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  • Netanyahu will lobby American Jews on deal, calling on alleged loyalty to Jewish state
  • AIPAC taking all but 3 freshmen Congresspeople to Israel in effort to sabotage Iran deal
    • In the same single motion Jewish zionists get to demonstrate their loyalty to Israel as do our politicians, with no mention of treason committed against the US.

  • Pondering Jonathan Pollard’s release
    • The European Jews who run Israel have a long history of racism including that against Indian and Goan Jews like Vanunu who converted to Episcopalian after his ordeal by fellow(?) Jews.

  • Did the BBC cover up the anti-Semitism of Gaza's children?
    • It's safe to presume that Germans were likewise critical of Jews for being anti-Nazi. When the US media stops reporting on behalf of the Israel Lobby, its reports of Jews who oppose Israel's efforts to exterminate the Palestinians will help to move away from this hollow and tiresome charge of anti-Semitism by Gaza's children who were lucky enough to havc survived.

  • Palestinian toddler killed in settler price-tag attack
  • MSM avoids central Pollard question: Did Israel trade secrets to Soviets for emigres?
    • Some double agents lost their lives. How many? The lack of curiosity by our media is another reminder that it reports not on the Israel Lobby but on its behalf.

  • Congressional support for Iran deal solidifies-- and Cory Booker pushes back against friendship ultimatums
  • Iran deal is overwhelmingly supported by American voters -- 54 to 38 percent
  • 'If we don't take out Iran,' it will reenact the Holocaust in US and Israel -- Steven Emerson to Times Square rally
    • Most people didn't imagine what the Nazis would do in the name of self-defense after the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto took their pitiful arms hidden in underground tunnels and began firing at their occupiers. Most people know what Israel will do in the name of self-defense when Palestinians fire their toy rockets at their nuclear armed occupier.

  • Israelis destroyed 3778 trees and 30 wells in occupied Hebron district last year-- Abdulhadi Hantash's report
    • American Jews will not be hearing this from the rabbis in their synagogues which, for almost all, have been transformed from "religious" institutions into a network of Israeli propaganda.

  • Israeli settlements are a 'war crime,' but ICC dodges the case -- Buttu
  • Let's help the 'NYT' get an interview with Netanyahu
    • Tomorrow, Sunday, our television networks will air competing interviews, one with Kerry and the other with Netanyahu. I suspect some Americans will wake up to the fact that the ruler of one foreign country gets more coverage than all other foreign leaders combined. Surprise surprise, our networks are key players in Israel's fifth column in the US.

  • Nine reasons Obama is going to win on Iran. The first: Netanyahu
  • Israel's real fear about the Iran deal: It puts pressure on the occupation
  • California students resist authorities’ attempt to conflate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism
    • It's time to ask California's Jewish politicians who support this why they think Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is good for Judaism.

  • Episcopal Church rejects BDS resolutions citing fears divestment would hamper church in Jerusalem
    • Our media deliberately uses "Jerusalem" without distinguishing between West Jerusalem and East Jerusalem, such as it did distinguish between East Berlin and West Berlin when that city too was divided.. We hear almost daily of Jerusalem's expanding borders as some kind of inocuous fact rather than being informed that those Jerusalem borders are in occupied East Jerusalem. I propose accepting that Jerusalem be the term to refer to the city's Israel borders and use El Kuds to refer to East Jerusalem.

  • 'Obama coffee' is black and weak -- racist tweet from wife of Israel's vice premier
    • It is no secret that Jews of European origin dominate Israel's political rulership. Does anyone know what percentage such Jews constitute of Israel's entire population?

  • Cycles of violence only begin when Palestinians kill Israelis
    • Every informed person, including journalists, knows that Hitler's war against the Jews began as retaliation against the Jews of the
      Warsaw Ghetto for shooting at their Nazi occupiers.

  • 'NYT' says blockade of Gaza is justified by need to defend Israel from tunnel attacks
    • Israel is justified for the same reason that German Nazi occupation of Poland was justified by the armed attacks by the Jewish terrorists of the Warsaw Ghetto.

  • 'Heart-wrenching, harrowing, transfixing' -- NYT needs to end blackout on Blumenthal
  • Rand Paul gets the 'soul' of the American people: stop killing Muslims on global TV
    • The 24/7 racist depiction of Palestinians and Arabs by our media is intended to incite more than the limited Jewish audience.

