Jerome Slater


NY Times coverage of Israel is a travesty. At a time when Haaretz is publishing critiques of repression of Israeli dissidents and cut-offs of power to Palestinians under occupation, New York Times publishes story on the army asking veterans to return old military equipment, which they have kept because of “collective nostalgia.”

The UN Human Rights Commission report on last summer’s Gaza war is inappropriately “balanced.” It is more or less equally critical of Israeli and Hamas actions, without regard to the differences between the vast and horrific extent of civilian destruction caused by Israel and the far lesser civilian deaths and destruction that resulted from the largely ineffective Hamas attacks. –Scholar Jerome Slater

Palestinian terrorism has been largely driven by the just cause of national liberation in part of Palestine rather than the unjust one of the destruction of Israel. By contrast, while there is a strong case that Zionist terrorism was instrumental in the establishment of the state of Israel during the 1940s, since 1967, its primary purpose has been to maintain the occupation. Jerome Slater’s argument, which did not find a home in a journal.