Obama’s Speech Wasn’t About Race. It Was About Leadership

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Admit it: This has been the most magnificent campaign of our lives. Entertaining, uplifting, full of surprise and great characters. Who will ever forget Mike Huckabee or Ron Paul. And today it outdid itself.

Obama’s speech on race was stunning. I can’t be the only sophisticated person who was blown away. I thought I was used to his style, to the quality of his thought. I thought he was going to be careful. I was amazed. What he did was call us to the better angels of our nature. He told us that blacks are angry for a reason. He said that racism has been persistent and disabling. He said that blacks have been viciously discriminated against. And he said this in a way that was not divisive. This is true leadership. Rather than pandering to the racists out there, as Hillary has been doing, he spoke openly of a deep divide in American society and then called on American idealism to deal with it. He embarrassed the racists for the backwardness of their vision.   

This guy is truly historic. I want him to be my president. And I can’t wait for his speech–one day, not so long from now–on Israel/Palestine. The day that he honestly addresses Palestinian suffering and doesn’t scare Jews, but brings us together. And forward.

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