  • Israel will imprison soldier, 19, for publicly criticizing the occupation
    • Guess who got sent to prison? Rep. Jane Harman for sharing classified information with Israel or Shamai Liebowitz, the FBI translator who discovered and then revealed the treason of Harman when the FBI did nothing to prosecute her.

  • The end of hasbara? 'NYT' readers question US support for apartheid
  • 'NYT' public editor faults paper for failing to quote Jews who support BDS
    • Haaretz headline

      "Israel's secret weapon in the war against Hezbollah: The New York Times "

      link to

    • This sounds a lot like those politicians who call themselves "Christian" who are particularly zealous about cracking down in a thousand ways against poor people.

    • This is welcome news. Palestinians get more mention in our media than Jews who support BDS. Other than Fox we are talking, for the most part, about Jewish owned media. Hmmmmmm.

  • 'This is where we are, and we are not leaving here' — Notes from BirthWrong
    • [This is from Haaretz rather than America's own New York Times.]

      An odyssey from Birthright to the BDS movement
      Some young Jews on the Israel excursion program say a rah-rah atmosphere has turned them into harsh critics of the occupation.
      By Naomi Darom 13:27 10.05.15 65

      Sam Sussman’s tour of Masada started in a pretty standard way. It happened three years ago as part of the Taglit-Birthright program, which offers young Jews free 10-day trips to Israel. At Masada, 50 American students were on hand.

      link to

  • Front-page attack in New York Times says BDS movement is driven by minorities' 'hostility toward Jews'
    • When it comes to the Israel Lobby, compared to our media, AIPAC is a bit player. The power to create news is the power to create public opinion. No billionaires have the money to pay for it.

  • Annals of the lobby: Edwards is a bad girl, Zakaria posterizes Saban
  • 'BirthWrong' in the Cradle of Jewish Culture: Jews gather in southern Spain for tour that aims to repudiate Zionism
    • [Here's another possible trip coming up.]

      Another Gaza flotilla reportedly planned for this summer
      Organizers say three ships will set out for the Strip to break Israeli blockade, but refuse to specify points of departure or timetable, according to Palestinian media report.
      By Haaretz | May 1, 2015 | 2:56 PM
      Three ships are currently being outfitted for a flotilla to the Gaza Strip this summer, in yet another attempt to break Israel's blockade of the coastal strip, Ma'an Palestinian news agency reported on Friday.

      Berawi Zaher, coordinator of The Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC), declined to specify the departure points of the ships and the exact dates of departure, in order to avoid what he called Israeli pressure on countries involved in the operation.

      Final logistical arrangements for the flotilla, which has been named Freedom Flotilla III, are to be made in Greece next month.

      "Our flotillas will continue to sail until the illegal blockade of Gaza is permanently lifted," the organizers said in a statement. "The humanitarian situation in Gaza is more critical than ever and is worsening by the day. Media apathy and inaction by most governments puts the burden on civil society organizations, such as ourselves, to take the lead in challenging the blockade."

      A range of political, religious, economic and public figures are expected to participate in the flotilla, including former Tunisian President Muncef al-Marzouki, Ma'an reported.

      It will be the third flotilla since 2010, when nine activists were killed on board the Mavi Marmara in an operation by Israeli commandos.

      A second flotilla planned for 2011 was unable to reach Gaza after Greek authorities prevented the ships from leaving Athens.
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  • David Horowitz to OSU: 'Jews didn't expel the Arabs in 1948' and 'the occupation is a huge lie'
    • Horowitz would disagree with Moynihan 's contention that we all have the right to our own opinions but not the right to our own facts.

  • UC Riverside removes Sabra hummus following student concern over connection to Israeli occupation
    • Thanks for the link.

      Unfortunalely bds lost 52.5%–47.5% in a vote of the entire student body.

      An impressive resolution that is likely to be picked up elsewhere,

      divest from “multinational corporations that maintain the infrastructure of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, facilitate Israel’s and Egypt’s collective punishment of Palestinian civilians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, or facilitate state repression against Palestinians by Israeli, Egyptian and Palestinian Authority security.”

  • A lesson from the New York Times on how to mislead with numbers
    • Indeed the ownership of most of our print and broadcast media outlets by Jewish Zionists, is what makes that media the key component of the Israel Lobby. Creating news and thereby creating public opinion is vastly more valuable than the financiial contributions of any and all billionaires.

