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Hillary Agonistes

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Everyone seems surprised by Hillary’s numbers tanking. I think water is finding its own level. Hillary has never been especially popular. People just don’t like her, this has always been true, and the Democratic race seems to be heading toward that truth. People like Bill (or did), they don’t warm to her. As Erwin Hargrove, presidential scholar, has said, Hillary lacks the ability to make a connection with ordinary people and make them think she actually cares. The common touch, a basic political trait. I thought her petulance about being caught out in the Bosnia lie–"I misspoke," she says, which showed "I’m human," and she snarled that some people can’t seem to believe that–seemed Nixonian to me. Nixon was also unlikeable and smart;  people sometimes say that Nixon would have made a great secretary of state. Guess I’m still wondering what Hillary is going to do with her talents.

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