nowadays. What does that equal in total?

    • hey don't forget to sign this petition: (target is 2 million)
      link to (1,655,058 have signed. Let's get to 2,000,000)

    • >> If all Jews are a family, it would be natural for Israelis to expect the unconditional love of their non-Israeli Jewish kin.

      - I thought that they were a religion, or was it a race? No wonder he's confused.

  • Watch: Young Israeli Jew at Western Wall calls for 'another war and another war and another war and another war'
    • "I condemn the views expressed, if I did not make that clear when I said that they disturbed me, and you know damn well they are not my views..."

      Oh good. that's encouraging to know. but if you think I 'damn well' know what's going on inside you head you do have me confused with someone else. I remember when you didn't condemn the destruction of the Mamilla cemetary. But thanks for the silver lining.

    • It's doubtful that the uncle has Palestinian friends, but not really the issue here. What matters is the footage of the people at the Western Wall. Can you even condemn what they are saying is racist and very disturbing? I think you'll defend them, because your views are their views.

    • where' Yossi Gurvitz? He went into hiding a few months ago. hmmm...

    • Agree, her thanks to America is not sincere. Israel never gives back to the US. It's a one way funnel that flows east. Ask the Zionists what Israel provides the US and you'll get some happy talk about medical technology, et al. We're like a partnership, and they're the girlfriend that spends all your money with nothing to show for it. but don't try and end this special relationship and run for the door, because she'll be with you whether you like it or not. She's gonna be around a long time. Only a few more face lifts and she's ready for the world.

    • The video I was responding to was unabashed racism in the Israeli public square. Your videos don't show that, but try and counter it with footage of the uncle? not clear if there's any equivalency here.

      The uncle in the video you posted says he has 'Palestinian friends', but weren't the boys students of the yeshiva in occupied territory?
      The area they were kidnapped in: Kfar Etzion settlement. (see map below) I don't see how he can have Palestinian friends when his greater family is occupying Palestinian lands. Surely, he meant his mechanical was a Palestinian, so a friend.

      map of settlers: link to

    • the one girl in the beginning thanked America for the support, and then proceeded to give a shout-out to Kahane! whoopsie...

    • Wasn't the entire argument of a Jewish State, was mainly based on their history of their plight in Europe? This isn't worth much, when they've terrorized the Arabs of Palestine to get their wish (six decades of Palestinian oppression and enslavement). But the veneer of Arab terrorism in the US media is slowly eroding, since the terrorists are the ones who have all the weapons, coupled with endless excuses for the killing of civilians.

    • Great video. I felt like watching klansman w/o the garbs of course - these unabashed westernized Israelis. congress has a network of lobbyists for Israel swarming around their desks, and also gets a healthy dose of rabbis coming to the beltway to educate them on all things Jewish.

      Perhaps the opposition needs to get a few videos like this and a few foot soldiers to show Congress how their burgeoning social experiment in the Mid East is doing. This way the congress will have to acknowledge that they are witness to what is happening. -the problem is getting 10 minutes of the elected representatives time, while AIPAC offers them the full course dinner.

    • But all of those interviewed have one glaring problem - They live in Arab lands but are seemingly more comfortable in their walled-ghetto by the sea. Even if they take over the West Bank & eradicate the Gaza Strip, Israelis are a minority state in the Arab world. They have created their own little protected enclave, with military gifts and securities from the diaspora.

  • Goldstone sequel to be co-authored by Amal Alamuddin, Clooney's fiancee
    • I remember that one - They had to go big for Americans with that giant mountain fortress. Did we ever find that inverted subterranean pyramid? Jon S probably knows where it is.

    • And we've seen this for years. It's like a psychological issue that needs to be addressed; or in the least exposed for complete lack of integrity. McBride makes this point often about LZ's jumping into the Likud camp when things get rough for Israel and their verbal defenses get shoddy. He's correct. It's an all too common pattern that happens with so many pro Israelites.

    • Jon, linked below are better informative graphics that are 'cited'.
      Not military window dressing info-graphics.
      link to

      Please provide your evidence of HAMAS in Hospitals. I really would like to make an informed decision, but need you data to understand the entire equation.

    • one hand? I can't imagine what their not letting you post.

      Here's the info-graphics for your reference again. Juan Cole: The Israeli army has tried to justify striking civilian areas
      link to

      Jon, would you please show me more evidence of Hamas central command station below a hospital? Surely the Israel Army must have taken one photo of the underground network below the operating tables of Gazan
      Hospitals? I have been looking over the past weeks, but my searches have come up with no imagery that supports this. Maybe you have some better sources though.

    • Wow, Jon. JWP and Shingo are correct- No one has seen any evidence yet of Hamas command station in the basement of the hospitals, merely a series of crude info-graphics that any college graphic student could produce in Israel and peddle to the Zionists masses. Surely this proof surface over the next months, even after the investigations into war crimes.

      But this seems to be one of those justifiable excuses to bomb civilians, similar to the bogus claim that 'Iraqi soldiers had taken scores of babies out of incubators in Kuwait City and left them to die'. It's a talking point that gets people upset, and an excuse to kill more civilians (who are already in the hospital -really abhorrent).

      I recall you used to have a moderate viewpoint years ago, but you seem to fit into the camp that offers LZ happy-talk, but when things get tough you get Likud. Why is this such a problem, with so many Pro-Israel people? Can't you have one standard and stick to it?

    • "As far as I know, this time everything has been documented meticulously: recorded, photographed, videotaped. The IDF forces even had real-time legal advice on targeting decisions."

      Weasel words - you don't know shit JonS.

      Pretend for one second that those people in Gaza are Jews, and the Israelis are the the Europeans. You would be crying like a little girl and begging for world support. The achilles heel of Zionism is the lack of sympathy for anyone except themselves. It's the tell-tale sign.

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