    • Did the Times also report that the Nazis had every right to retaliate against the Jewish terrorists of the Warsaw Ghetto for daring to shoot at their occupiers?

  • Hurt by the Israel lobby, Obama kisses it goodbye
    • Senator Schumer wants the lobby know he's still their man.

      Chuck Schumer bucks White House on Iran

      The top Democrat throws his weight behind legislation to give Congress power to reject a deal.

      Read more: link to

      link to

    • Imagine that US foreign policy for the Middle East is being made in Washington by and for Americans rather than in Tel Aviv for and by guess who.

  • 'NYT' describes Congress as Netanyahu's wind-up toy
    • Alas not a single outlet of the our mainstream print and broadcast media opposes Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, any more than a single branch of organized Judaism in the US publicly supports the Right of Palestinians to exist.

  • The liberal Zionist lament: Joe Klein and Jodi Rudoren try to explain away Israeli racism
    • Are any of Israel's Jewish political parties headed by non-Europeans?

    • This is the same media that depicts Palestinians as dark and swarthy complete with big noses and as terrorists with the power to match Israel's military might, just as the German media depicted the terrorist Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto.

  • Why did Herzog run scared? He fears the Israeli people
    • Yonatan Mendel

      "All Jewish parties in Israel (except Meretz, which is against the occupation and is as progressive as its Zionist boundaries allow it to be) share a desire to show that they have the guts to stand up for Israel vis-à-vis international law, and that they are anti-Arab."

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  • Meet the Knesset members from the Joint List
  • Surging support for Palestine fuels JVP's biggest meeting yet
    • JVP has lots of work to do.

      Jeffrey Goldberg's experience as an IDF campguard of Palestinian prisoners has rewarded him a top spot in the US media where this particular Israeli agent is encouraged to write such stuff as "Is It Time For Jews To Leave Europe?" Would an American who had served the Nazis as campguard of Jewish prisoners be given such a welcome return by our media?

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  • Media are stunned by Congress's 'loyalty' to Netanyahu (but refuse to explain it)
    • This is in response to the sign the demonstrator is holding in the photograph. Some years ago Saudi Arabia stopped funding the building of mosques in the US when told that they would be run by and for their American members, rather than for Saudi Arabia's wishes. Look at the demonstrator's sign again and ask yourself how many synagogues and Jewish schools encourage people to attend Salute to Israel Day without ever encouraging them to attend American patriotic events, i.e., July 4th celebrations. Instead of the FBI only monitoring mosques shouldn't such synagogues be monitored for their participation in Israel's fifth column in the US?

  • Journalists Goldberg and Gordon once again try to 'drag us into a war'
    • Goldberg is a far more effective Israeli agent now than when Corporal Goldberg served as a campguard over Palestinian prisoners for the IDF. Does anyone in our media seriously believe that Goldberg ever stopped being an Israeli agent?

  • Netanyahu's quick stop in East Jerusalem before heading to Washington
    • NPR and the remainder of our print and broadcast media use "Jerusalem" without making clear if they mean Jerusalem, Israel or Jerusalem, Palestine. Our media took care to distinguish between West Berlin and East Berlin when the city was divided. Mondoweiss can set an example of more accurate reporting for the benefit of all of our media by always using Jerusalem, Israel or Jerusalem, Palestine, let alone West Bank, Palestine and Gaza, Palestine. After all, Israel has the right to expand city settlements so long as they are in Jerusalem, Israel and not in Jerusalem, Palestine. Failing to distinguish between Palestine and Israel is deliberately misinforming.

  • Banksy goes to Gaza
    • The Times can't spare a reporter in Gaza because it would upset their promos for the notion that Israel and Hamas are equals as were the terrorist Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto and the Nazis who exterminated them.

  • Al Jazeera publishes leaked intelligence files showing Netanyahu lied about Iranian nuclear threat
    • Those cables also revealed what a traitor to Palestinians Abbas is.

      Spy Cables: Abbas and Israel ally against 2009 UN probe
      Analysis: Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas colluded with Israel to prevent war crimes charges, according to new leaks.

      23 Feb 2015 16:52 GMT | Spy Cables, UN, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel, Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas
      About the Author
      Clayton Swisher

      Clayton Swisher is Al Jazeera's Director of Investigative Journalism.


      Revelations about Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' capitulation to Israel and the United States are nothing new.

