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November 2008

Oy My People Are Too Rich, Part 25

Philip Weiss on

Here’s Newsweek’s piece on the rich holding back on ostentatious spending because it’s not cool right now. Almost all the magazine’s examples of rich guys would seem to be Jewish: Richard Fuld, somebody Koch, Ron Perelman, Steven Schwarzman, after whom…

Between Father and Son: The Shaving Covenant

Philip Weiss on

My father just turned 83. At Thanksgiving the other night we went round the table giving thanks and he said he would wait for everyone else to say thanks before he said his. By the time we finished people had…

Dialogue–or Private Atonement?

Philip Weiss on

The Australian anti-Zionist, and Jewish atheist Antony Loewenstein, is visiting the States. He talked at Harvard last week. Told this anecdote: I met a group of influential left-oriented Jews in Melbourne last year. They wanted to engage with me and…

Conscious Pariahs

Philip Weiss on

My wife and I went to a family gathering yesterday in the neighborhood she grew up in, Chestnut Hill. The Nebraska game was on and a few of us talked about international politics. We talked about human rights in China,…

Assimilationist Thanksgiving

Philip Weiss on

Thanksgiving has become a secular religious festival. Last night, we went round the table saying what we were thankful for. Few of the thanks were explicitly religious. Though one nephew said he was thankful that his father is a Christian….

‘J Street’ Cannot Take on AIPAC and the Neocons Frontally

Philip Weiss on

I said earlier this week that I was going to get to Jeremy Ben-Ami’s comments at the Jewish antiwar conference of last Sunday. Ben-Ami is the brains of J Street, the alternative Jewish lobby; and he was introduced with genuine…

Helmeted Israeli Soldier Head-Butts Palestinian Woman

Philip Weiss on

I’m reading Lincoln to understand the occupation. This is going to be one of my ongoing themes, might as well tell you now, how Lincoln worked at himself over 3 decades to bring slavery down. No, the occupation isn’t slavery,…

Obama’s ‘Movement’ Is Not the Netroots

Jack Ross on

I saw Jack Ross the other day in New York city and heard his rabbi refer to him as a “silent genius.” Nice words. One reason I’m drawn to Jack is that he utterly lacks a problem I have: I…

Adalah Fundraiser/Concert Set for Dec. 2 in NY Church

Philip Weiss on

Yesterday demonstrated the political limitation of Jewish communal organizations for me. At some point you are doing a potato sack race–or whatever you call that race where your leg is tied to someone else– with a neocon. That’s how it…

Rahm + Zbig + Brent + Hillary = Triangulation/Kumbaya

Philip Weiss on

Yesterday Lilly Rivlin of Meretz USA invoked Amos Oz and Ariel Sharon as peaceable figures (oh well), but also said the names Brzezinski and Scowcroft not with anger but with respect, in the Jewish house. She said we are facing…