Les cheveux, la chemise, les sans-boutons, l’ideologie– tout wrongee!!

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m against the stoning of that Iranian woman for adultery, I’m against her lashing, I’m for women’s liberation in Iran, I don’t like the limitation on women’s roles in Egypt and Gaza.

And more than anything else, I believe that men should be able to dress as they please without social pressure to cover themselves up– even if that means letting their tresses flap in the breeze.

But was it really necessary for the Iranian woman’s lawyer, Mohammad Mostafei, at right, to appear at a press conference with French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner (l) and dashing philosophe manque roue Bernard-Henri Levy (center)? BHL is a ridiculous character who discredits everything he goes near these days, with his shallow shaggy ideology of Islamofascism and his support for the Iraq war. And Israel of course is always pure as the driven sands…. Au secours! [Photo by AP]

[Update: thanks to many commenters for improving my French!]

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