      The Palestine Papers published by Al Jazeera in 2011 included scores of internal memos that provided evidence of PA collusion with Israel. They revealed backing for Israeli policies that resulted in the jailing and deaths of Palestinians, and described PA's complicity in efforts to help Israel dodge war crimes charges for its 2008-09 assault on the Gaza Strip.

      It's the latter that has resurfaced in the Spy Cables, which include an account of the head of Israeli intelligence, Meir Dagan, lobbying on behalf of President Abbas in an effort to suppress the Goldstone Report.

      South African jurist Richard Goldstone had led a UN Human Rights Council fact-finding mission that established war crimes were committed by both sides during Israel's 2008-09 assault on Gaza - which killed around 1,400 Palestinians, many of them children, in addition to 13 Israelis.

      The 47-member Human Rights Council, made up primarily of countries in the developing world, was poised to refer Judge Goldstone's findings to the UN General Assembly. Such a referral at the time was widely hyped as a devastating threat to Israel. It could - at least in theory - have paved the way for a formal international war crimes investigation (even though that would have certainly been prevented by the a US veto at the UN Security Council).

      But the Israelis and Americans preferred to nip a UN referral in the bud, launching an aggressive lobbying campaign to cajole allies and even adversaries to squelch the Goldstone Report.

      They argued that if the Human Rights Council referred Goldstone to the Assembly, it would have a damaging effect on the (already moribund) peace process. At the time, South Africa was a voting member of the Council. And despite the longstanding support that South Africa's ruling ANC gave to the Palestinian struggle for freedom - and Israel's former alliance with the apartheid regime that was ousted in 1994 - the Israelis sought to persuade the South Africans to vote in their favour.

      A secret intelligence report details an urgent call placed by the head of Mossad to his South African counterpart on the eve of the Human Rights Council vote. Much of the report expresses bureaucratic bewilderment over how Dagan had reached the South African spy boss on his personal mobile, as that number had never been given to anyone from Mossad.

      More to the point are the State Security Agency contemporaneous records of the specific pleadings Mossad Chief Meir Dagan made during his October 15, 2009 call:

      "Mossad fears that by acknowledging the report it could give the impression to other terror organisations that highly populated areas could be used as human shields during terror operations. By this a new form of terrorism and warfare could be implemented and could be seen as a victory for terrorism."

      "If the report is accepted it could be a blow to the peace process. Israel will feel that it will not be able to defend itself and will have much more reservations in the peace process."

      "President Abbas (ABU-MASEN) is also having reservations about the success for the Palestinian people, if the report is accepted by the international community. This will play into the hands of Hamas and weaken his position as well as that of the PLA. (Abbas) can however not take this stance in public and have to agree with the report in public. Mossad sees President Abbas as key to stabilising the situation in order for the peace process to continue."

      If the alleged claims made by Dagan about Abbas' preferences prove true, they offer further evidence that the man claiming to lead the Palestinian national movement has also worked to shield his occupier from accountability for war crimes.

      While it's true that Abbas has now agreed to sign the Rome Statute and join the International Criminal Court, it remains unlikely to result in justice for war crimes committed in 2008-09 or 2014.

      That's because the ICC cannot launch its own probe if either of the parties is undertaking what is vaguely determined to be a "credible" investigation. The Israeli military is running 15 criminal investigations stemming from the 50-day war, and has expressed confidence that they would head off a parallel probe by the Hague-based court.

      In 2009, as Israel tried yet again to weaken oversight of its actions by the United Nations, its spies should have known better than expect the South Africans to fall in line.

      Pretoria was unmoved by Dagan's brazen call, and voted at the Human Rights Council to refer Goldstone's report to the General Assembly.

      Given Abbas' own track record, however, his failure to muster the fortitude to hold Israel accountable won't have surprised anyone.

      link to

  • Netanyahu speech could allow Obama to 'take on the Jewish lobby' as he took on Cuba lobby -- Indyk
    • So far the Republicans have failed to compliment the penny pinching Mrs. Netanyahu's good sense to save so much of her bottle deposit money.

  • Menendez bags on Iran sanctions, and congressman says AIPAC demands deference to Israel over US
  • Obama won't meet Netanyahu during 'bizarre,' 'historic,' 'unprecedented' visit (Updated)
    • Surely you didn't expect Israel nnot to be paid (handsomely) for it to test US weapons against Palestinian, the only acceptable/available live targets. It looks like the Republicans are looking for the free publicity from our media for promoting the extermination of the Palestinians that has become a staple of Democrat politicians.

