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Some Victims of Sudan President Don’t Want Him Arrested

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By James North
More current issues have pushed Darfur to the sidelines for now, but here's a fascinating letter
in the Financial Times from a southern Sudanese, John Achiek Deng.  He is quite persuasive when he says: "In southern Sudan,
we suffered in a terrible civil war against President Bashir and his
armies and militias for 20 years, with endless killing, rape and
destruction. But even the representatives of the South Sudan struggle,
the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, do not want to see the
president arrested.
"This is not because of love of Mr Bashir, but for love of peace,
democracy and development. How can the people deciding about Sudan in New York, London and Paris
ignore the positions of the main political parties in Sudan and tell us
we don’t understand our own country and how dangerous the current
situation is?"
How does the Save Darfur Committee respond to this?

James North

James North is a Mondoweiss Editor-at-Large, and has reported from Africa, Latin America, and Asia for four decades. He lives in New York City.

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