  • Diaspora Jews are not in 'exile,' they are at home
    • The antidote to multiculturalism is myculturalism.

    • Diaspora Jews are required to form a fiflth column, wherever they are according to Zionist logic. Corporal Jeffrey Goldberg did not cease to be an Israeli agent just because he is no longer an IDF campguard over Paletinian prisoners.

  • Palestine, an Islamic issue?
    • The US media's racist anti-semitic depictions of swarthy looking Palestinians dressed as Middle Eastern mullahs would have us belive that Islam is the problem.

  • Congress invites Netanyahu to rebut Obama on Iran, and White House slams 'breach of protocol'
    • The Republcans are intent upon continuing, (if not intensifying) spending US taxpayer dolllars to pay Israel to test our weapons against the Palestinians.

  • The ‘hasbara’ tweeps who brought down Jim Clancy, and their ties to Israel and the Israel lobby
  • Pro-Israel parliamentary group in Europe says Israelis suffered 'worst' of Gaza conflict
    • Wasn't it Germany's media that made clear to its readers that the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto were just as powerful as their occupier, that justified calling the Jewish resistance terrorists?

  • The 'NYT''s double standard on westerners who go off to fight in Middle East conflicts
    • Corporal Jeffrey Goldberg earned those stripes not in the US military but in Isreal's IDF where he dutifully served as campguard of Palestinian prisoners. How did such an obvious Israeli agent get declared a journalist?

  • 'It's the political problem Black bodies pose for the US state and Palestinian bodies pose for the Israeli state': NYC panel looks at militarized policing in the US and Israel
    • Abbas' police are the equivalent of Hitler's loyal Judenrat. The US foots the bill so long as Abbas doesn't interfere with Israel's live testing of US weapons against the Palestinians especially Gazans.

  • 'With God’s help, the journalists at Haaretz will be murdered just like in France': Death threats follow publication of cartoon in Israeli newspaper
  • Media obsesses over 'free speech' in Charlie Hebdo case while ignoring Israeli targeting of journalists
    • If the US actually believed in free speech, would Chelsea Manning be in jail for 30 years for revealing US war crimes to the American public? Then there are the cases of other whistle blowers and reporters like James Risen.

  • 'NYT' reporter says Palestinians must make 'concessions... they have long avoided'
  • Dershowitz named in lawsuit alleging abuse of underage sex slave
  • 'Spiral,' 'threat,' 'polarization,' or 'full-scale popular campaign for Palestinian freedom' -- reactions to the ICC move
    • Both Israel and the US media consider Israel's Jews to be the great white hope in the Middle East.

    • Notice that the US mainstream media pretends that Israel and the Palestinians have equal power just like the Jews and the Nazis did during the battle of the Warsaw Ghetto.

  • Fireworks in Ramallah, as Abbas signs treaty to join International Criminal Court
    • The Times will defend Israel no matter what. NPR's Behind the News defended coverage of the last war agaInst Gaza by attempting to show the coverage was fair to both sides, the way the German media likely portrayed both sides as having equal power during the battle of the Warsaw Ghetto. US media claims of neutrality in the long running battle between Israel occupiers and Palestinian resisters as if they had equal power, is anything but neutral.

  • John Mearsheimer: What Mondoweiss Means To Me
    • Add to this that American Jewish zionists who are, of course, obliged to emmigrate to Israel owe it 100% of their loyalty which means they are dutybound to be Israel's fifth column in the US until their departure.

  • Israel and the g-word
  • Russell Tribunal on Palestine: Delegitmisation of Israeli apartheid has to happen in the courtroom too
  • Goldberg tries to police view that Israel's actions fuel anti-Semitism
    • The charge that critics of Israel's incineration of Palestinians are anti-semitic is an attempt to hide reality with an invisibility cloak.

  • Rabbi in Ohio U. controversy leads group that denies there's an occupation
  • Alvin Rosenfeld's Holocaust complaint
    • Keep in mind that Truman called New York City "kike town" and you can appreciate that his recognition of Israel was part of his anti-Semitism.

    • When a March Against “Anti-Semitism” Feels Like a March for White Power
      by YVES ENGLER

      Why does a demonstration of hundreds of people against “anti-Semitism” in Toronto seem more like a march for white supremacy than a rally against racism?

      On August 20, reported the Canadian Jewish News, several thousand took to Bathurst Street under the slogan “We Will Not be Silent: A March Against Global Anti-Semitism.” The demonstration was organized by United Jewish Appeal Federation of Greater Toronto, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, B’nai Brith Canada, Canada Israel Experience, March of the Living Canada and the Jewish National Fund (JNF) Canada. 
If one were to take the organizers’ slogan seriously this demonstration was among the largest anti-racist mobilizations in recent Canadian history. But, unfortunately it was little more than a group of “white” people calling for the further subjugation of “brown” folk.

      Photos and articles suggest that many among the racially homogenous crowd carried Israeli flags and celebrated that country’s recent military onslaught on Gaza. The Times of Israel reported: “The purpose of the march was passionately summed up in Bill Glied’s closing remarks: ‘Thank God for the IDF. Thank God for Israel. And remember together we must stand. Never again!’”

      Despite shrill voices claiming otherwise, most objective evidence reveals anti-Semitism to be a mere shadow of its former oppressive character. (An example of this ‘if I scream loud enough people may believe me’ tactic, Toronto businessman and board member of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, Michael Diamond, wrote in the Canadian Jewish News last month that “we Jews are under siege right now – on campus, in Israel, in the media, even in our high schools and on the street.”)

      Well, how does this compare to seven decades ago when “none is too many” was the order of the day in Ottawa, which rejected Jewish refugees escaping Nazi concentration camps. This hostile anti-Semitic climate continued into the 1950s with some neighborhoods excluding Jews from owning property through land covenants and institutions such as McGill University in Montreal imposing quotas on Jewish students.

      Fortunately, Christianity’s decline, combined with a rise in anti-racist politics has significantly undercut anti-Semitism as a social force in Canada.
Today, Jews are largely seen as “white” people. Canada’s Jewish community is well represented among institutions of influence in this country and there is very little in terms of structural racism against Jews (which is not to say there isn’t significant cultural stereotyping, which must be challenged). In fact, among elite business, political and professional circles Jewish representation far surpasses their slim 1.3% of the Canadian population.

      Canadian Jews are twice as likely as the general population to hold a bachelors degree and three times more likely to earn over $75,000. In The Encyclopedia of the Jewish diaspora: origins, experiences, and culture Mark Avrum Ehrlich claims that a fifth of the wealthiest Canadians were Jewish and Toronto’s Shalom Life reported that six of the 24 Canadians who made Forbes’ 2011 list of global billionaires were Jewish.

      Even the sad history of structural anti-Semitism in this country should be put into proper context. When Jewish immigrants were blocked from entering Canada so were most non-Europeans. Similarly, the land covenants that excluded Jewish property ownership usually took aim at other groups as well and throughout the university quota period few South Asians or blacks had any access to higher learning. During this period of institutional discrimination against Jews, Status Indians were unable to vote and the Indian Act prohibited First Nations from practicing their religious/cultural ceremonies (such as potlatches, pow-wows, sweat lodges and sun dances).

      It would be disingenuous at best to claim anti-Semitism has or had anywhere near the effect of racism against First Nations or other people of colour in Canada.

      A little over-zealous defence of one’s own “tribe” could perhaps be forgiven, but not when accompanied by a ringing endorsment of the racist militarism sweeping Israeli society. Over the past two months the Israeli military has killed some 1,700 Palestinian civilians in Gaza and there has been an upsurge in racist outbursts targeting those seen as a threat to the Jewish character of the state (mostly Palestinian citizens of Israel but also African refugees and anti-Zionist Jews).
One of the groups that organized the Toronto protest has long promoted Jewish/white supremacy in the Middle East. The Jewish National Fund may be the only openly racist registered charity operating in this country.

      While it was made illegal to restrict the sale of property to certain ethnic or religious groups in Canada a half-century ago, the JNF does just that in Israel today. The JNF’s bylaws and lease documents contain a restrictive covenant stating its property will not be leased to non-Jews. A 1998 United Nations Human Rights Council report found that the JNF systematically discriminates against Palestinian citizens of Israel, who make up about 20 percent of the country’s population. According to the UN report, JNF lands are “chartered to benefit Jews exclusively,” which has led to an “institutionalized form of discrimination.”

      More recently, the US State Department’s 2012 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices detailed “institutional and societal discrimination” in Israel. The report noted, “Approximately 93 percent of land was in the public domain, including approximately 12.5 percent owned by the NGO Jewish National Fund (JNF), whose statutes prohibit sale or lease of land to non-Jews.”

      In Israel, as in Canada, Jewish/white privilege is a much greater social problem than anti-Semitism. It’s time to check that privilege.

      link to

  • I see five bears
  • The Palestinian message to Israel: Deal with us justly. Or disappear
    • With the media paying attention to Americans fighting (and getting killed) for IS, some of our legislators will call for legislation to put an end to Americans joining foreign armies. What about Americans (i.e.,Jeffrey Goldberg) who join the IDF?

  • Gaza goyim jailbreak
    • Robert Naiman

      Policy Director, Just Foreign Policy

      If Liberal Zionism Were Dead, What Actions Would That Imply?

      Posted: 08/26/2014 12:54 pm EDT

      On Sunday, the New York Times ran an opinion piece by Antony Lerman, a former director of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, with the provocative title, "The End of Liberal Zionism," which raised the question of whether "Liberal Zionism" -- broadly speaking, the ideology that has animated such "pro-Israel, pro-peace" groups as J Street and Americans for Peace Now -- went from moribund to clinically dead during the recent (ongoing) Israeli assault on Gaza.

      It's an important, well-meaning, thoughtful piece that Americans who care about these issues should read. But in suggesting that we should abandon pursuit of the "two-state solution" to the conflict in favor of a "one state solution" that ensures equal rights for Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs in a single state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, the article fell into a common fallacy of left discussions about this issue.

      The fallacy goes like this: there are two possible solutions to the Israel-Palestine conflict that would meet minimal standards of justice for the Palestinians: the two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, or a single binational state with equal rights for all. The main argument, from the point of view of justice for the Palestinians, for preferring the two-state solution over the equal-rights one state solution has been that the two-state solution appeared to be much more politically realistic: it was plausible that the Israeli government would agree under international pressure to implement the two-state solution. The two-state solution has clearly failed, the argument goes: therefore, the only remaining option is the equal-rights one-state solution.

      This argument is like saying: I have two choices for a career. I could be a lawyer or I could be an astronaut. I thought that being a lawyer was more realistic, so I went for that. But I failed the bar exam repeatedly because I didn't study hard enough. Since the strategy of becoming a lawyer failed, I should now try to be an astronaut instead, since that is the only other choice.

      The problem with this argument is: becoming an astronaut is much harder than becoming a lawyer. If you don't have the discipline to become a lawyer, you probably don't have the discipline to become an astronaut.

      The problem that this argument never seriously engages is: What is the process that will compel the Israeli government, which is already enjoying a "one state solution" in which it does not have to grant equal rights to Palestinians, to accept a one state solution in which it does have to grant equal rights to Palestinians?

      The answer given to this question, to the extent that an answer is given to this question, is that "boycott, divestment, and sanctions" on the Israeli government will eventually bring about sufficient pressure on the Israeli government to compel the Israeli government to accept an equal rights one state solution, "just like it did to apartheid South Africa." Some people seem to think that is sufficient argument that the equal rights one state advocates have a plausible political strategy to reach their goal.

      But even if you and I and everyone we know could agree to the proposition that the experience of Palestinians under Israeli rule is very similar to the experience of black South Africans under apartheid, that would only matter to the degree that the world would agree that faced with the same situation from the point of view of the victims, they should advocate for the same political solution, and, crucially, apply a similar amount of pressure to achieve the same political solution.

      In other words: in order for the BDS-South Africa equal rights one state story to work, the same actors -- the same governments and political groups -- who have failed to compel the Israeli government to accept the two-state solution would have to use the same tools of pressure on the Israeli government that they have so far refused to use to bring about the two-state solution -- a solution that they officially endorse -- in order to bring about the equal rights one state solution, a solution that they are very far away from officially endorsing.

      In other words: the core problem is not one state or two states. The core problem is the failure to organize effective pressure on the Israeli government to force it to change its policies. Why would we think that "abandoning the two-state solution" is a solution to the problem of the failure to organize effective pressure on the Israeli government to force it to change its policies?

      The most crucial failing of the Liberal Zionists has not been that they have a morally contradictory ideology that cannot manage the tension between the liberal value of equality and the Zionist assumption of Jewish supremacy in Palestine. The most crucial failing of the Liberal Zionists has been that they have been politically passive, unwilling to fight politically for their stated beliefs, using the same nonviolent political pressure tactics that a labor union or an environmental group or a women's group would use to force the changes in government policy that they want.

      There is a boycott of SodaStream, an Israeli company that is based in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. Liberal Zionists claim that they oppose Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Many Liberal Zionists personally support the boycott of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Why aren't Liberal Zionists leading the campaign in the United States to boycott SodaStream? Why are so many content with merely personally supporting a boycott, instead of engaging in organizing that would have much broader political impact?

      There is a divestment campaign against Caterpillar, which supplies bulldozers to the Israeli military to destroy Palestinian homes in the West Bank. The Presbyterian Church supports this divestment campaign. Liberal Zionists claim that they oppose destroying Palestinian homes in the West Bank. Why aren't Liberal Zionists leading the campaign to divest from Caterpillar?

      Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas went to the United Nations seeking recognition for a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, in a diplomatic bid to save the two-state solution. For this peaceful diplomatic move President Abbas was viciously attacked by the Zionist right and the "one state" left. Why didn't Liberal Zionists forcefully defend President Abbas when he was taking heavy fire for peacefully advocating the position that they claim to support?

      Liberal Zionists claim that they care about Congress. Why don't Liberal Zionist groups ever send their members an alert asking them to contact their representatives in Congress in support of any form of pressure whatsoever on the Israeli government to bring about the policies that the Liberal Zionists claim to support?

      The core problem with the Liberal Zionists, the key reason that they are politically moribund, is not that they believe in Zionism, but that they do not believe in organizing effective pressure on the Israeli government to bring about the policies that the Liberal Zionists claim to support. The problem is not that they support two states; the problem is that they are "two-state fakers," people who claim to support the two-state solution but oppose the pressure on the Israeli government necessary to bring it about.

      "Abandoning the two-state solution" doesn't address this problem at all. And, until now, the "abandon the two-state solution" people have no realistic strategy at all for trying to engage and move the U.S. government, or any other government. For people who care about changing government policies, the problem of the failure to organize effective pressure on the Israeli government to change its policies is what should dominate our attention, rather than academic and philosophical debates on ideology.

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  • The new center
    • Here a few of the comments about today's NY Times op-ed by Antony Lerman, "The End of Liberal Zionism."

      nyc 2 days ago

      American Jews made a mistake with Communism. They supported the Soviet Union even after the evidence of Stalin's brutality became overwhelming.

      Now we're doing it with Zionism. To prove your loyalty, how much Israeli brutality are you willing to accept? The murders of 5-year-old children? Blowing up entire families? Blowing up entire city blocks?

      How imaginative can you be in making up excuses for this behavior?

      Yonkers 2 days ago

      "The first war Israel ever loses will be its last". Well that can't be true. Israel was driven out of southern Lebanon by Hezbollah. They didn't leave because they wanted to. They had their brutal Christian allies in the SLA and they helped run a torture and interrogation center at Khiam, but they finally left.

      Iced Teaparty
      NY Yesterday

      You place too much emphasis on the leadership, Hamas. The Palestinian people are not maximalists; they want their land and peace back and will settle for that; but they are maximalists of this moderate cause. If you don't give them back their land and their peace, they'll take up with Hamas or whoever will fight for them.

  • Hillary Clinton just lost the White House in Gaza -- same way she lost it in Iraq the last time
    • Much will depend on our mainstream media whose owners are disproportionately Jewish, and, vastly more important, 100% in support of Israel no matter what Israel does. The degree to which that media gives serious (and regular) coverage to America's Jewish opponents of the doings of the zionist state will determine the outcome Phil wants.

  • 'Ads Against Apartheid' is going national
  • 'NYT' op-ed calls on Jews to abandon liberal Zionism and push for equal rights
    • Note the difference in these NY Times headlines to help us understand who are the evil doers.

      Israeli Strike Hits Family of Hamas Leader

      Gazans Suspected of Aiding Israel Are Killed

  • Anti-occupation activists in New York blast United Jewish Appeal for supporting attacks on Gaza
    • This marks a huge age divide, not that there aren't older Jews opposed to Israel's massacre of the Palestinians.

      A few days ago Haaretz had stories of young American Jews off to college where one typical example was someone off the Florida where she intended to organize a Jewish Voice for Peace chapter. Our Jewish media mavens choose not to notice this divide.

  • What's 7 letters and begins with Z and runs in the 'NYT'?

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